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Your wedding day is seen as one of the most memorable and magical days of both you and your partner’s lives. It is the day you have been dreaming about for years and with your dream wedding comes a lot of planning and preparation. Nowadays it has become more and more popular to hire a wedding planner to ease the strain, but it is isn’t necessarily for everyone.

Do I Need A Planner For A Dream Wedding?

Whether or not you need a wedding planner to have a dream wedding is a question that is regularly asked. Is it a better idea to just plan and arrange everything yourself or do you give the hard work to an expert to deal with? If you are approaching your wedding and unsure whether or not to hire a planner and these are questions you are asking yourself; we have combined a list of the main pros and cons of a wedding planner to help you.


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Stress Free

Of course, the main advantage of hiring a wedding planner is that you don’t have any worries at all about making sure everything is organised. Someone else has full control, so there won’t be the issue of last minute panic remembering you have forgotten something. With planning a wedding often comes arguments and bickering between you and your partner as the stress of the day approaches, a wedding planner will take all of this away, and you can enjoy a stress-free build up.

Time Saving

There are several different aspects to a wedding, which means several different meetings and consultations. Fitting all of these around your working hours can be hard. This may start to mean that you have to take time off work or rearrange your day, leaving the house early in the morning and not getting home until late at night. Hiring a wedding planner means that you can carry on your working hours, making money to pay off your wedding and only have to worry about meeting up with your planner.


An experienced wedding planner means they have planned and seen a vast variety of different weddings to individual tastes. The more weddings they have planned means, the more alternative ideas they can give you to make your wedding unique, such as hiring an Inflatable Photobooth in Oxford. Another benefit to an experienced wedding planner is that they may have worked with people in the past, they will have many connections to which they can approach for potential discounts.

Save Money

For most people, planning a wedding is a first time experience, so it is hard to know how to budget and how much to spend on each expense. A wedding planner can help to draw up a budget for you and also because people will know they have planned lots of previous weddings, you are less likely to get ripped off.

Handle Emergencies

If the wedding planner you have chosen has been on the job for a long time, it means that they would have come across just about every emergency and problem possible. If something goes wrong, it is their job to fix it; they should be able to get everything back on track before you even have the chance to notice.


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Extra Cost

A distinct disadvantage of a wedding planner is that it is primarily another added expense you will have to cover and worry about. The more experienced the planner, the more money they will charge, and you would struggle to find a wedding planner below £2,000. Weddings are expensive, but there are ways of planning yourself on a budget, click here for a helpful article on weddings on a budget.

Lose Control

If you are a control and organisation freak then hiring a wedding planner is probably not for you. Everyone works at their own pace in their way, which is precisely what a planner will do. They will have their way of planning that works for them that may not be at the speed and order that you would do if you did it your way.

High Expectations

It’s all good and well for your wedding planner to come up with all of their extravagant ideas, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it will be within your price range. Some wedding planners, once they are set on a plan, will try their best to make it happen. They could have too much of a high expectation on your budget, which could result in you and your planner not seeing eye to eye. Always meet up with several different planners to find someone who is on your wavelengths before agreeing with someone.

Lose Magic of Planning

Planning your wedding and building up the excitement after each meeting is one of the most significant parts of your big day. If you are sentimental and love to look back on memories in a wedding planning scrap book, then it wouldn’t be recommended to hire a wedding planner. You may feel detached from your wedding, turning up to a day someone else has planned for you, missing out on the Bridezilla moments and knowing all the stress was worth it.

Choose What Is Best For You

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Every wedding is as individual as the happy couple getting married; everyone has their twists and preferences to make their special day a reflection of them. Whether you want a traditional wedding or something a little unique, you will be able to find a wedding planner that will cater to your every need. If you are debating whether to get a wedding planner or not, it is always a good idea to sit down with your partner and go through the advantages and disadvantages. If you decide on a wedding planner will need to know precisely what before you give the control over to someone else, to make sure you have everything you had hoped for and more. We hope that our article has given an insight into the different thoughts and ideas to consider before hiring a wedding planner if it was, feel free to share our article!

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