20 Corporate Party Entertainment Ideas

If you’re planning a corporate party or event, then you will want something that is guaranteed to “wow” your clients and guests yes? Of course you do!

Fortunately, there are many creative and easily implemented sources of corporate party entertainment available for corporate planners – and we are going to talk you through a list of 20 really high quality ideas that you can use straight away.

But first – why should we spend so much time planning our events entertainment?

For corporate organisations, running a major event or fundraiser can make a significant difference to the success or failure of a specific brand or business product.

Of course, all we are interested in is success – and that’s exactly what we want for you too.

Why Is Corporate Party Entertainment So Important?

Research shows that around 87% of clients are more likely to make a purchase from your business if they notice your brand at a corporate event.

So as you can see, getting your corporate party entertainment right can be what defines your brand or products ability to sell. So let’s get into it.

These are our 20 suggestions that you can use right away for your corporate party.

#1 Stand Up/Comedy

Let’s be honest, everyone loves to laugh and why wouldn’t you want to?

A stand-up comedian is a great way to get your corporate guests interacting with one another and encourage them to become more social with your staff that are in attendance.

Stand Up Comedian Performance

Previous studies have shown that laughter alone increases the chances of individuals being more sociable and can actually improve a person’s memory.

If you have a target audience that you want to impress, what better way to remember you and your brand other than laughter?

#2 Magicians

Although magicians are usually associated with children’s parties, there is no reason why a really good magician can’t “wow” your audience.

The older the audience, the more creative the magic – at least that’s the way we see it.

For example, we recently attended a corporate event in which there was a local magician that specialised in illusions.

His entertainment style probably wasn’t suited to a 9-year old’s birthday but the volume of innuendo certainly went down well with most of the guests!

#3 Local Bands

We have all heard it before – music is a universal language and it has an uncanny ability to unite many people, and that is no different for corporate party entertainment.

We have attended many corporate events and the inclusion of a local band has always gone down well.

Of course, you may want to attend some of their local gigs beforehand to ensure that they meet your requirements and style.

It would be a little silly to invite a heavy metal band to play at a product launch!

Local Band Playing at Corporate Event

#4 Bespoke Musical Performance

If you don’t fancy a local band but still like the idea of music at your event, then why not consider a talented local songwriter and performer?

They will have the ability to write a bespoke song about your company or product that you want to push. Although not a party or regular event, a great example of this would be typical radio adverts.

MyCarNeedsA.com runs regular radio advertisements and uses a bespoke, catchy jingle.

Even though it is incredibly annoying, it is also very memorable and makes you curious of the services that they can offer.

It could be a great opportunity for you to really cement your product or brand into your client’s minds.

#5 Impersonators/Impressionists

Impersonations of well-known celebrities or industry related influencer’s can be great way to interact with your guests. There are many companies that provide a host of celebrity lookalikes such as Susan Scott. They can be hired to sign autographs and take photos with guests.

A little tongue and cheek but fun nether the less.

#6 Silhouette Artists

Speaking from experience these guys are truly incredible and really talented.

Using a small set of surgical scissors and an endless supply of card, they can carve a silhouette of you, your guests or products within seconds.

Strolling acts such as these are perfect for putting an end to awkward silences and dead conversations. There’s no need to approach them or encourage your guests as they will come directly to you!

The Roving Artist (promo video) from Charles Burns on Vimeo.

#7 Photo Booth Hires

Inflatable photo booths are a great way to engage your guests and has proven to be a fantastic, creative source of corporate party entertainment.

Photo booths often encourage your guests to relax and enjoy the occasion with a selection of funny, trending fancy dress props used to create some hilarious (and slightly embarrassing) photos.

They are great for getting guests to relax and come out of their shell and can be used for internal and external occasions.

For a little extra information on corporate photo booth hire you can see this resource.

#8 Acrobatic Groups

Now I don’t know about you, but when I go to an event I want to be thrilled and amazed!

A professional acrobat is a fantastic way to incorporate your corporate guests and keep them involved.

Physically demanding performances often impress people and seeing someone throw themselves around apparatus at height is no different.

Alternatively, you could hire the Acro-Chaps.

Similar to the strolling silhouette artists, these guys simply walk around your event and provide fun, creative and interactive entertainment – great for mixing things up (and incredible moustaches!)

Acro Chaps for Corporate Party Entertainment

#9 Glow Shows

If you’re running an external corporate party, then consider the use of a glow show. Using a selection of creative LED apparatus, professional dancers will perform a selection of glowing acts that are sure to impress your clients.

These have always gone down well for corporate party entertainment because it isn’t something corporate professionals see very often.

#10 Stilt Walkers/Circus Acts

Again – as we have mentioned previously physically demanding acts that test the human body’s ability will always provide amazement (usually because we’re not capable ourselves!)

