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With the ongoing stress of exams and the constant worry of assignment deadlines, the end of year university summer ball is an event that all students eagerly await. Whether students are at the start of their university experience or are reaching the end and anticipating their graduation, it is the perfect opportunity for all to let their hair down and enjoy the night!

Top Tips For Planning A University Summer Ball

Along with any celebration comes a vast list of important reminders and essential aspects that need to be prepared in advance. The smooth running of the night is crucial for all members of the planning team and following these steps can guarantee to make the process a little less stressful and more straightforward and enjoyable experience.

Decide On A Plan Of Action

The first step to planning a university summer ball is to create a detailed plan of action that is both strict but realistic. Delegate roles to each member of the team keeping their strengths and weaknesses in mind. Use team members strengths to your advantage, for example, the person with the best communication skills would be the perfect candidate for negotiating deals with outsiders.

One of the most significant aspects of planning is to decide on a budget and how you are going to spread it evenly to cover each expense. Your budget needs to manageable and includes small chunk that can be set aside to use in the case of an emergency. Keep a note of every amount you pay out, so you can keep on track of where money is being invested into. Both creating and keeping track of a budget plan will avoid the worry of overspending or run out of money.

Party Planning


A venue can make or break an event, so it is vital that a lot of consideration is taken and various options are looked into. Many summers balls are held at the university itself which is a great option that tends to take away any extra worries. Students will be living nearby, be familiar with the area and feel comfortable at the venue. However, not all universities have the capacity space to hold a big celebration, which means that there will be no option but to look elsewhere. The location must be central and easy for students to travel to with the option for parking if necessary. Take a look at the amenities that are included in the venue, many end of years celebrations include a meal which means items such as tables and chairs are essential. The layout and decor is also an important feature; it is recommended to opt for an open space function room with decor that incorporates your theme or is simple and can be dressed to suit the theme.


The issue with food choices is that everyone has very different taste buds and it can prove a challenge to find a menu that everyone can agree on. Unlike a prom, the majority of university balls organise a three-course meal, which means that the option of a buffet is less popular. When it comes to catering, you can afford to be picky and only seal the deal once you are entirely sure that they are the right company for you. Investigate into the specialities of the caterer, do they have experience catering for a big event? Do they have the efficient equipment and enough staff to ensure that all food is served fresh and according to the time plan? Many caterers even offer a tasting prior to the event where planners can try out samples before signing a contract.

Table Setup For An Event


Many universities enlist the help of a well-known special guest to entertain the crowd, which although will be sure to go down a storm with your guests, takes a lot of careful planning. Popular options for guests are music stars or DJ’s to start the party off after the meal, but if you do opt for booking a guest, you will have to be prepared to set aside a huge chunk of your budget to pay off booking fees. It is more than likely that you will have to get into contact with agents, arrange meetings, make negotiations and secure bookings very far in advance. Take a look at guests that will fit the event, people that are currently in the public eye and will be well known to students; you want to make the celebration as memorable as possible.

On the subject of creating a memorable evening, what is a better way than giving guests memories to take home with them and keep forever? Why not take a look at hiring an inflatable photo booth to keep guests entertained and provide them with the opportunity to have some fun dressing up in fancy dress and taking tonnes of pictures with their closest friends!

Microphone In Front Of A Crowd


There are numerous different options when it comes to ways to advertise your event and many of which are free. Social media is one of the best platforms to promote, and it is more than likely that there will already be a university group page on Facebook which you could replicate to make an event page where all students can be invited to. Flyers and posters may seem like an element of the past, but they are still one of the best promotional materials especially if you place them in various areas around the university campus. There are multiple tools which allow you to make free online flyer and posters. Use the fact that you have direct contact with the university to your advantage as they will have all students email addresses, so you can arrange for an email to be sent to all students inviting them to the summer ball on behalf of the university. On all promotional materials should be clear instructions on how tickets can be purchased, along with all event details.


Make your university summer ball one to remember by following these simple tips to make the process easier and ensure that the night runs smoothly. The excellent quality of event planning is that a successful celebration creates a massive sense of achievement and you can use all you have learnt to plan another!

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