Hiring a Photo Booth

Something we can all agree on is that there is nothing quite like an awesome party to get you in a good mood.

Well… any good party tends to have a great selection of entertainment for its guests. Since 2015, photo booths have become increasingly popular. However, don’t be tempted to hire any company just because they claim to be “the best”.

Anyone can say they are the best available – but its their customers that really do the talking for them. Here are a few from some of our previous bookings:

Photo Booth Reviews

If you don’t fancy reading through this entire article, then at least consider these quick tips for hiring a photo booth in London or anywhere in the UK for that matter:

  • Is your venue suitable and can it handle a photo booth rental
  • If your having a party outside, will a photo booth be possible
  • Are you going to receive printed photos? Are they any good?
  • Does your booking include any props for dressing up & having fun?
  • Probably the most important – how much does it cost?

Hiring a Photo Booth is Generally a Win, Win

Of course, we are a little bias but photo booths are great fun.

But what really separate’s them from alternative options are their abilities to include everyone. Photo booth hires really are a family orientated form of party entertainment, and can be easily implemented into almost any theme.

Whether you’re a large corporate organisation, using a photo booth package as a form of advertising or marketing or if you simply just want to enjoy an inflatable photo booth for a loved ones birthday party – the opportunities really are endless (a little cliché but well worth it).

Is Your Venue Ready for a Photo Booth?

Now then – it’s all well and good saying that you want to hire a photo booth in Cambridge or Oxford, London or any major city. But you need to make sure that your venue (whether it be a hired hall or your home) can handle a photo booth package.

There are many photo booths available for hire across the UK. And up until recently, most of them have been static photo booths.

Now there’s absolutely nothing wrong with hiring one of these. However, it does limit you to certain venues. Until now that is…

Here at Inflatable Photobooth, we offer exactly what our company name suggests. The added bonus of inflatable booths is that they can be introduced to almost any venue, as they are so light and easily manoeuvrable.

Just consider some of these extra benefits of inflatable photo booths:

  • Easily implemented for almost any venue in the UK
  • Colourful, small and flexible
  • Considerably cheaper than static booths (same packages)

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Great You Have a Venue – Is a Photo Booth Possible?

If your event organiser has planned an external party – will a photo booth (especially an inflatable one) be suitable?

Of course, its lightweight stature could be a slight issue if there are poor weather conditions. Naturally if you do wish to have a booth outside, our bookings team will do whatever they can do to make it work effortlessly for you.

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The Quality and Availability of Photo’s

With every booking here at Inflatable Photobooth we provide our clients with high quality copies of every photo taken in the booth during the event.

Hey – we even provide you with an optional guestbook for your friends and family members to leave messages and post images taken from the night. Oh, and did we mention that all of that is at no extra cost?

Of course, we cant speak for our competitors, but if you’re going to hire a photo booth in Oxford, make sure that you’re going to be getting copies of the pictures. After all – what are you paying for of your not?

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Make Sure You Get Props and a Detailed Quotation

What’s the point in hiring a photo booth if you’re not going to be able to dress up and make a fool of yourself?

Make sure that your hire package comes with a large selection of props for you and your guests to enjoy. Without them, you could find yourself creating some pretty average photos.

Heck – you’re even going to have to spend more money purchasing props yourself and of course, every party needs to keep its expenses list as low as possible.

Sticking with expenses, make sure you get a detailed quotation from whomever you decide to hire with. The last thing you need is a list as long as your arm at the end of the night detailing the costs you have incurred.

If you’re considering hiring a photo booth – give us a call, we will gladly put a free quote together for you. We cover more than 15 locations here in the UK.

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Props for Photo Booths


So then – let’s recap. You’re hiring a photo booth for a private function. Awesome!

There are a few things that you need to remember before you commit to any company and make a deposit. To mention a few quickly:

  • Venue Suitability
  • Photo Booth Possibilities
  • Photo Printouts
  • Inclusion of Props and Costs

We cannot stress it enough, but make sure that you check with your preferred venue with regards to any photo booth packages. Some venues may have a specific policy about third party entertainment hire.

If you’re having an external party, consider the differences of a static and inflatable booth. If the weather is looking a little unpredictable, you may want to consider static booths.

Make sure that you can get copies of your photos from the event. As we mentioned above, what’s the point in hiring a photo booth if you can’t have copies of the images that you’re taking?

Another absolute must have is props. Part of the fun in hiring a photo booth is the selection of props available to use so you can really enjoy your time with friends and family.

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