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Whether you are planning your special day or have had your wedding in the past, it is vital to ensure that you take and keep hold of as many photographs of your beautiful day as possible. All eyes are on you and you are left with a whole host of photographs from each and every guest’s perspective, from your photographer to your loving family. Although it will most definitely be on your list to enlist the help of a professional photographer, it is one of the rare occasions where we take physical photographs rather than keep them digital. Nowadays, when do we actually take the time to go through our phone and print photographs for an album? This leads us on to the discussion of, why is photography important at weddings?

Why Is Photography Important?

Here at Inflatable Photobooth, our whole company is based around taking photographs and making memories for our clients. We always hear of people losing their mobile phone, meaning that along with their device, they lose years worth of treasured memories of events they cannot recreate. We understand that nothing tells a story better than a photograph and one of our favourite things to do is provide these fantastic keepsakes to happy couples with their wedding photo booths. So, here is why we think photographs are so important!

Photographs Are The Greatest Way To Explain Emotion

Photographs have the power to move people more than telling a story by mouth can; they capture the pure emotion of your wedding day. Whether you are the gorgeous couple getting married or guests witnessing the special day, time passes so quickly. There is a huge build up and then the day goes by in a blink meaning that you tend to miss out on the tiny, less noticeable moments. If you are the happy couple, of course, you are going to be caught up in the one in the lifetime day; your primary focus is on your partner, so you miss out on seeing your guests reactions and emotions. Looking back on photographs will allow you to see your guests reactions when they see you walk down the aisle, their jokes and laughter at the dinner table, what they cheeky children have got up to and the crazy dancing in the evening. You get to see your day from your guests point of view.

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Photographs Are Passed On

Throughout your lifetime, you are always shown photos of your grandparents or even great grandparents on their wedding day. You get to see how much things have changed over the years and amaze yourself with how young they look. One day this will be your wedding photos your family will be looking back on. Most others physical aspects of your day fade away over time such as flowers, cake, your venue, it is impossible to keep hold of these. Whereas photos can be kept forever, they carry on your legacy and continue to tell your story to your family in the future.

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Photographs Will Be Viewed After The Wedding

The great thing about photographs is that it is unlikely that people ever take a moment to look through the photos they have taken until after the wedding. Photographers and your guests will continue to take snaps all day to ensure they never miss a moment. Spending an afternoon browsing through all of your wedding photographs is something to look forward to, it is a way to re-live your day from an outsiders viewpoint. The photos that convey the most emotions and truly explain the day are those which you didn’t even know were being taken. The images that were not posed in front of a photographer, those which are just you enjoying your day.

You Can Create A Scrapbook

Along with the heap of wedding gifts, you would have received; it is more than likely that one of which will be a sentimental wedding scrapbook. You are now even able to get hold of personalised scrapbooks with have both you and your partner’s names, your wedding date and the venue you tie the knot in printed on the front. You can fill your scrapbook with all of your favourite photos from the day, from even the night before when you are preparing, all the way to your honeymoon. Small keepsakes from the day can also be included. Popular ideas are saved bundles of confetti, good luck horseshoes and wedding accessories you wore on the day.

You could even purchase a memory or scrapbook prior to your wedding day. During the reception, it can be left at the entrance or be passed around your guests, and they can all write a personalised message to the happy couple. If you wanted to make extra memories to keep, you could even pass around an instant print camera along with the book so your guests can take their best selfies and add it to their message.

Wedding Photo Album


Photographs are important no matter the event or situation, days go by so quickly, and it is the best way to keep memories alive forever. On your wedding day, trust your photographer, they are an expert in their industry and know exactly how to nail the perfect shot. When booking a photographer, always make the time to research their previous work, ask them for examples of their work, so you know they are the right person to capture your special day. If there are any specific moments or shots you want, make sure you make this clear to your photographer before the ceremony or reception, so they can plan how they are going to carry this out to ensure they capture the perfect images. Lastly, don’t be too wary of your photographer or worry that they will be snapping you all day. As mentioned before, some of the best photographs are those you didn’t even know were being taken. Candids are perfect for conveying emotion and your exact reaction to every moment of your wedding day!

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