Save Money on Weddings

The summer is approaching and engaged couples up and down the country are starting to press on with their wedding planning ideas. However, as we all know, wedding planning is not easy, cheap or completed over the short term.

There is a lot of hard work and planning that is put into every occasion. For many young couples, one of the major flaws in a wedding day is the expense that comes with it. The costs of weddings here in the UK are incredible and many young people find themselves holding out for a re-mortgage on their property or a personal loan to help cover the costs.

Fortunately, our team here at Inflatable has been able to create a list to help soon to be married couples save money on weddings.

Ways to Save Money on Your Big Day

  • Make Use of Voucher Codes
  • Pre-Owned or Used Items
  • Hire Newcomers
  • Book Early
  • Try Off Peak Bookings

#1 Make Use of Voucher Codes When Possible

Voucher codes and coupons are used almost every day by people in the UK to help save money on everyday items. Popular websites such as list a variety of offers and useful savings from popular branded stores and online retailers. So why should that be different for weddings?

Many major travel agents such as Thomson, First Choice and Thomas Cook list offers and discount codes on these websites throughout the year – making them perfect for savings on honeymoons, bridal parties and stag do’s.

Save Money on Wedding Decorations

#2 Pre-Owned and Used Items

It is without doubt worth searching the online auction sites such as eBay for second hand decorations and wedding pieces. After all, you only get married once really so many couples tend to sell off their used and now redundant wedding decorations.

Websites such as eBuyer, eBay and other recycled goods sites can be very useful for finding chair decorations, props and general wedding day equipment such as additional tables, chairs, music systems and more.

Free to use websites such as Freecycle and Gumtree can also be useful websites to find some bargains!

#3 Hire Newcomers

Everyone needs to start somewhere and that is exactly the same for wedding planners, entertainers and photographers. Even newly constructed wedding venues can come into play here.

Before you go looking for the very best available, make sure that you consider those that may not have the years of experience that a number of the leading candidates have.

Wedding photographers simply need that little break through. Ask around for recommendations and look through a variety of portfolios. You may be surprised to find that a relatively inexperienced wedding photographer could potentially be one of the best you find.

New wedding venues are being built all of the time. A great way to save money on weddings is by taking advantage of these new opening offers. Venues will want to fill the space that they have available as quickly and as frequently as possible and your wedding be potentially become a catalyst to do exactly that.

Save Money on Wedding Photographers

#4 Book Early

If you are planning a summer wedding, then we heavily suggest booking any entertainment at least 12 months in advance. Entertainment packages for wedding photo booth hire can easily be booked up during the same year as the wedding itself. These inflatable photo booth hires are very popular with wedding receptions and have become very popular in Milton Keynes and Oxford.

As well as entertainment, make sure that you decide and confirm a wedding venue well before your big day. The last thing you will want is to try to book a dream-wedding venue, only to find that it is fully booked for the next 18 months.

A good example of this would be the photo booth hire in Milton Keynes we did for a wedding reception. The couple booked our booth a little over 12 months before the event.

#5 Try Off-Peak Bookings

If you do your research you will find that many venues alter their availability at set seasons and times of the year. For example, a young couple based in Manchester enquired about a wedding venue during the summer months, only to be told that they only had “off-peak” availability. This turned out to be considerably cheaper than the peak timetable that they were originally looking at getting a quote for.

Another great way to get a wedding venue cheaper is to make sure that you keep the “W” word under wraps. Some undercover reports have found that as soon as the word “wedding” is mentioned to a venue manager – the costs rise significantly.

However, by enquiring about the availability for a private “party”. The costs are kept much lower with little or no fuss. By the time the venue discovers your event is in fact a wedding reception – it is too late to cancel and there is little that they can do about it.


There are many ways that you implement money saving tactics when planning a wedding.

The uses of discount codes and vouchers have become increasingly popular for honeymoons as recognised travel agents advertise discounts and savings online.

A lot of couples tend to spend a lot of money of internal and external decorations for their big day. A useful way to save some cash is to utilise what others no longer need through sites such as eBay, eBuyer, Gumtree and Freecycle.

Hire newly founded professionals to cater or photograph your wedding. Their rates could be a lot cheaper and still provide the same amount of quality. However, it’s certainly worth looking through their archives before making a final decision.

Look for newly opened wedding venues. If they are brand new, they will want to fill the slots that they have available. Keep your eyes peeled, as you may be able to find some real gems.

Book any entertainers in advance. We regularly take photo booth hire London at least 12 months prior to some events and in some cases even further in advance.

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