Corporate Christmas Party

Although at first, the idea of starting to make plans for Christmas before the Summer is even in full swing may seem a little strange and only for the super organised, there are a whole host of benefits to thinking ahead of time. Christmas presents, the all-important lunch arrangements and decorations are aspects that you can often afford to leave until a little later in the year, but making arrangements for your corporate Christmas party bookings is most definitely something you should be starting to consider. In fact, you could even begin to now!

Never Leave Christmas Party Bookings Until The Last Minute…

Christmas seems to come around quicker and quicker every year and although it is one of the most exciting times of the year, it can be very stressful, particularly if vital plans are in your responsibility. No matter the size of your corporate team, tracking down a venue and activities that will suit every member can be rather tricky. The key to getting every aspect spot on is to make all preparations and booking months in advance, here are just some of the many ways this can hugely benefit you!


For popular venues, along with the Christmas period comes a dramatic increase in demand, businesses will be fighting over the perfect venue on an ideal date. Friday evenings and Saturdays are the prime days to throw a Christmas party. Team members are able to relax and get into the Christmas spirit without the worry about getting up early the next morning, which means that these are the days that will be stacked with bookings first.

Companies often result in having to book their Christmas party in the New Year in, for example, in January or February, when the Christmas spirit has fizzled out and employees are less likely to be as enthusiastic. January is often a busy month, so it’ll be tricky to get all members of the team on board to attend.

To avoid disappointment, it is always recommended to make a list of various different venue options and contact each to enquire as to whether reservations with the opportunity for free cancellations are available. Once reservations are made, you can come to a collective decision on the best-suited venue, plus you’ll have the exact date that you had been hoping for.

December Calendar

More Entertainment / Catering Options

Leaving plans until the last minute and rushing arrangements often end in only basic, traditional entertainment and catering options having availability. Although for many, you can never go wrong with a DJ specialising in old favourites paired with a buffet, it can start to get boring.

Researching both entertainment and catering options in advance allows more time to get creative and come up with some weird and wonderful ideas such as magicians, acrobats and even fairground rides. Once your venue is booked, you have a solid foundation to work on and can prioritise which tasks have the highest importance. Why not get your team together one evening out of hours, order a tasty takeaway and create a huge brainstorm combing everyone’s entertainment and catering ideas?

A keen favourite entertainment wise is hiring an inflatable photo booth for your Christmas party. Many options are available including a corporate photo booth, which can be tailored to your branding. Printouts can have your business logo printed on with ‘Christmas Party 2018’ along with the date added in a font of your choice. If you wanted something a little more festive, not to worry, Christmas photo booth options are available to book including a Winter Wonderland, Santa’s Grotta and North Pole Booth, all of which are decorated with giant props fitting the theme. All booths stand out from the crowd and allow your guests to take home a fun keepsake from the day.

Friends Holding Christmas Props


Do your employee’s live out of the area? Do they usually commute to work? Are you planning to opt for a venue that is a little further than your workplace? If so, booking accommodations such as hotels most definitely need to be arranged in advance.

The further you book in advance, the more likely you are to get a cheaper price. Similarly to entertainers, along with an increase in demand, comes a dramatic increase in price. Not only do prices rocket during the Christmas period, but bookings become very limited. It would be a shame for team members to miss out on the most eagerly awaited event of the year, simply because they have nowhere to stay for the night. There are many different hotel price comparison sites where you can research into the best deals.

Hotel Bell

Early RSVP’s

Making plans for catering, transport and accommodation is incredibly easier once you have an exact head count of how many people plan to attend. The earlier you send out invitations or spread the word about your Christmas party, the earlier you will get definite responses. Once you know numbers, it gives you time to make any necessary cancellations or extra bookings to both save you money and avoid stress.

In regards to your guests, the earlier invitations are sent out, the more time they have to make any important arrangements such as a babysitter, transport and most importantly, outfit choices.

Plan B Can Be Put In Place

As much as we hate to break it to you, you never know what may happen and you cannot anticipate whether you will be hit with a last minute disaster. Always give yourself a little extra time after all plans and bookings have been arranged to come up with a ‘Plan B’ option, so you are prepared for anything that may come up and can avoid any last minute stress.

So, Why Not Start Now?

As crazy as planning for Christmas in June sounds, when you break it down, it is only around six months away and is the prime time for businesses to start marketing for Christmas. If you are a business who is in their prime over the festive period, it’s never too early to start accepting bookings and for those planning their corporate Christmas party, consider getting your team together to begin drawing up plans and brainstorming what strikes your interest?

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