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Corporations and industry bodies are tasked with the challenge of delivering huge networking conferences every year, and yet as an event manager, you are constantly looking for something new and exciting to bring your conference. It is vital to keep events fresh, appealing and alive, so your attendees, sponsors and exhibitors keep returning and continue to grow year in and year out.

Conference Considerations

Conferences pose their initial considerations to give:

  • Themselves credibility in the industry.
  • Exhibitors and sponsors the best opportunity to have the biggest impact on their target audience, network and create leads.
  • Attendees to get the training, information and network connections they are looking for.

These sorts of considerations include:

  • What the conference theme will be, what industry issues should it tackle, what’s hot and what’s trending?
  • The location, this needs to be able to house the masses and be easy to access?
  • What products or services to provide at the experience to engage with your target audience, such as entertainment?
  • Guest speakers and relevant content?
  • Exhibitors – new and old, are they still relevant?
  • What takeaways to give your target audience to remember the conference?
  • How to pre-promote it?
  • How to have the biggest social media impact pre, during and post the campaign?
  • What competitions to run and how to integrate this with your social media?

Audience Clapping At A Conference

Inflatable Photobooth

In many ways an Inflatable Photo Booth can help Event Managers meet a fair consideration of these requirements:

  • Creating a fun and exciting environment where people forget their inhibitions.
  • Photo booths being so popular, because people love making photos and videos of themselves.
  • The ability to load directly to social media, so not only does your attendee get a photo or video of themselves, the booth can then auto load to the conference Facebook or Twitter. Good WiFi will be required to do this. This means your attendees can go to your page and follow/like your page, then share/like/comment on their photo or video.
  • You can run competitions through the booth and randomly select winners.
  • You can run surveys through the booth so that you can get feedback on the conference.
  • The photo or video can tie in conference campaign logos, imagery or slogans. These logos, images or slogans can be added to the photo print out driving your audience to your social media and website.
  • Conference logos and messages can also be added to the booth pages.
  • Inflatable Photobooths are available in many different shapes and sizes – which is perfect to work with and or enhance a conference theme.
  • Depending on the size of the booth, they can hold up to 15 people at one time, which is far greater than a traditional booth. This is perfect for large groups.
  • They turn heads as inflatable photo booths look amazing and they are fresh and exciting. They fill a room with LED lighting and are impressive in their size and structure.

We are the original provider of Inflatable photo booth hire in the industry and unique to us, we provide theming with our photo booth hire packages. This includes specialised Christmas theming, Fire & Ice Booths, Black & White Glamour Booths, Hollywood Booths and much more. We provide bespoke photo booth packages or styles to suit your requirements.

If you’d like to see Inflatable Photobooths, go to our website for more details, check out our 5 star Facebook review or speak to our team 01908 764 337 or [email protected]

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