Top Corporate Family Funday Activity Ideas

No matter the industry you specialise in, it is always a fantastic idea to encourage your corporate team to let their hair down and enjoy some well-needed rewards through a team fun day. There are a whole host of unique and exciting activities and family fun day activity ideas that are guaranteed to go down

Project Ocean with Selfridges

We were very proud to work with Project Ocean & Selfridges for the World Ocean Day at the Bullring. We worked with them to promote their single-use plastic water bottles – So Last Season for a Reason. #OneLess Campaign Now in their 8th year, Selfridges continue to play a huge part in the ever growing

Why Is Photography Important At Weddings?

Whether you are planning your special day or have had your wedding in the past, it is vital to ensure that you take and keep hold of as many photographs of your beautiful day as possible. All eyes are on you and you are left with a whole host of photographs from each and every


Corporations and industry bodies are tasked with the challenge of delivering huge networking conferences every year, and yet as an event manager, you are constantly looking for something new and exciting to bring your conference. It is vital to keep events fresh, appealing and alive, so your attendees, sponsors and exhibitors keep returning and continue

Internal Communications

Giving back to your staff to reward their effort and continued hard work is an essential aspect of the role of a business owner. It can be challenging to find new ways to integrate an important message, celebrate a significant milestone or uncover new opportunities to build goodwill with your staff. This is particularly tricky

The Essential Prom Planning Checklist

With the end of school prom celebrations evergrowing in popularity, it would prove almost impossible to track down a secondary school that doesn’t hold a prom-like event for their students to celebrate the end of their journey. Exam stress will be over, and it will be the last chance to spend time together as a

Product Promotions and Brand Experiences

Giving your customers opportunities to experience your brand or product through experiential marketing has an essential part to play in your customers, it assists the following: Understanding your brand or products better Adopting the use of your services Purchasing your product Giving impact to your brand or a new product range Driving consumer behaviour to

Events and Awards Evenings

Corporations and businesses are tasked with the challenge of delivering a number of events every year, and yet as an event manager, you are continually looking for something new and exciting to bring your event to keep it fresh, appealing and alive. This means that entertainment is a critical factor for any event type or

How To Successfully Plan A University Summer Ball

With the ongoing stress of exams and the constant worry of assignment deadlines, the end of year university summer ball is an event that all students eagerly await. Whether students are at the start of their university experience or are reaching the end and anticipating their graduation, it is the perfect opportunity for all to

9 Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party Theme Ideas

Planning any type of celebration is an exciting time, but in particular when it comes to the stage when you are able to hold a bar/bat mitzvah party. It is a huge moment in a child’s life where they move into the first stages adulthood and now become responsible for their actions, so it is