Mercedes Benz - Daimler Campaign

We’re very proud to work with Mercedes Benz – Daimler for their internal communications Diversity campaign at their HQ in Milton Keynes. We worked with the Diversity team to promote their internal communications campaign based on ‘Inclusion’ and what ‘Inclusion’ means to their staff in the work environment.

Diversity Ready to be different:

“At Daimler, we pride ourselves on the diversity of our employees, and we capitalize on the different experiences, skills and perspectives that they have. They reflect the diversity of our customers, investors, suppliers and the world around us.”

Marketing and Social Booth

Mercedes Benz – Daimler chose our ever so popular square booth with an inbuilt green screen to bring their campaign to life. The booth was lit up in their corporate colours and looked stunning set amongst the campaign elements including an Inclusion campaign wall and large letters in their on-site cafeteria. When staff passed by the booth, they were encouraged to get involved, by writing on handheld speech bubbles about what Inclusion meant to them. Inside the booth, they held up the speech bubbles, while standing in front of a green screen with backgrounds that related to the Diversity campaign. We then printed the photos for the staff to keep and to stick to the Inclusion campaign wall.

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Mercedes Benz - Daimler team and the marketing booth

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