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Each year, as new trends appear and technology evolves, entertainment options for events become more extravagant, and the wow factor for guests multiplies. Luckily, for those planning a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah for their child, this can be used towards your advantage to throw a celebration unlike any other. With the hundreds of entertainment ideas, you are guaranteed to throw a party no one will forget!

Although there is a never-ending list of entertainment ideas, there are a few that most definitely stand out from the crowd. So, we thought we’d let you into our favourites and discuss the seven best entertainment ideas for bar/bat mitzvahs!

7 Of The Best Entertainment Ideas

With research, you are able to track down an entertainment option to meet every guests taste. Ultimately, your final decision has to be something your son or daughter will absolutely love and if this means something completely wacky and outside the box, then so it be!

Both bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs are a relatively large affair with lots of guests attending, so this is a should be a huge consideration when drawing up entertainment ideas. Your entertainment must be something that can get everyone involved, feeling relaxed and having fun.

If you’re struggling for inspiration, then keep reading for seven fantastic entertainment ideas, we can guarantee there will be something for everyone!

1. Magician

Hiring a magician is one of the best after-dinner icebreakers, it is the perfect interactive entertainment, and all guests at all ages can get involved. Many entertainers can only be viewed from a distance, but a magician that can perform large-scale and close-up magic means that guests can have their choice as to whether they want to be in the heart of the action or take a step back and enjoy in their own space.

When it comes to magicians, it pays to be picky, and invest little more money in a magician that can perform amazing, jaw-dropping never seen before tricks rather than a cringy performance with no imagination. Card tricks will always be an old favourite but take inspiration from famous, modern magicians such as Dynamo who uses guests possessions and belongings to perform amazing illusions.

magician holding cards

2. Caricaturist

In the past, the only time you could enjoy a personalised drawing from a caricaturist would be while strolling the busy streets of London; however, they can now be hired to entertain guests at any events.

The great thing about caricaturists is that each drawing only takes around five minutes and are always on large pieces of paper, meaning that your guests will not be waiting around for ages for their masterpiece. All guests will be able to have their own personalised keepsake to take some and display to remember your son or daughters important celebration.


3. Inflatable Photobooth

You simply cannot go wrong with inflatable photo booth hire! Your booth of choice can be tailored to suit the theme of the bar/bat mitzvah, with a green screen to stand in front of displaying a photo, logo or pattern to perfectly complement the celebration.

Teenagers are technology and social media obsessed which means they will love the interactiveness of bar/bat mitzvah photo booths. All snaps taken can be instantly uploaded to social media for all their friends to see with a personalised hashtag!

Take a look at some examples of our personalised printouts below!

bar mitzvah booth printouts

4. Live Band or Musician

Hiring a live band or musician for any event brings a fantastic atmosphere and gets all guests in the celebratory spirit. Many performers can sing a range of different music genres from various different decades, or alternatively, you could opt for a musician that sticks to the favourite genre of your son or daughter.

It is always recommended to get a sneak peek into the band or musician before booking them, whether this may be visiting a performance or watching some videos of past events online. This way you can ensure that not only they sound good, but they have the right personality for a younger generations event.

For musical entertainment a little more outside the box, you could consider an acapella group. Everyone loves the hit 2012 movie Pitch Perfect, and we can all remember the hours spent trying to learn the legendary “cup song”, so if your child is a huge fan of this film, why not hire an acapella group?

If you make your booking far in advance, you can even make special requests for the group to learn and practice particular songs to perform such as memorable childhood songs and their favourite tunes.

young woman performing

5. Digital Graffiti Wall

A digital graffiti wall is a relatively new, innovative entertainment option available for events and is perfect if your son or daughter is a keen artist with a creative personality.

Guests can simply grab a digital spray can and create their very own street art (thankfully, street art without breaking the law). All creations can then be downloaded after the celebration and printed onto items of your choice including t-shirts, mugs and coasters.

6. Celebrity Impersonator

Whether your son or daughter is a superhero film fanatic or loves the glamour of Hollywood, you can be sure to find a celebrity impersonator to fit their favourite stars. It is your choice whether you hire a celebrity impersonator for just a few hours or the whole duration of the event, either way, you want to allow enough time for photos and interactions.

celebrity impersonator

7. Circus Acts

Although this may be the most expensive of our entertainment ideas, you cannot beat an evening at the circus full of fun and giggles. Aerialists, fire breathers, acrobats and even contortionists are just some of the many options when hiring circus performers, all of which are guaranteed to leave all of your guests utterly speechless.

If you are trying to make a lasting impression on guests and beat all other families past bar/bat mitzvahs, then circus performers are most definitely the best option. Costumes are elaborate, movements are effortless, and danger is at its peak.

fire breather

Throw The Best Bar/Bat Mitzvah!

Throwing a bar/bat mitzvah for your son or daughter is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so, of course, you want to spoil them with the most amazing celebration achievable. We hope that you loved these entertainment ideas as much as we did and good luck planning!

Featured image photo credit to Embrace Life Photography.

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