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Planning any type of celebration is an exciting time, but in particular when it comes to the stage when you are able to hold a bar/bat mitzvah party. It is a huge moment in a child’s life where they move into the first stages adulthood and now become responsible for their actions, so it is essential to make the big celebration one to remember!

Top Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party Themes

There is a whole host of aspects that come alongside party planning, where to hold the ceremony, catering, entertainment and most importantly, the party theme. Through the years, there have been many different party themes that have grown in popularity and nowadays, the more unique and creative, the better. We have combined all of our favourite themes along with entertainment ideas and ideas on how to save money and use DIY to create your theme.

Hollywood Glamour

Hollywood is all about glitz and glamour, so this theme is all about making everything look as luxurious as possible, but this doesn’t have to come alongside a massive list of excess expenses. Roll out the red carpet ready for your guests to arrive and create a Hollywood themed backdrop outside the venue, so pictures can be taken outside the event or even hire a Hollywood themed photo booth. Food can be straightforward with bowls of popcorn and small appetisers such as pizza and instead, time can be spent making the layout look great. A fantastic way to achieve a look of glamour is through maintaining a gold colour theme with tablecloths and napkins. You could even go the extra mile and arrange to have awards for categories such as best dressed.


Carnival theme is all about bright colours and plenty of games, which can be held in both indoor and outdoor venues. If you are planning a summer party and are looking to save money, then you could consider holding your carnival party in your garden. Grab your most creative friend or family member and enlist their help to create a face painting stand. Many places sell giant outdoor games such as ring toss, giant bowling and Jenga.

Face Painting On A Young Girl

Winter Wonderland

Creating a beautiful winter wonderland doesn’t have to be limited to the colder months and can be created both at home and at a venue. The key to a winter themed party is to keep the colour scheme neutral by only using pastel blue, white and silver and add delicate decorations based on snowflakes. Even your food can be added to the snowy colour theme with a white chocolate fountain with marshmallows to dip in.

Beach Party

A summer bat/bar mitzvah is the perfect opportunity to get out your BBQ and create a beach, seaside themed party. If you plan to invite younger children then opting for getting sandpits or paddling pools is fantastic entertainment, fill them with shovels and buckets and allow them to build their own sand sculptures. Many places sell inflatable palm trees and deck chairs at an affordable price to add to the theme.



Sport is always a popular activity for children, and everyone loves a different sport, so revolving your child’s party theme around their favourite sport is a fantastic choice. Invitations can be based on the look of an event ticket, with the guest’s name and the date of the celebration as if they are invited to a match day. The colour scheme can be based on their favourite team’s colours, and food can be simple such as mini burgers, hot dogs and cones of fries.

Sweet Factory

What child would not be thrilled with a party full of sweet treats and colourful decorations? You could transform your venue into a sweet factory theme similar to what you would have seen in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Everything in this theme is extravagant and an explosion of colour, catering can merely be jars of sweets, cupcakes and giant lollipops. For entertainment, you could consider arranging a treasure hunt where the winner wins a treasure chest full of goodies.

Alice In Wonderland

If your child is fantasy obsessed then throwing an Alice In Wonderland themed tea party would be perfect! Decorations can be both cheap and easy because this theme is all about creating a miss-matched look, so you can use any patterned or coloured tablecloths, cake stands or crockery. Take a trip to your local second hand or charity shop and see whether you are able to track down any old, floral teapots and tea sets to complete the theme. Party Delights sell a whole host of realistic Alice In Wonderland themed props, accessories and decorations.

Alice In Wonderland Inspired Cakes


Creating the look of an enchanted forest fairytale can be successful in, in particular, indoor venues. Decorate the room with glistening fairy lights and pretty lace bunting, with doilies, floral table placements and gorgeous bunches of flowers for the table. You could fill vintage jam jars with colourful LED lights to create magical decorations with the look of millions of little fireflies; these can also be purchased at a reasonable price if you wanted to avoid the hassle of DIY decorations.


Why not create the theme around the first initial of your child’s name. It is a fun, and unique way to guarantee that your theme will be completely different to others and all attention is on your child’s special day. All food, decorations, activities and entertainment can all follow the theme of the same first initial; nothing can start with a different letter of the alphabet.


Throwing a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah party that will be both memorable and successful doesn’t have to come with a huge price, many aspects can be created through DIY, and sometimes this is where all the fun lies. You can enlist the help of friends and family to get all jobs done and then you can sit back and relax watching all your hard work fall into place. We hope that our article has inspired you, if so why not share it on social media?

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