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With what feels like a never-ending list of ‘to dos’ when planning your big day, it is always exciting when you are given the opportunity to unleash your creative side and opt for something a little more unique. Sending your loved ones your wedding invitation is a big milestone, it is the moment where everything finally seems to sink in and feel just that little bit more real – the wedding really is happening!

Every couple wants to make a statement and make sure that their big day stands out from the crowd, so why not start as you mean to go on and opt for one of these unique wedding invitation ideas?

The Best Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas

Although there are specific details that must be included on your invites such as the date, time and location of your wedding, you do have an incredible amount of leeway to be as quirky and creative as you would like. If you hope to stick to a traditional, elegant wedding, then you may want to use your invitations as an opportunity to play around with a weird and wonderful theme. Many couple’s love to send out invitations with a little personality that accurately reflect each of their characters, perhaps incorporating hobbies or fond memories. So, to give some you inspiration on some trending wedding invitation ideas with a twist, keep reading!

1. ‘Solve The Puzzle’ Invitation

Give your guests an element of surprise with a ‘Solve The Puzzle’ themed wedding invitation. Nine times out of ten, guests will not be expecting your invitations in the post, so why not keep the suspense running just that little bit longer by delivering an unsolved jigsaw.

The great factor of choosing to create your own jigsaw is that it can be personalised to suit any theme. You could even get a designer to create bespoke artwork to reflect your theme, and then you can get it printed onto a jigsaw. Each puzzle piece can be put into a small keepsake bag with a label saying “solve me”, and it will not be until your guests have put in a little hard work they will receive the information – unique and interactive!

2. Tea Towel Invitation

There is nothing better than receiving something that will come in incredibly handy in the future and what’s better than a tea towel, which can be reused for years!

The Original Wedding Tea Towel is a fantastic website filled with stunning designs that you can customise to suit both you and your partner’s tastes. They even allow you to order a free tea towel invitation sample, which will help you to decide whether this is the best choice for you. If you decide to go ahead with the design, you can place an order of an amount of your choice, and they will be delivered straight to your home.

Tea towel invitations are a fantastic keepsake, which will help guests to remember your special day every time they reach to use it!

tea towel invitation

3. Balloon Invitation

A balloon invitation is one of the most popular choices for a couple looking for a unique ‘Save The Date’ to inform their guests in advance of the date of their special day before they send out full details. It means that all of your loved ones can make sure that they pencil in the date of your big day and will be eagerly awaiting the full invitation details over the next few months. Ballons are so much fun, and it is more than likely that it is an idea none of your guests would have seen before!

White Knot has a range of vibrantly coloured ‘Save The Date’ balloon cards which can include a message on the front and your balloon on the back with the clever quote “please inflate and save the date.”

4. Golden Ticket Invitation

For those who love glitz and glamour, opting for a golden ticket themed invitation would be the ideal choice for you. As golden tickets are so popular, there are tonnes of versions online which you can download and edit yourself. This makes it one of the most affordable options, yet still maintaining a luxury feel.

For an extra touch, you could even request that all guests bring along their ticket on the wedding day and present them on arrival.

golden ticket invitation

Photo credit to Invite Designs.

5. Magnet Wedding Invitation

If you’re looking for a small invitation that won’t be lost in piles of paperwork, then you should most definitely consider purchasing bespoke wedding invitation fridge magnets. This way, your wedding date will quite literally ‘stick’ in every guest’s mind.

Due to the simplistic approach magnets take to wedding invitations, there are a whole host of different retailers both online and in-store that can create the perfect print for you in minimal time. Similarly to the ‘Solve The Puzzle’ option, magnets can be uniquely customised to suit you and can even include photos, foiled lettering and graphic designs; all brought together to create a luxe invite.

Magnet Sheet is an excellent website specialising in creating magnet-style stationery, including a range of gorgeous wedding invitations. We suggest that if this is your number one idea, Magnet Sheet should most definitely be your first port of call!

