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There’s no doubt that the moment wedding plans start, you will be bursting with excitement. It can be easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of preparations and your list of essentials for your special day grows larger and larger by the second. Although it would be a dream to be gifted with a never-ending budget, this is very rarely the case. You can still achieve a breathtaking wedding day at an affordable cost with our wedding tips and tricks.

7 Wedding Tips and Tricks

Taking time out to thoroughly decide on a budget and make a detailed plan of action is the first stage of saving money on your wedding. Talk through the key aspects that you would both love to be incorporated and decide what is essential and what is desired if you have money left over.

Once you’ve made your plan, it’s now time to start putting it into place, so keep reading for some clever money-saving wedding hacks!

Avoid Weekend Dates

Although it may seem a little unfair, venues charge significantly more for those planning to book their wedding at the weekend, in particular, Saturdays. Venues are always in high demand for weekend bookings as they are the ideal time of the week. Guests will rarely have to book time off work to attend, and children won’t need to take time off school. Opting for a weekend wedding gives a little more reassurance and peace of mind that all guests will be available to attend.

However, along with high demand comes a huge increase in prices. Vendors will charge extortionate prices, and as unfair as it may be, they will say yes to whoever is willing to pay them the most for the booking. At first, it may seem a huge no go to pencil in your wedding date for midweek, but it will save both you and your guests a considerable chunk of money. Venues are crying out for big weekday bookings, so negotiating a lower price will be easy. Travel for your guests will also cheaper as trains, flights and even coaches are at a more reasonable during the week, plus you’ll avoid the weekend rush of traffic on the motorway.

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Don’t Rush Plans

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of being engaged, and it often seems as if wedding plans cannot commence quick enough, but there is no rush. The more time you leave yourself, the more time you can save and avoid the stress of running low on budget. It’ll also give you the opportunity to shop around for the best deals, the farther in advance you book; the cheaper things will be.

Allowing time to plan and save will also mean that you’ll be able to catch any end of season sales. This is the perfect opportunity to grab beautiful, yet reduced price bridesmaid dresses.

Rope In Talented Friends and Family Members

We all have that one friend or family member who is able to try their hand at just about any DIY task and succeed with ease, so why not enlist their creativity for your wedding day?

If you have a keen baker in the family, or that well-loved grandparent or auntie who you know will always have a freshly baked sweet treat waiting for you, see whether they can help out with your wedding cake. It can be their wedding present to you and will save you hundreds of pounds.

When it comes to wedding invitations, many couples spend a fortune on an invitation that very often gets, sadly, thrown away just days after the wedding. Save yourself the extra expense and along with your most creative loved one, make your own invitations. Take a look at this Wedding Ideas Magazine page for a step by step DIY wedding invitation guide.

Don’t Add Wedding Favours

As much as a personalised champagne glass or decorated sweet jar can look gorgeous sat next to each placemat at the wedding reception, how many in the past have you seen stuffed away in a cupboard or left at the venue?

Adding wedding favours for your guests is a kind thought and is appreciated, but they are expensive, and your guests do not expect to have a small gift to take away with them. To save money, cut the wedding favours and instead, spend the money on decorating the venue. Decorations can be picked up at low prices from places such as Hobbycraft. You could even create a magical feel and surround tables with tea lights.

Wedding Reception Tables

Fake Flowers Over Real Flowers

As soon as you mention the word ‘wedding’ to a florist, the price will dramatically increase, and you could see yourself spending hundreds of pounds on flowers alone. Although flowers are undeniably pretty, they last a few weeks then have to be thrown away. Fake flowers are a fantastic alternative, they cost less than half of real flowers, and even better, they can be kept forever as a meaningful keepsake.

Fabric wedding flowers are often made from silk, which will look beautiful against any bride or bridesmaid dress. Bouquets, corsages and even flower walls can have that added extra personalisation and made exactly to your taste, which cannot be achieved through real flowers.

Bridal Flowers

Don’t Over Invite

As much as everyone tries their hardest to stick to a strict plan of who will be invited to the wedding, you cannot help but feel a little sympathetic to those not on your list. As hard as it may be, you must decide on the number of guests and stick to it. Only invite people who mean the most and will cherish your special day with you. Once you start to invite random tagalongs or people you have met once or twice, the list becomes never-ending.

Remember, the more people you invite, the bigger the venue meaning, the more money you will have to spend.

Opt For Second Hand

By second hand, we do not necessarily mean go to your local charity shop and rummage through for wedding essentials. Ask around to see whether there are any special family heirlooms you can wear on your wedding day. Pieces of jewellery that has been passed down through generations are perfect, and it would make the day even more meaningful if you got the chance to flaunt it.


There are many clever hacks which can save you a huge chunk of money when planning your wedding day. Making memories is the most important part, so why not create keepsakes of your special day through wedding inflatable photo booth hire?

Our photo booths can be perfectly tailored to the bride and groom with printouts including the name of the happy couple, along with personalised hashtags you can add to your instant social media uploads. Contact us today for bespoke packages!

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