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When it comes to deciding on the all-important event theme, a traditional favourite is always to throw a Hollywood Glamour theme party. You can never beat adhering to the ultimate glitz and glamour the theme brings and it gives you the perfect excuse to get dressed up as your inner superstar!

Throwing A Hollywood Glamour Theme Party

Along with planning any themed party, comes a whole long list of ‘to-dos’ you must slowly work through to throw the ultimate celebration. Many partygoers opt for hiring a party planner who can take the weight off of their shoulders and deal with all preparations, but then again, isn’t the hustle and bustle all part of the fun? Imagine the sense of achievement you will receive when you successfully throw the party of the year!

So, if the idea of throwing a Hollywood Glamour themed party strikes your interest, keep reading for some planning inspiration!

Hollywood Sign

Elaborate Invitations

Set the tone early with elegant, glam invitations that make your guests feel special. There are a whole host of different invitation design ideas ranging from golden tickets to ‘walk of fame’ inspired depending on the idea that you like the most. If you wanted to save some money, why not consider making your own DIY invitations. It’ll give you the chance to show your creative side and build excitement for the day.

Before sending off invitations, make sure that all essential information is added and clear for all guests to see. It gives you the perfect opportunity to add in your dress code, if you are opting for full glamour or want guests to dress as their favourite movie star, make sure that you give your guests enough time to make outfit arrangements.

Cinema Inspired Food

You can’t have Hollywood Glamour without the traditional vintage style popcorn boxes; it also gives your guests something to snack on while they wait for their food.

When it comes to parties, you often do not have to worry about planning catering or a huge three-course meal unless it is a large scale event such as a Christmas party, a small buffet with tasty ‘finger-food’ would work perfectly well. Popular favourites are foods such as hot dogs, mini pizzas and burgers, they’re easy options that you can guarantee everyone will like. Pop out some movie-themed supplies such as disposable plates and napkins and your guests can help themselves throughout the evening.

For added extras, you could add jars of traditional sweets and themed cupcakes, don’t forget to sprinkle some gold dust over your cupcakes!

Box Of Popcorn

Memorable Music

Whether you decide to make your own party playlist combining everyone’s favourites or you book a DJ, why not consider incorporating famous movie sing-alongs for all of the family. From Grease to The Greatest Showman, you can be sure that these will go down a storm!

Roll Out The Red Carpet

The first thing you think of when you hear ‘Hollywood’ is the much-loved red carpet. The longer the red carpet, the better, it’ll give your guests the chance to strut their stuff and have their very own moment of fame.

Make sure that there is a backdrop to suit the glam theme. You could go for the famous Hollywood sign, a dazzling skyline or even a simple gold sparkle, all of which will perfectly compliment your guest’s outfits for the perfect red carpet snap.

Red Carpet

Hollywood Glamour Photo Booth

Give your guests elegant keepsakes to take home with them, capturing their celebrity style with a Hollywood glamour inflatable photo booth. Booths include absolutely everything you may possibly need to catch the perfect glam shot including a beautiful LED Glamour Wall, silver urns with ostrich feathers, flames, silver bollards and of course, red carpet and a Hollywood background. It would be perfect to place either at the end of your red carpet or to use as the centrepiece of your central venue space. You can even book to have tailored printouts which can include your name, the date and party theme.

Hollywood Glamour Booth

Celebrity Lookalikes

If you’re having a Hollywood themed party, why not invite some of Hollywood’s most famous faces to your special event? From Marilyn Monroe to Captain Jack Sparrow, there are a whole host of celebrity lookalikes who can be hired to socialise and take pictures with your guests – it’s both a fun and unique entertainment option and would perfectly compliment your glamorous photo booth!

Celebrity Lookalikes

Oscar Themed Awards

For some fun entertainment throughout the night, give your guests ballot cards with various different questions ranging from best dressed to the best dancer on arrival and announce the winners at the end of the party. Replica Oscars style gold trophies can be picked up from many different party shops such as Trophy Store for a low price; they can even be engraved to suit your award choices.

Champagne Cocktails

This idea may set you back a little more in terms of expenses but it is most definitely the icing on the cake for throwing a Hollywood-style party. There are many different flavour champagne cocktails you can create, or for a safer option, sticking to serving a tall glass of champagne to guests on arrival would be just as appreciated.

Pouring Champagne

Some of the most popular cocktails that can be made within minutes at home are:

  • French 75 – made with London dry gin, champagne, lemon juice and sugar.
  • Mimosa – champagne and orange juice.
  • Air Mail – champagne, lime juice, honey and golden rum.

For more inspiration, why not take a look at this Esquire article on the 12 best champagne cocktails!

If you have a larger budget and want to splash out, save the trouble of making your own cocktails and hire a professional to give your guests a cocktail making masterclass. They can provide a step by step demonstration to your guests, then one by one they can come up and have a go, then their next drink can be their own creation.

Throw Your Own Hollywood Glamour Party!

Throwing your own Hollywood Glamour inspired party can be a little tricky, but with preparation in advance and excellent organisation skills, we can guarantee that you can throw the party of the year! Always make sure that you set out a clear budget beforehand and draw up a list of everything you need to do and the deadlines dates for each. This way you can ensure that you stay within your budget, never overspend and more importantly, don’t miss out any key factors.

We hope our article was helpful, be sure to let us know how you got on with your Hollywood Glamour inspired party!

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