childrens birthday party

Planning your child’s birthday party can be a stressful task no matter the age. Trying to keep your child entertained is hard enough; never mind having to do so with a whole group of their friends added on too.

What Can I Do For My Child’s Birthday Party?

Whether you spend a fortune on hiring out a venue or whether you do a ‘stay at home’ party and create your own entertainment, you want to ensure you get your money’s worth and of course, your child has a great birthday. There can eventually come a time where you run out of party ideas, and all of the generic go-to ideas have lost their interest. If you are currently facing this regular struggle, we have come up with a useful list of new popular party trends, as well as some easy, budget home party ideas.



The easiest way to describe zorbing is to imagine being in a giant plastic, clear hamster ball and trying to navigate yourself around. It is the perfect activity for people of all ages who don’t mind crashing about and getting competitive. The best company for zorbing is Hamster Zorb, which is the UK’s number one zorbing company. The great thing about Hamster Zorb is that they offer a wide range of zorb party packages tailored to what your child likes. Some of their party packages are:

  • Aqua Roller Party
  • Bubble Zorb Arena
  • Human Zorb Skittles
  • Bubble Zorb Football
  • Land Zorb Arena

Spy Mission

Is your child an inspiring Mi5 agent who loves solving puzzles? Spy mission parties are a new trend that is brilliant for big groups. The setting is based on a hovercraft, and there are several different types and intensities of missions depending on your child and their friend’s age. Each group will be given a brief of their mission to start off with and then will be given an hour to complete all tasks and escape before they get caught. Spy missions are great fun because it is very realistic, you will see yourself having to climb through ventilation, avoid being caught on the security cameras and dodge laser beams. Food and drink for the children are provided after their mission within the party package cost, which is a plus side.

tree top obstacle course

Go Ape

If you can never keep your child still for longer than ten minutes and they are continually looking for an adventure, Go Ape is the perfect party idea. Go Ape do have a few restrictions on who can participate, but they are nothing drastic, any age can join in as long as they are at least one metre tall. If your child and their friends are under 6, you will have to join in too as there has to be one adult for every two children. Children 6-15 only need to be supervised from the ground, unless you fancy joining in of course. There are several different activities you can do, but the Tree Top Adventure is the main for children’s parties. It includes obstacles through the trees and a trail they will have to follow. You won’t have to worry about safety as each child will be secured with a harness, given a safety briefing and all by supervised by a trained professional at all times. Included in the your party package cost are free print-off invitations and a certificate for each of your explorers.

Inflatable Photobooth

Sometimes you can never go wrong with the old favourite of a party, but if you are looking for a little extra entertainment, something a little bit different then a party Inflatable Photobooth is the answer. All of our ideas so far have been for younger children, so this one is for the older kids. Although Photobooths are for every age, they are likely to be a little more suitable and entertaining for older children. Sixteenth or Eighteenth parties would be perfect as there are many different booth packages to choose from to suit the theme of your party.

Treasure Hunt

Not all parties have to be in venues, staying at home and creating your own entertainment can be just as fun. If you are looking to save some money and do a stay at home party then making a treasure hunt is a great idea. Treasure hunts can be done all year round; garden hunts can be done in summer and indoor hunts in the colder months. Create a hidden ‘X marks the spot’ point somewhere that will take time to find and create several different fun and creative clues to lead up to your chosen location. There can be small prizes at each clue, for example, some sweets, and then one big prize for whoever finds the treasure.

teddy bear picnic

Teddy Bear Picnic

When your child is very young, sometimes you wonder whether there is much point spending a fortune on a huge party, when they would probably have just as much fun with a simple party. Another home idea is a teddy bears picnic. It is more than likely that all children will have their favourite teddy bear that they cherish and take everywhere with them, so why not invite them along to the party. Simply clear a big space somewhere in a room of your house and set out a picnic blanket with cosy cushions and party food. You could even decorate the room with fairy lights and decorations to make it extra magical and create a fairytale setting. A picnic is even better in the summer as you won’t have to worry about clearing any space, you could just set everything out in your garden, and you’re done!


As a whole, organising a children’s birthday party can be relatively simple. As children grow older, it does seem to get easier because they will go with what the trends are and what all of their friends are doing. You want to make parties as enjoyable and memorable as possible, and this doesn’t have to mean spending lots of money, simple parties can be just as effective. Our ideas are just a few of the many choices you could try, and we hope it was useful, if so why not share our article!

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