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Your eagerly-awaited wedding day is one of the most memorable and special days of your life, and nothing beats the feeling of being able to share the sentimental moments with your loved ones. There are many much-loved traditions regarding the big day, but how can you make it personal to represent you and your partner? How can you bring a unique twist to your wedding? What are the best ideas on how to personalise your wedding?

9 Ideas On How To Personalise Your Wedding

Nothing beats a wedding, the complete happiness and love surrounding the room, and even better, its the perfect excuse to get dressed up and party the night away. Of course, as the lucky couple, the pressure is on, and it takes a considerable amount of planning to guarantee a problem-free, smooth-running day. The aim is to make your day one to remember, everyone hopes to throw the wedding on the year, and one of the key ways to achieve this is through personalisation.

So, if your wedding is approaching and you’re on the hunt for some inspiration on how to personalise your wedding, here are our top 9 ideas!

1. Table Names

Although sticking to the generic ‘table 1’, ‘table 2’ method of organising your guests during your reception is easy and gets the job done, why not go for a table name theme that reflects you. Names can be anything from holiday locations you’ve visited as a couple, joint-favourite singers and if you’re good enough at persuading, top football players in history.

2. Personalised Cake Topper

A new trend circling the cake making world is adding a personalised written topper tailored to the couple. Toppers can say anything from ‘Mr&Mrs’ with your surname, your first names, a quote or even keep it simple with initials. Not On The Highstreet have a wide range of stunning wooden cake decorations, which will be made to suit your requirements to a colour matching your theme.

Not only are name cake toppers perfect for adding a hint of personality, but they can also be kept as a memory. Unfortunately, your wedding cake won’t last forever, but your cake topper will, it can be added to your keepsake box or wedding scrapbook.

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3. Timeline Aisle Runner

This idea is entirely stunning and brings the ultimate personal touch. One of the most significant aspects of your special day that everyone looks forward to is seeing the first glimpses of the bride walking down the aisle. You can make this moment even more emotional with a timeline aisle runner.

The long aisle in your venue can be transformed into a timeline of your lone story together, from meeting to your first date to the engagement along with significant dates and pictures. As the bride enters the venue, the first point she will walk through is the moment you met, then gradually along with her walk will come the story of how you came to the point you are at now. The final stage of the timeline is your wedding day, and here you will stand to say your “I Do’s”.

4. Photobooth

Everyone loves a photo shoot, especially if you’ve spent months planning your perfect outfit, you can never get enough snaps. Wedding photo booth hire is a great way to personalise your wedding day. Each photo booth group will receive their very own printouts to take home, printed with wording and dates tailored to you. You can even create your hashtag to get trending on social media and opt for the background of your choice to compliment your theme. On entry to the booth, your guests will be presented with a complimentary guest book, where they will have the chance to write a sentimental message to the couple sending their love and could even attach some of their crazy printouts!

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5. Slipper Basket

Spending a whole day in 6-inch heels or uncomfortable smart shoes that are not entirely worn in yet is a task in itself, every wedding day we see guests kick off their shoes to take on the dancefloor. Keep your guests comfortable by adding a basket on each table filled with hotel-like slippers. The slippers do not have to be anything fancy, just plain towel slippers that can be slipped on in the evening. Disposable spa slippers can be picked up for as little as 87p each from Mitre Linen; we can guarantee your guests will thank you for them!

6. Slideshow

Share your favourite photos from throughout the years through an ongoing slideshow. Your slideshow is perfect for sparking a talking point around the dinner table or to accompany the speeches. Pictures can be projected onto the wall with memories of the times you’ve spent as a couple, with family and friends or even baby photos! Once your guests spot a picture of them, they’ll feel like they hold a special part of your day.

If technology is a topic you’re not too advanced at, then not to worry, take a read through this Expert Reviews article on the best projectors of 2018.

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7. Serve Midnight Snacks

After hours of partying and a fair share of glasses of champagne, a midnight snack before heading home is most definitely well needed. Plan for the venue caterers to set out a table of your favourite childhood foods, sweets and snacks to have later on in the evening. Why not go all out and hire your favourite fast food van?

8. Wedding Favours

A few wedding favours set out in each table placement not only adds a pretty touch to decorations but also gives you and your partner the chance to thank your guests for attending your big day. It’s just a little something to show your appreciation and express how much they mean to you both.

Luckily, there is a fantastic range of different wedding favour ideas, with almost all able to be personalised. Champagne glasses or mason jars can be decorated with each guests names so that they can take them home for a memory of the day. Vinyl name stickers can be ordered online which can be printed onto glasses of your choice. To save a little extra cash, you could enlist the help of your creative, loved ones to make DIY sweet jars. Sets of jars can be purchased in bulk from craft retailers such as Hobbycraft, as well as vintage favour tags you can print guests names on in calligraphy.

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9. Snapchat Filters

Everyone is obsessed with Snapchat, snapping every moment they can, and you can now even personalise filters to your wedding day. Prices are dependant on the detail of the filter, the amount of space it covers and how long you would like the filter to be active for. You can design the filter yourself adding any dates, names and ‘Mr&Mrs’.

How Will Your Personalise Your Wedding?

Personalising your wedding day can be so much fun, there are no limits; you can be as unique and crazy as you would like. Tying the knot is a once in a lifetime experience, so you have to make the most out of it and do everything you had ever dreamed of!

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