9 Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party Theme Ideas

Planning any type of celebration is an exciting time, but in particular when it comes to the stage when you are able to hold a bar/bat mitzvah party. It is a huge moment in a child’s life where they move into the first stages adulthood and now become responsible for their actions, so it is

Unique Venue Locations For Your Wedding

Whether you are planning your own wedding or enlisting the help of a professional event planner, one of the most crucial aspects is the venue location. Without a venue to host your special day, the show can’t go on, but with so many breathtaking places to choose from, where can you really know where to

8 Top Tips For Event Planners In London

When you are first faced with the idea of planning an event from scratch, it can seem like an overwhelming task. There will be a whole host of reminders on your ‘to do’ list and where can you know where to start? Whether you are new to the event organiser role, or you have years

New Year Marketing Trends For Your Company

At the end of each working year, there is always a motivation to come back to work fresh minded and ready to work to your full productivity. You have some time off to recuperate and most importantly, relax. Although the Christmas break itself is a period of relaxation, the build-up can be very stressful, especially

Brilliant Children’s Birthday Party Ideas

Planning your child’s birthday party can be a stressful task no matter the age. Trying to keep your child entertained is hard enough; never mind having to do so with a whole group of their friends added on too. What Can I Do For My Child’s Birthday Party? Whether you spend a fortune on hiring

Pros & Cons of a Planner For Your Dream Wedding

Your wedding day is seen as one of the most memorable and magical days of both you and your partner’s lives. It is the day you have been dreaming about for years and with your dream wedding comes a lot of planning and preparation. Nowadays it has become more and more popular to hire a

10 Christmas Activity Ideas for your Corporate Team

During the months leading up to Christmas, we are bombarded with a checklist of things to remember, arrange and buy. Although present buying is alone very stressful, arranging a Christmas event for your corporate team can be even more of a concern. Coming up with ideas and eventually finding an activity that everyone will enjoy

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Venue

A wedding is a fantastic opportunity to get excited, go shopping and start planning everything associated with your dream day. However, without a detailed action plan you’re going to get stressed, mistakes will be made and things might not go as swimmingly as you might think. This week, we’re going to go through a number

Never Get Turned Away Again: 6 Networking Tips That Work!

Let’s be honest, most networking events are like your bi-annual dental examination; you need it, but you don’t want to be there and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. However, there are a few things that you could be doing at every networking event you go to that could be holding you back