Corporate Team Putting Their Hands Into A Circle

Giving back to your staff to reward their effort and continued hard work is an essential aspect of the role of a business owner. It can be challenging to find new ways to integrate an important message, celebrate a significant milestone or uncover new opportunities to build goodwill with your staff. This is particularly tricky when you are a large organisation looking for ideas which are also kind to your budget.

Entertainment and Giveaways

There are a number of entertainment and giveaway ideas that are currently trending and more importantly, your staff will love and engage with. Here are some great ideas if you are in need of some inspiration on how to treat your staff!


Who does love a sweet treat with a hot beverage while having a short break in the afternoon? This is the perfect excuse to enlist the help of a professional baker who can even personalise your cupcakes to your team or company branding. Many different businesses in the UK can deliver freshly baked cupcakes to your premises the next day for an affordable price. Design your cupcakes with any colour you want, and you can then add photographs, messages, logos or keep it simple with a traditional design. Rachael’s Kitchen provide bespoke cupcake designs to anywhere in the UK and can deliver the next day!

Cupcakes On A Plate

Team Day Out

Team building activities are the best way for your team to get to know each other and eventually will contribute to a better functioning team. As a group become more comfortable with each other, they will find it an easier task to communicate and get jobs done quickly and efficiently to meet important deadlines on time.

Look for ideas which will encourage your corporate team to work together; escape rooms are perfect. Escape rooms are growing in popularity and tend to work by firstly splitting your group into a couple of teams. They then compete against each other and put their knowledge to the test to crack the codes and escape from a locked room within 60 minutes.

Another fantastic team building activity idea you could treat your team with is a treasure hunt around your local area with a special prize for the team who reaches the end first. This could be an idea that you could arrange independently and set up within your corporation on your premises, or you could opt for leaving the planning to a professional company and sit back and relax. The advantage to booking in with an experienced treasure hunt company is that you can broaden your reach and are not limited to just staying within your premises. Many companies also offer different and unique themed treasure hunts.


At your next team event or celebration evening, why not hire some fun, rides to keep your guests entertained? The wackier the rides, the more likely your team will relax and show their more fun side. It gives them the chance to switch out of work mode and allow everyone to get to know their personality. Rodeo Bull hire tends to be an option people do not think of unless they are having a wild west themed party, but no matter the theme, it will always going to be the talking point of your event, whether you want to opt for a traditional rodeo or an inflatable rodeo. Tumble ‘n’ Fun has a vast range of different rodeo hire options, as well as other fun entertainment such as obstacle courses, disco domes, sum suits, soft play and bouncy castles.

Rodeo Bull Ride

Inflatable Photobooth

Inflatable Photo Booths have the capacity to be able to achieve many things to such as enhance and bring out an internal campaign message, as well as engage and entertain your staff in a unique way. This also includes:

  • Creating a fun and exciting environment where people forget their inhibitions.
  • Photo booths are so popular because people love making photos and videos of themselves.
  • We can set up the video to have a border of your internal campaign message around the video.
  • You can run competitions through the booth and randomly select winners.
  • The photo can be taken in front of a Green Screen of images taken from your internal campaign message.
  • Internal campaign imagery and messages can be placed on your photo print out driving your staff to respond to a competition or action.
  • Internal campaign imagery and messages can also be added to the booth pages.
  • Inflatable Photobooths are available in many different shapes and sizes, which is perfect to work with and/or enhance a campaign theme.
  • Depending on the size of the booth, they can hold up to 15 people at one time, which is far greater than a traditional booth. This is perfect for large departmental groups.
  • They turn heads as inflatable photo booths look amazing and they are fresh and exciting. They fill a room with LED lighting and are impressive in their size and structure.

We are the original provider of Inflatable photo booth hire in the industry and unique to us, we provide theming with our photo booth hire packages. This includes specialised Christmas theming, Fire & Ice Booths, Black & White Glamour Booths, Hollywood Booths and much more. We can provide bespoke photo booth packages or styles to suit your requirements.

We have offices in Milton Keynes, London and Oxford and have the flexibility to service the many different, varied and unique requirements of their clients. Inflatable Photobooth can offer inflatable photo booth hire in Milton Keynes, inflatable photo booth hire in London, inflatable photo booth hire in inflatable photo booth hire in Oxford, inflatable photo booth hire in Hertfordshire, inflatable photo booth hire in Cambridge, as well as a whole host of other locations around the UK including Northamptonshire, Essex & Berkshire.

If you’d like to see Inflatable Photobooths, go to our website for more details, check out our 5 star Facebook review or speak to our team 01908 764 337 or [email protected]

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