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Once you have all of the time consuming, lengthy and often stressful aspects of planning your wedding, such as venue hunting and building the perfect guest list, out of the way, it’s now time to get creative. Creating a list of fun entertainment ideas you might like to incorporate into your special day is exciting and allows you to be as extravagant as you please.

To give you some inspiration and kickstart entertainment planning, we’ve devised a list of this year’s top ten trending wedding entertainment ideas – we can guarantee that there will be something for everyone!

Trending Wedding Entertainment You Will Love!

It’s unlikely that each member of your guest list will be familiar with each other, so opting for an entertainment option that will help everyone to let their hair down, get involved and mingle can often be somewhat tricky. How can you keep every age group happy? How can you avoid awkward silences? And most importantly, how can you make sure that your wedding goes down in history?

Deciding on the perfect wedding entertainment idea involves a considerable amount of research and budget planning. Start by taking a look at our top ten choices!

1. Singing Waiters

Move over flash dancers; singing waiters are slowly becoming the number one wedding performer to take over the entertainment world. Give your guests an unexpected surprised guaranteed to get everyone smiling and humming along with undercover waiters. Whether you opt for a performance at your wedding breakfast, during your reception or after your three-course meal, professional singers can unexpectantly belt out your favourite ballad, movie sing along or old classic to get every guest in the party mood.

Secret Singers travel the length of the UK to add unique entertainment to your big day your guests will never forget!

2. Fireworks Display

You cannot go wrong with a stunning fireworks display to bring an elegant end to your special day.

When planning a professional fireworks display, it is vital to take the time of the year into consideration as it will depict the time you plan for your display to commence. During the Summer months, it is unlikely it will be dark until around 9 pm, however in Winter; the sun can set as early as 4 pm – which is ideal if you have many children attending who are eager to enjoy the fireworks.

Always make sure that you have double checked with your venue that fireworks are permitted on their premises and whether they have any “do’s and don’ts” you must follow. There would be nothing worse than planning a stunning display to then find out it cannot go ahead.

wedding party watching fireworks

3. DIY Desserts

A DIY dessert station is an all-time favourite and means that your guests can continue to enjoy sweet treats throughout the evening. After a tasty starter and meal, many guests would prefer to enjoy a glass of champagne and get on their dancing shoes rather than continue straight to a dessert. Opting for a DIY dessert station means that those who have a sweet tooth can help themselves to as much as they would like. Popular favourites to include are:

  • An ice cream machine with various toppings and sauces
  • A pick ‘n’ mix stall
  • S’mores – toasted marshmallows and a layer of chocolate sandwiched in biscuits
  • Chocolate fountain with strawberries and marshmallows

4. Inflatable Photobooth

Bring a touch of personalisation to your special day through wedding photo booth hire!

Hiring an inflatable photo booth allows all of your guests to take home memorable customised keepsakes to remember your big day. Not only do the luxury LED photo booths look chic and stand out from the crowd, but they are also great for getting guests to dress up in fun props and take as many photos as they would like. Every printout can be customised, adding the date of your wedding, name and a hashtag to get you trending online.

wedding photo booth

5. Vintage Arcade Games

Your guests will absolutely love to be brought back to their childhood and have the chance to enjoy some of their favourite old-time arcade games. Vintage arcade games are great for encouraging a little friendly entertainment and getting all of your guests socialising and getting involved.

Amusements allow you to hire almost any arcade game from 80’s space invaders and Batman-inspired pinball to a nostalgic jukebox and a Pac-Man cabinet. All are free to play and do not require coins.

6. Wish Lanterns

Make sure you have your photographer ready to capture the stunning vision of hundreds of lanterns lighting up the night sky when each of your guests has the opportunity to let off their own wish lantern.

As darkness falls, encourage each guest to note down a wish to put into their lantern then step outside to light them carefully and release them into the sky. As tricky as it may be, aim to let all lanterns off at the same time, we promise it will be worth it! And remember, you have to keep your wish a secret otherwise it may not come true!

lanterns in the sky

7. Palm Reader

Although this idea may not be for everyone and many will be rather sceptical, hiring a palm reader is fantastic for those who are interested in the spiritual world and are sure their guests will be interested in potentially uncovering their future.

A professional palm reader will be able to use the lines on the palm of your hands to predict future events. A very unique, but great icebreaker.

8. Table Chefs

If you have planned a lavish three-course meal and a smaller guest list, then a table chef would be perfect for wow’ing your guests during the reception. Table chefs are able to prepare an array of different dishes, from carving meat to preparing homemade sushi, the opportunities are endless!

sushi chef

9. Children’s Entertainment

For those happy couples who have many younger guests attending their wedding, avoid stressed out parents and little terrors running riot through hiring different children’s entertainment options.

The great thing about children’s entertainment is that is doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Little ones will be more than happy with a bouncy castle, garden games and a goodie bag filled with tasks to keep them occupied.

For more great ideas on children’s wedding entertainment ideas, take a look at One Fab Day!

little girls at wedding

10. Magician

When researching some of the top trending wedding entertainment ideas, hiring a magician was a keen favourite time after time again. Leave your guest puzzled and pondering “but how…” all evening through a trick-filled magician.

When it comes to hiring the perfect magician, it pays to be picky. You want an entertainer who really gets your guests mind working overtime through card tricks and illusions. It is most definitely getting your chosen magician to show you some of their best tricks before making the booking.

Wow Your Guest Through One-Of-A-Kind Entertainment!

We hope that we have given you some fun and unique entertainment ideas to make sure that your wedding day goes down a storm with all guests, no matter the age. If you thought our article was helpful, why not share on social media?

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