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No matter the industry you specialise in, it is always a fantastic idea to encourage your corporate team to let their hair down and enjoy some well-needed rewards through a team fun day. There are a whole host of unique and exciting activities and family fun day activity ideas that are guaranteed to go down a storm!

5 Family Funday Activity Ideas

There are many different reasons as to why it is a worthwhile investment to arrange a corporate team day or evening where everyone gets together, along with their family, for a funday. Team activities are the perfect opportunity to increase bonding and breaks down barriers between large or small groups of employees. People feel more relaxed when they are outside of the working environment and even more so when their family are involved for support. In the long run, it will hugely contribute to a better communication system in the workplace. Here are our top five family fun day ideas.

A Trip To A Theme Park

Around the UK, there is a vast range of different theme parks, some of the most popular include Thorpe Park and Alton Towers. If you plan to include all members of the family at all ages, you are likely to have to do some extra research into a theme park that has more than one area. Drayton Manor has some larger rides for the team and their older members of the family, but also a zoo and a Thomas The Tank Engine themed park for the younger members.

The only downside to opting to go to a theme park is that it does come at a costly fee and would only be recommended if you choose to go for this idea as an annual day out rather than a quarterly. Transport is another factor that must be considered if you have to travel a long distance to reach the destination. Although, no matter what, taking a trip to a theme park will be expensive, planning in advance can save you a huge sum of money. Most places offer special discounts and group fees for those who book in advance.

Watersports Day

Watersports are great if you are hoping to plan a fun day in the summer or the warmer months. Many different watersport activities, such as windsurfing and kayaking can be done from as young as four years old, so there will be very little age limitations. Always opt for a venue which is mainly aimed at beginners and those looking to try out new activities for fun, rather than a professional premise aimed at experienced watersport fanatics.

If you are not a fan of extreme watersports, why not instead take a look at a raft building activity, which allows you to work as a team and test out your creation afterwards.

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BBQ and Summer Fete

Holding a corporate summer fete is an old, traditional favourite which always proves to be a fun, cost-effective way of introducing families. If your business premises has a field or garden area, why not transform the area into an activity-filled zone for all members of the family to relax.

A great suggestion for a summer fete is to encourage small, local businesses to get involved such as face painters, vintage clothing stalls or food carts. If any member of your team know anyone looking to raise brand awareness or have a family member opening their own business, it is a great opportunity for them to get some first-hand experience.

Of course, you can’t have a summer fete without some entertainment for the younger guests. Bouncy castles are always a keen, affordable favourite or you could provide your guests with keepsake memories of the day with inflatable photo booth hire.

Day At The Zoo

Arranging a corporate team day at the zoo is a fantastic idea as each and every member of the family can get involved, from toddlers to elderly members. Aside from the few odd days, the majority of zoos are open all year round meaning there is, in fact, very little limitations surrounding this activity.

If you wanted to go the extra mile, zoos such as Whipsnade Zoo specialise in experience days for the younger participants, giving them the chance to be a keeper for the day or get involved in photography workshops during their visit.

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An Evening At The Circus

A huge benefit to spending an evening at the circus is just that; it’s in the evening, meaning that it is unlikely that many of your guests will have to book time off work and it is outside school or college hours. Booking tickets for your corporate team to visit the circus would be a better choice if all members are familiar with each other and your event is less about team building, but more for enjoyment purposes and rewarding their hard work. Everyone will be so intrigued by the weird and wonderful goings on of the circus that there will be very little time for a chat.

Although, if you are hoping for a ‘getting to know each other’ fun day, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot arrange an outing such as the circus, but maybe consider also booking a table at a restaurant to have a meal before or after.


Making arrangements for a corporate family fun day can be a tricky task, but with a lot of planning and preparation, stress can greatly be reduced. It is a great idea to round up all of the best organisers in your team and create an event team who can manage the planning process. They can take some time to go round the team, or if you are a larger organisation, all departments, and note down any unique and fun ideas people come up with to come to a final decision, everyone will be happy with.

Ultimately, arranging a fun day will boost morale within your team, it gives a huge sense of appreciation making employees feel valued and shows that their constant hard work pays off.

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