Seeing someone twist there body in half and come out unharmed at the end is always impressive.

Just some of the responses some local circus acts have received have included the following:

Thank you so much for all your help regarding the fire performers. It was absolutely amazing and all the guests loved the performance (including myself)

#11 Guest Speakers

The use of a motivational or guest speaker can be a great way to really cement your brand and company image on a guest.

It can provide you and your staff with that extra edge to encourage your guests or even inspire them.

For example – Boris Becker is a well-known tennis star but unlike many former players that simply disappear he has used his experiences to encourage and motivate others to become the very best they can be – truly inspiring and very impressive.

It’s sure to leave a mark on your staff and attendees.

#12 Jazz Quartets

Although there are many people under the age of 25 that won’t admit it, I for one am not ashamed!

Jazz music is great and has a strong feel good element about it.

Jazz quartets are a great way to get your guests moving and involved. The combination of timeless musical numbers and catchy rhythms will also encourage your party to burst into life.

Hire a DJ for corporate events

#13 Book a DJ

Onto number 13 – unlucky for some, but certainly not the DJ!

A good DJ is almost a guarantee for a success corporate party. However, if you intend on using a DJ for your corporate party entertainment it probably isn’t best that they specialise in Grime.

You need to book a DJ that can provide a little of everything to cater for everyone’s music taste.

#14 Dancing Acts

A fairly recent article published by The Guardian suggested that dancing acts have an incredible level of engagement.

The post revealed that Strictly Come Dancing – the popular ballroom talent show drew in viewing figures of more than 10 million people.

Now that’s pretty impressive and suggest that the viewers here in the UK enjoy a good ole fashioned dancing act.

Of course, you do not have to be limited to ballroom, you can have anything that takes your fancy – just remember to keep your guests in mind and make sure that it is appropriate.

#15 Steel Drum Bands

Fortunately, you do not have to fly in a team of drummers from the Caribbean if your fancy something different for your corporate party entertainment.

If you want to create the ultimate chilled vibe, a good Caribbean themed steel drum band can certainly help you out.

As it’s not something usually seen at corporate events or parties, it’s sure to encourage your visitors to take a keen interest and will certainly keep your event fresh in their minds.

If you fancy a little taster of what’s on offer from quality steel drummers, just head over to this website for a short demo!

#16 Fire Eaters

We have seen these guys first hand and it never stops me from being amazed.

Fire eaters will quite literally drink fuel and produce a flame filled extravaganza. Although quite dangerous, there seems to be an element of excitement that surrounds it.

#17 Mentalist Magicians

Ever wondered how a magician is able to read your mind?

Mentalism is the expertise of producing magic that simply cannot be explained and is also an incredible experience for anyone whether you believe in the supernatural or not.

A mentalist can simply blow your mind with incredible studies, acts and physical performances. The most well-known mentalist that you will probably know is Derren Brown.

Corporate Party Entertainment Talent Shows

#18 Internal Staff Talent Shows

Before committing to a purchase, buyers, or investors tend to want to know what the product or brand is about before-hand and that is no different with businesses.

Running an internal talent show for your corporate party entertainment can be a great way for guests to see you and your team in a slightly different light.

You can come across as more relaxed, your real personality can really shine and it gives you the opportunity to expose your most hidden talents!

#19 Room Escapes

If you haven’t heard of these, then let us explain. Firstly don’t panic, they are not as terrifying as the name suggests!

These are themed rooms that have specific tasks that must be solved in order for your team to escape.

Pretty simple right? However, they encourage the teams to work together in order to achieve a common goal… escaping!

EscapeRooms.co.uk are specialist providers of Room Escapes and have hires available that are perfectly suited and utilised for groups.

These are great for corporate events as they force participants into engaging with each other, creating a relationship early on.

#20 Casino Hires

Speaking from experience, casino hires have always been a success at corporate parties.

Have no fear – you don’t need to supply your guests with endless amounts of cash or betting chips!

Specialist hire companies will provide all of your favourite games such as Blackjack, Poker, and even Roulette all within the safe confinement of your event.

There are no gambling issues here as any bets placed will be done so via fictitious money.

corporate party entertainment casino

A Quick Recap…

I hope you have found this post useful – we certainly enjoyed discussing it and giving you some really good, quirky ideas for your corporate entertainment.

Of course, different events have different budgets, but we are confident that with this comprehensive list of entertainment ideas, that you will have plenty to choose from.

Remember, it’s important to engage and involve your guests.

If you are pushing a brand or product remember to have an end message. What is it you want your guests to take away?

Whatever, you do, don’t be pushy, you want your sales pitch to be as natural as possible.

From everyone here at Inflatable Photobooth thank you for reading! (oh, and if you did enjoy this article on corporate party entertainment, please feel free to share it on social media…)

Enjoy your event!

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