6. Passport Themed Invitation

Are you jetting off abroad for your special day and looking for a travel-themed concept to invite your guests to a holiday of a lifetime? If so, you will love this passport-themed wedding invitation idea!

Passport invitations will be super easy to send away to guests, even those who live far as they will be small and flat in shape, making them ideal for fitting into a small envelope. The card itself can be styled the same as a passport with the name of you and your partner along with the date printed on the front. It is your choice whether you change the colouring and print or whether you stick to the traditional red passport with gold foiled lettering. Instead, the card can be a ‘boarding pass’ which will include more details such as the location of the wedding, time and RVSP information.

passport wedding invitation

Photo credit to Not On The High Street.

7. Explosion Box Invitation

An explosion box is a fun, interactive wedding invitation idea which would be perfect if you are having a small wedding with only close loved ones. Explosion boxes are a new craze in the papercraft world, so if you have a keen creative side, you would love trying your hand at making these. As they are somewhat tedious, you would need quite a lot of time to make each by hand, which is why they are ideal for only a small wedding party.

Explosion boxes are tied with a bow and when opened, immediately fold out to showcase a range of different prints, designs, photos and messages. Small pockets can be made which could include cute keepsakes such as the ‘Save The Date’ balloons or even a fridge magnet.

Although it can be easy to get carried away filling your box with extra surprises for guests, always make sure that you begin with including all of the key wedding day details.

For a step-by-step guide along with a video on how to create your own DIY explosion box, take a look at Instructables.

8. Bauble Invitation

Christmas is known as the most magical time of the year, so its no surprise that tonnes of couples chose to tie the knot in a Winter Wonderland themed wedding. If you are planning a Christmas wedding, then it would be rude not to opt for a festively themed invitation.

Just like the balloon idea, opting for a personalised bauble would be fantastic for sending a ‘Save The Date’ to all guests. The most popular theme is a metallic red bauble with gold glitter lettering – festive, but remaining sophisticated. Baubles can be incredibly fragile, which means that it is important that they are delivered with care. You may want to consider hand delivering invitations or alternatively, purchase boxes which are filled with a soft material which will stop your gifts from being smashed or scratched during transportation.

Here at Inflatable Photobooth, we must admit that a Christmas theme is one of our favourite wedding types to attend. Included in our options for wedding photo booth hire is a Winter Wonderland themed booth complete with snowflake lighting and a 6ft hand painted Nutcracker. We love to go above and beyond to bring the theme to life, surrounding the glacier shaped booth with Christmas trees and finishing with a red carpet.

wedding bauble

Photo credit to Find Me A Gift.

9. Vinyl Invitation

If both you and your partner are music enthusiasts and share many memories together at gigs and concerts, then you will adore this next idea! Share your passion for music with all guests through customised vinyl wedding invitations.

The Wedding CDs website allows you to create your very own vinyl and sleeve inviting your guests to share your special day. They have a range of different vintage-style sleeves with the central hold cut out to uncover the disc artwork, which can be printed with your wedding details. There are up to eight different vinyl colours to choose from including traditional colours such as black, gold and silver along with vibrant options such as red, green and orange. As a finishing touch, you can even purchase CD mailer wallets which can be used to post invitations to all guests.

10. Vintage Movie Theatre Invitation

You can never go wrong with a stunning, vintage themed wedding filled with floral bunting, fairy lights and rustic furniture; simply breathtaking! So, to give your guests just a small insight into the wonderful day ahead of them, consider the idea of sending out vintage movie themed invitations.

Bring your guests back to the ’50s and opt for a wedding invitation which is designed the same as an old-fashioned movie ticket. Just like the golden ticket, movie wedding invitations are super easy to create and can be made on websites such as OptimalPrint within just a few clicks. All you need to do is add in all of the essential information including RSVP’s, and you’re good to go!

ticket invitation

Kick Off Your Special Day With A Unique Wedding Invitation

There is no better way to get your guests super excited to share your special day with you than a unique wedding invitation that they will never forget. There are so many different options available, and these are just some of the fantastic ideas you could choose.

We hope our article has given you some inspiration, if so, why not share on social media?

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