Birthday Party Planning Ideas

Every year, everyone is entitled to celebrate his or her birthday. However, deciding on a theme, venue or even the entertainment can be quite a tricky and frustrating task. Fortunately, our expert planners here at have devised an easy to use birthday party planning guide to help you come up with some exciting ideas for your next birthday party!

Of course, everyone celebrates different birthday days and specific ages so getting your theme right and appropriate for that age category is extremely important. Although, we know plenty of adults that would be more than happy with a full on 6 year old birthday party with party bags and cake!

Here’s a few ideas that you can use for birthday party planning.

Ideas for Planning a Birthday Party

  • Themes/Type of Birthday Party
  • Confirm Dates
  • Invitations
  • Party Games/Entertainment
  • Decorations
  • Venues
  • Confirm Attendees
  • Food Preparation
  • Cake, cake, cake!

#1 Decide on a Theme

For children’s birthday parties these tend to be a lot easier. Most children will have a favourite television program or character that they will want to have their birthday party based on.

In most cases it can be easy to cater for specific requirements too. Local stores will have party packages based around popular television programs so its easy to get hold of everything that you need.

For example, we recently helped out at a 3 year old birthday party who wanted a Paw Patrol themed birthday party. There was Paw Patrol plates, cups, bouncy castles, balloons – you name it, it was there!

Ideally you want to decide on a theme as soon as possible. We suggest confirming your theme (if you are having a themed party) at least 6 weeks before the day.

#2 Confirm Dates

Now that you have confirmed your theme you can really start to dive into our birthday party planning ideas.

Deciding on a date for your birthday party is very important. Leave it too late and you could find that your guests will be unable to attend. It’s important to give potential guests as much notice as possible. It will only help you out when planning the party too.

We suggest confirming when you want to have your birthday party at least 6 weeks before the event.

#3 Party Invitations

Although we live in a digital age – a traditional paper birthday party invitation is still the best form of invitation (in our opinion). Decide on the style of invitation you would like – if you are getting them made especially then look to get this done as soon as possible.

Bespoke birthday party invitations are a great idea if you want to put your own spin on the day but it needs to be managed carefully to ensure that designs and printing deadlines are met in time.

Look to have your invites created and sent at least 4 weeks before the day to ensure your guests have plenty of notice and enough time to respond.

Birthday Party Planning Ideas

#4 Party Games and Entertainment

It’s important the get the balance right with entertainment. Of course for a child’s birthday party, items such as bouncy castles and soft play areas could be more appropriate.

However, for birthdays of all ages, why not consider something a little different like a Photo Booth Hire in Milton Keynes. All of the packages that we provide come with; a free guestbook, a USB storage device for your images, a personal booth butler for the duration of your hire period, unlimited trips to the photo booth and an endless supply of fancy dress props to help you create some fantastic photos! We can tailor your background specific to your birthday theme, so if aqua, diamonds or Disney is the theme, let us know and we can place the theme on your photo printout background. We can even create a green screen background tailored just to your party theme as well.

#5 Decorations

It’s a good idea to get your birthday party decorations confirmed and in place at least 2 weeks before the party. Of course, before this is completed you will need to confirm a venue if you are hiring a birthday party venue off site.

#6 Your Party Venue

You need to ensure that you have confirmed and paid any deposits for a venue at least 6 weeks before your party. This is vital to the organisation of the venue during the decoration and invitation stage. If you are going to hire a photo booth in Oxford you will need to know what space is available to set up.

Of course – if you haven’t confirmed a venue, how will you send your invitations? Make sure that your venue is decided before anything!

#7 Confirm Attendees

Hopefully with 2 weeks to go until your event, your birthday party planning master class has started to fall into place. If you have sent out your invitations with no responses with less than 2 weeks to go – make sure you contact them.

You need to know who is attending your event so you can confirm any food quantities, entertainment numbers and the number of people coming to your birthday party.

#8 Buy and Prepare Any Food

Now all of the absolute “must do’s” have been completed make sure that you allow plenty of time to prepare or buy any party food. Of course it can be tempting to get this done earlier on in the birthday party planning phase but the last thing you need is rancid food and having to buy everything again.

From experience we have found that buying or preparing any food is best done with approximately 3 days to spare. This way the food can be refrigerated and stored for a couple of days until the party.

#9 Cake, Cake and More Cake!

Unless you are having a cake made for the occasion (which a lot of people tend to do these days) make sure you buy a cake approximately 3 days before the party. If you buy anything any later, it could go stale and be quite hard.

Nobody likes a stale birthday cake!

We hope you enjoyed another one of our fantastic blogs and hope you found it helpful.

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