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Corporations and businesses are tasked with the challenge of delivering a number of events every year, and yet as an event manager, you are continually looking for something new and exciting to bring your event to keep it fresh, appealing and alive.

How To Use A Photo Booth To Bring An Expo To Life

One if the most effective ways to keep your next corporate event appealing and unique is to introduce new forms of entertainment. Fortunately for event managers, there are several trending entertainment ideas that your guests will love and engage with, in particular, interactive inflatable photo booths.

Here are just some of the many ways that your photo booth can be tailored to your event, guaranteed to go down a storm with your guests!

Green Screen

Green screen is fantastic fun and a perfect way to bring any theme to life. Just some of the many green screen options include Christmas, Narnia, Studio 54, Willy Wonka, James Bond….. the list goes on! Themes are merely limited by imagination; if you can think of a new, alternative green screen option then we can make it happen!

Green screen photo booths are extremely easy to operate. Stand in front of an inbuilt green background and simply select an image you wish to interact with, and hey presto you’re in the background. Print it out and then it’s yours to keep. Hours of fantastic fun!

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Photo Booth Surveys & Marketing Data Collection

Nowadays a photo booth is not just a photo booth; it’s a hub of interactive technology that can drive your social media, collect marketing data and even run contests.

Collecting valuable marketing data is essential for brands, but did you know you could do this with a photo booth? So not only is it functional but it also fun! We can guarantee that your clients or prospective clients will love it!

Marketing booths are easy to use, easy to setup and completely tailored to your needs. Create any questions you like with our built-in surveys. Collect and then export photo booth marketing data into a spreadsheet for easy access or into your favourite CMS for remarketing. Surveys will be completed nearly 100% of the time as the user cannot post or export their photos until the survey is complete. Collect email, Facebook and Twitter usernames, answers to custom survey questions, and more.

GIF Booth

A GIF booth is excellent fun! A series of pictures are taken, and then they are formulated into a GIF – which places the series of images into a continually moving format. Animated GIFs are now more popular than ever. You can even share them on social media for a more dramatic effect to engage your social media followers. Combine Green Screen photos with animated backgrounds to make truly eye-popping GIFs. Your guests can upload and share their GIFs to Social Media and still print their still images.

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Social Media Upload

Our photo booth technology enables you to get more likes on your business Facebook page or followers to your Twitter page.

Guests or customers attending your event can take as many pictures, videos or GIFs as they would like, which then will automatically be added to an album on your social media channels. Photos printouts can be collected, and guests are free to share, tag, like and retweet their fun snaps by taking a visit to your social media pages. All forms of social media interaction give your brand or product massive exposure and increased awareness. Your social media handles will be visible in all areas of the booth, so visitors can quickly go ahead and like or follow your page. And, by inserting your campaign or event #hashtag in the Facebook and Twitter uploads, you can promote your social media outreach with every upload.

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Contest Booth to Promote Your Brand

A contest booth is perfect for marketing activities in busy areas such as shopping centres, expos or conferences where the main aim is to target and interact with large groups of people. Not only will booth visitors have the chance to take their instant printout pictures, but they will also be entered into a randomly selected competition to win a giveaway or overall main prize. We simply create a “golden ticket” template that randomly prints for guests to win a contest or giveaway.

Photo Filters

Photo filters add a fun element to the photo finish. Instead of just having your photo saved, shared on social media and printed in colour, you can add a fun filter instead. These filters change the picture to black and white, sepia or a wide range of vintage effects. Additional filters bring some extra fun for your guests to interact with over the course of your photo booth booking.

Gatsby Booth

Tailor Your Photo Booth to Your Corporate Event or Marketing Event

We completely understand that it’s essential to get as much branding, product or event coverage in your marketing activity as possible, so we tailor your corporate booth as much as we can to achieve this successfully.

As discussed previously, adding a green screen is a fantastic option, particularly to promote a new marketing campaign, your guests will have to chance to stand in front of elements from your campaign and get involved.

One of the key ways to tailor your photo booth is to create bespoke printouts; it is the one physical aspect of your campaign that your guests will take home with them and show their friends and family. When you tailor printouts you can:

  • Bring the theme of your event or campaign into the photo printout such as colours or campaign elements to the background.
  • Add logos, wording and dates to the photo print out.
  • Include a campaign or event #hashtag to get your event trending on social media.
  • Load the images directly to your business or Facebook or Twitter page as discussed previously.
  • Tailor the photo booth screen to your campaign or brand, so when your guests or customers are interacting with your booth, they are also subtly interacting with your brand or campaign – nice!
  • Have the attendants wear your branded shirts.

Contact Us For Tailored Photo Booths!

All photo booth packages can be altered, and additional factors added on to help your expo come to life and create a positive outcome for your business, contact our team for more information!

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