Ocean Hero

We were very proud to work with Project Ocean & Selfridges for the World Ocean Day at the Bullring. We worked with them to promote their single-use plastic water bottles – So Last Season for a Reason.

#OneLess Campaign

Now in their 8th year, Selfridges continue to play a huge part in the ever growing #OneLess campaign, helping to create a plastic-free world. The campaign’s main focus is reducing the number of plastic water bottles, and recently introduced is the push to switch the material used to make their recognisable yellow bags to recycled coffee cups. Already achieved is the goal to banish all use of plastic bags from all stores, including those used in their food halls and restaurants, successfully contributing to reducing the amount of plastic found in the ocean. Not only have Selfridges removed all plastic bags, but they have also stopped stocking their shelves with cosmetics which contain plastic microbeads.

You can find all information about this great cause and how to get involved on the Selfridges ‘Project Ocean’ page.

Project Ocean with Selfridges and Inflatable Photobooth Marketing Booth

They selected a square inflatable booth that we made ocean blue to support the campaign, and we created a tailored print out to suit their campaign creative. This supported the campaign and put the campaign in the hands of the visitors, as they were able to take something home with them and keep it.

Marketing Booth at Bullring

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