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With the end of school prom celebrations evergrowing in popularity, it would prove almost impossible to track down a secondary school that doesn’t hold a prom-like event for their students to celebrate the end of their journey. Exam stress will be over, and it will be the last chance to spend time together as a friendship group before everyone splits off into their separate ways to start a career. Preparations for prom seem to start earlier and earlier every year, when can you know the right time to start making arrangements? If you are currently in the process of planning for your prom, keep reading for our essential prom planning checklist!

Prom Planning Checklist

It is thought that on average, each student spends around £500 on preparations for their prom night, which may seem like a crazy chunk of cash, but expenses slowly build up. Every teenager’s worst nightmare is a huge disaster happening on the day of their prom, but we can guarantee that through careful planning and ensuring you make arrangements in advance, you will have a stress free evening.


As mentioned previously, the average cost of prom each student is around £500, in some cases even more, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend as much. Decide on a realistic budget and stick to it. Many companies who are associated with proms are likely to up their prices as it draws closer to June and July. Car rental businesses, makeup artists and even photographers know that their prime time for bookings is during these months, so of course, they are going to make the most out of their high demand. They will be aware of the sudden rush that people get into in the build-up and know that they are less likely to try and negotiate a lower price. To avoid this issue, make all arrangements and bookings in advance to retain the lower price. Also, contemplate where money needs to be spent and where you can maybe do the same thing but at home without the need for professional help.


Without a doubt, the most critical aspect of prom for both males and females is the outfit. How can you stand out from the crowd, look your best and most importantly, make sure that you do not end up dressed in the same outfit as someone else?

Prom Dresses

Every girl dreams of their perfect prom dress; it would be an image that you would have thought about since the day you stepped into your first day at secondary school. The best piece of advice you can be given is don’t stick to just one style or colour in the search process, think outside the box and try on options that you may not have previously considered. Keep an open mind; you may even surprise yourself!

Prom Suits

Most people presume that guys get the easy way out as they only have to worry about investing in a suit, but this isn’t always necessarily the case. There is a vast range of different suit styles, colours and fits, all of which will have to be tailored to achieve the perfect fit. For more information on different style options, take a look at this useful Moss Bros guide we found!

Students Enjoying Prom


Any luxury or unique transport hire company is on its highest demand around prom time, so always get your booking made in advance. Each year we see more crazy, wacky ways that people are opting to arrive at their prom, so decide whether you want to add to this or play it safe with a traditional method. Vintage cars, campervans, limos and high-end cars are an ongoing trend and are likely to be easier to book at any time of the year; there is a vast variety of different companies that will provide services at a reasonable price. On the other hand, more unique forms of transportation such as police cars, ice-cream vans, fire engines or replicas of famous film or tv vehicles will take a little more research and investigation.

Always find out whether within your booking fee is a chauffeur or whether you have to make your own arrangements with a friend or family member to drive you to your venue.

Special Bookings

If you plan to get your makeup or hair done professionally on the day of your prom, always book to have a trial run in advance. Everyone has a different style and look, and this will also have to match your chosen outfit. Similarly to when looking for an outfit, research many various makeup artists and hair stylists before deciding and making your booking. In the case, you can afford to be picky, if, in your trial run, the look is too dramatic for you or too natural or doesn’t suit your appearance, tell your professional and see whether they can alter their creation to a style which you are more comfortable with.

Arrange Timings For The Day

Your prom day only happens once, so you want to make the most out of it and enjoy every moment. Arrange beforehand timings for the day, so you can avoid rushing and becoming stressed. Are your appointment bookings evenly spread throughout the day so you can make each appointment? If you are going with a group of friends, whose house will you meet at and at what time? Most schools would have arranged a photographer or photo booth hire for the evening, but have you also left enough time to take photographs before you go with your family?


Most Importantly, Have Fun!

Finally, after all of the stress of bookings, finding the perfect outfit and ensuring that you look exactly how you have envisioned, it is time to enjoy your night and have fun with your closest friends. Enjoy being pampered for the day and always make sure you remember your ticket!

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