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When it comes to birthday parties, it can often prove a tricky task to locate a theme and come up with a unique idea that will beat last years celebration without having to pay out an extortionate amount on expenses. Of course, in an ideal world, each year you hope that you’d be able to go a little more extravagant for either your party or the lucky person you’re planning for, however, unfortunately, the high budget cannot always be achievable. Luckily, there are several different ways that you can throw a birthday party on a budget, and we can guarantee that none of your guests will even notice!

Top Tips To Throw A Birthday Party On A Budget

From tracking down the ideal venue to creating decorations to fit your theme, planning a birthday comes alongside a never-ending list of ‘to-dos’, all of which are partnered with an, often expensive, required fee. Particularly if the birthday is a significant milestone such as an 18th, 21st or 50th, you want to throw the party of the year.

Throwing a birthday party is all about organisation and being as prepared as possible. Always start by setting a strict budget, taking into consideration the desired amount of money you wish along with a realistic amount that includes back up budget set aside in the case of an emergency. Once your budget is agreed, then the fun can commence, it’s time to start putting your plans into place.

Inexpensive Location

One of the most significant expenses, if not the most costly, you’ll have to pay out for is your party venue. This can be particularly expensive if the birthday clashes with a busy period of the year, for example in the Summer during prom season or in the lead up to Christmas when festivities start. Unfortunately, as unfair as it is, along with an increase in demand comes a skyrocketing rise in price.

When searching for locations, first consider, could the celebration be held at home? Do you have a large garden you could kit out for a party? Or does a close friend or a family member own a large space you could steal for the duration of your party? An inexpensive option is excellent, but a free alternative is even better, so always weigh up all options before starting the hunt for an outsourced venue. Particularly if you are holding a children’s birthday celebration, a ‘stay at home’ party is always a keen favourite. As long as you have a range of fun activities to keep the little ones entertained and stock up on goodies, the party is bound to go down a storm!

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Pair Up

A fantastic way to save money on your next birthday party is to pair up for celebrations. Do you have a loved one with a birthday a similar time to your own? If so, why not partner up and throw a joint birthday party?

Splitting your celebrations will also mean cutting the cost of expenses, negotiate what factors are a ‘must have’ for each of you and come to a joint decision on what bookings and purchases you will make. You can go for a neutral theme to suit you both and decorate to suit your individual styles. Planning a party alongside someone else also plays to your advantage when it comes to managing stress, split the tasks into two, it’ll take a massive weight off your shoulders. Use your personal skills to your advantage, if you have fantastic communication skills and your loved one is overflowing with technical knowledge, you can take it upon yourself to make bookings, and they can keep track of all money or vice versa.

Carefully Pick Timings

Arranging catering or cooking enough food to go round all of your guests, aside from venues, is likely to be the largest expense and extremely time-consuming. So, cut out the middleman and carefully time of your party to start after meal time. Avoiding the need for a main meal means catering will not be required and you won’t be slaving over a hot stove for hours pre-party. A few bowls of nibbles here and there to keep your guests happy throughout the party will be more than enough.

Purchasing drinks, particularly alcoholic, is often a high cost that most party planners dread. If you’re less worried about alcoholic beverages, then throwing an afternoon brunch would be the perfect alternative. You could experiment with an afternoon tea theme, with finger food, tasty cakes and a range of different tea flavours. For a full guide on how to throw the ultimate afternoon tea party, take a look at this BBC Good Food article.

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Entertainment can be costly, so it’s often more sensible to opt for just one big entertainment option rather than a few. Nowadays there is less need for booking a DJ as there are a whole host of speaker and music streaming apps you can use instead for a low price. Large Bluetooth speakers can be picked up from many different retailers, and you can create a playlist on streaming channels such as Spotify or Apple Music. You can even get all of your guests to suggest song requests before the party to create a playlist to suit everyone.

For your main entertainment, party inflatable photo booth hire would be the perfect option. Each of your guests will receive their own personalised print out with your name and for example, ’18th Birthday’ along with the date of the celebration and a personal celebration hashtag. Your guests can have their choice as to whether they take home a keepsake printout or make the most out of the instant social media upload to share their fun snaps with their friends and family online. We can guarantee that there will be no need for any other entertainment aside from your inflatable photo booth, with a range of different props and fancy dress items, your guests couldn’t ask for any more!

Buy In Bulk

Going to a specialist party store to get all of your supplies is likely to cost you a massive chunk of your budget. To save money, research online for a range of different deals on bulk party supplies such as decorations, disposable plates, cutlery and cups. Buying in bulk will cost considerably less than individual supplies, plus if you purchase neutral colours and have any left over, they can be saved and reused for your next party.

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Throw The Party Of The Year While Saving Money!

Throwing the ultimate birthday celebration doesn’t have to put you out of pocket a considerable amount, with excellent organisation skills and unleashing your creative side, it’s easy to stick to your budget. Use DIY skills to your advantage, could you create your own invitations, decorations or even bake your own birthday cake?

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