13th birthday cake at party

I remember my thirteenth birthday. It was at my house with some of my closest friends and a few family members that lived nearby, because let’s be honest – an aunty and uncle that lived 200+ miles away where never going to make the 400 mile round trip for a few cocktail sausages and a game of apple bobbing.

Fortunately for the twelve year olds in 2017 there are many cheap birthday party ideas for 13 year olds available that will guarantee to leave a mark on your friends and have them talking about your party for weeks.

Here at Inflatable Photobooth we have created a short list of 5 cheap birthday party ideas for 13 year olds. So why not consider some of these when you are planning your next thirteenth?

Here Are Some Suggestions

  • Laser Tag
  • Photo Booth Hire
  • Bowling
  • Escape Rooms
  • Crazy Golf

#1 Get Busy With Laser Tag

As a party equipment hire service in Milton Keynes, over the last 10 to 15 years there has been a load of useful party ideas for 13 year old’s. However, in Milton Keynes, there was one place were every twelve year old boy wanted his party. The Quasar Centre at the Megabowl.

This was recently knocked down and converted into a Morrison’s superstore, however, they did rebuild in a new location. Now going by the name of Laser Planet MK it always goes down well for an approaching teenager’s birthday party.

#2 Photo, photo, photo booth!

A safe bet for a birthday party is always a disco/buffet in a local community centre or hall. All you need to do is hire a local DJ and get some good food in (besides the inaugural sausage rolls and cocktail sausages).

Although, there are a few extra bits that you can look into to make the evening more memorable.

Photo booths are great fun and are an easy way to get pictures of an important milestone. We have a number of birthday packages available with photo booth hire in Milton Keynes that are always competitively priced. You will even get a number of added extras with your booking at no extra cost.

#3 Bowling

Why not consider your local bowling alley?

In most cases, large birthday bookings will be eligible for discounts and savings. This allows you to have a great birthday party for your child as well as save yourself some cash that can be used for the evening celebrations.

We cannot guarantee what the prices or offers that are available near you. However, most areas will charge between £7-£12 per game and per child.

#4 Escape Rooms

This is a little different. Escape rooms started to become popular late on in 2016. However, 2017 looks to be the year that they really utilise to take off.

If your children are up for a challenge and feel comfortable in small spaces, consider an escape room party. You simply split the group into two teams, where they will compete with one another to complete set tasks and challenges in order to leave the room.

#5 Crazy Golf

This is a British classic. I have lost count of the amount of times that I have hunted down a crazy golf course near my hotel while on holiday. Of course – I found one (and always beat my other half, *coughs*)

Crazy golf is a great past time and doesn’t usually cost too much to take part. Again, like bowling or laser tag – larger booking usually leave you with the possibility of getting a group discount too.

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