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During the months leading up to Christmas, we are bombarded with a checklist of things to remember, arrange and buy. Although present buying is alone very stressful, arranging a Christmas event for your corporate team can be even more of a concern. Coming up with ideas and eventually finding an activity that everyone will enjoy and can agree on can be a tricky task.

What can I do with my corporate team for Christmas?

After a year of hard work and a fair share of stressful days, your Christmas celebrations are a time to let loose and bond with your team outside of work. Year after year we can see ourselves falling back into the routine of choosing your classic work party to celebrate Christmas with your team. Although this is always going to be a favourite, it reaches a point where it would be nice to branch out and try something new. If you are in need of some inspiration, here are our top 10 Christmas activity ideas for you and your corporate team .

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1. Secret Santa

Secret Santa is an old favourite will always be fun and easy to do. It can be done in the office to build up excitement in preparation for your Christmas event. It is up to you whether you set a budget for your gifts, most people choose a £10 and under rule; it just means you don’t see yourself spending a fortune and it’s so much easier to find cool little quirky gifts.If you are stuck on ideas, click here for a list of 30 best Secret Santa gifts for under £10.

2. Crime Scene Investigation/Murder Mystery

Do you have a team full of wannabe investigators? Booking a Murder Mystery or Crime Scene Investigation team-building event would be perfect for you. Both pretty much involve a similar initial idea, but there are a few differences that may help you decide what to choose. Most Murder Mystery events are based on an old-fashioned 50’s/60’s sit down dinner. Each member of the team is given a set character to role-play and will then watch the crime scene unfold in front of them to solve the case. Whereas, if you go for the Crime Scene Investigation, you will be issued a bodysuit, facemask and latex gloves to wear. You will be taken to the scene of the murder, given forensic materials and will have to analyse your evidence to find the killer.

3. Treasure Hunt

A Treasure Hunt at this time of the year will involve wrapping up warm and venturing out into the cold. If you’re up for this then Huntfun. offer many different types of treasure hunts in Oxford, including team building hunts and GPS treasure hunts specifically targeted for corporate teams. For something a little closer to home, you can arrange your own treasure hunt around your work premises.

4. Quiz Night

You can never go wrong with a quiz night, especially the theme is Christmas! Whether you hold the night at your work premises or whether you use it as part of a meal/party, it is a good team building exercise. Quizzes are a nice activity because absolutely everyone can get involved, everyone has their own general knowledge and even better, it costs nothing!

5. Room Escape Games

A Room Escape may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it would be great if your team are competitive, quick thinkers and have leadership skills. It will involve great patience and may result in a clash of ideas, but if you manage to escape as a team within the hour deadline, what a sense of achievement. They do say teamwork makes a dream work!

6. Cocktail Making

This idea unfortunately only applies if your team is over 18, but if they are, cocktail making is an entertaining activity that again can either be done inside or outside of work. Many bars offer a cocktail making masterclass, giving you a short demonstration and then the power is all yours. Surprisingly, the master classes aren’t as expensive as you would expect, they’re usually around £25 per person and can be done in places such as All Bar One and Revolution Bars all around the UK. If you didn’t want to venture out there are many different cocktail making guides to allow you to do it all yourself.

7. Go Karting

Whether you have previous driving experience or not, every member of the team can get involved in Go Karting. The more competitive and adventurous team members would love this and although you’re all against each other, it gives everyone a chance to interact. As strange as it sounds, an individual competitive activity is a helpful way or encouraging people to let their guard down.

8. Bake Off

If your team members are as obsessed with The Great British Bake Off as the rest of the nation is then how about having an in-house baking competition. This can either be done in teams or individually. It’s up to you how you choose to judge the bake-off, whether everyone bakes the same thing then compare or each team/person bakes a different treat.

9. Paintballing

If your team thinks they are hard as nails and can face pain then you should consider paintballing. You can split your workmates into two teams and compete against each other, be prepared to leave with cuts and bruises, but it will be worth the fun!

10. Inflatable Photobooth

Not everyone wants to try a new activity to celebrate Christmas with their team. If you have already arranged a Christmas Party and want something to add a little excitement, then an Inflatable Photobooth is for you. You can get many different photo booths to fit the theme of your party. If you are planning to hire an Inflatable Photobooth in Oxford, the themes can stretch anywhere from a North Pole booth to a Hollywood Glamour booth. Technology plays a massive part in the photo booths as you can even upload your pictures directly to your social media, what more could you ask for!

young female holding up fake moustache


Trying to persuade your corporate team to try something new may be tricky, but they will most definitely thank you for it in the end. Our ideas range from completely unique days out to just small activities that you can add to your current celebrations. There are different ideas and suggestions that you can come up with to match every type of person. If you are all in the same job together then it is likely that there are things that you all collectively enjoy, the hard work is tracking that one thing down. You can start planning your Christmas party and activities as soon as is best for you. Some of the more unique activities may require you to book in advance due to high demand especially around the Christmas period. It is always recommended to check availability and how far in advance you need to book before you settle on just one idea, to lower the chance of disappointment.

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