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One of the most desirable qualities of choosing a career in event planning is that there are so many options with regards to the path you choose to go down. From weddings and parties to corporate and sporting events, opting to become an event planner immediately opens you up to a world of exciting opportunities and popular industries you may want to consider specialising in.

6 Popular Industries For Event Planners

To succeed in the event planning industry, there are a variety of different personal qualities you must possess. Not only should you be creative, open-minded and filled with positive energy, but also hold the ability to problem solve and spot minor details that may prove to be a potential problem in the future.

Becoming a fully certified and knowledgeable event planner can take some time. It is an incredibly competitive industry and getting your business name out there in to the world, often proves to be the hardest hurdle to overcome. Nevertheless, it is vital to begin with considering the different fields you may like to specialise in. To give you a head start, we have devised a list of the most popular event planning industries and the different advantages and drawbacks of each.

1. Weddings

As one of the most popular avenues to pursue as an event planner, becoming a wedding organiser can be a tricky yet unbelievably rewarding role. Taking on full responsibility for planning a couple’s special day can be daunting, we have all heard of the nightmare ‘bridezillas’, which means that it will take a lot of patience.

One of the biggest advantages of opting to plan weddings over other event types is that although you will be given the opportunity to show your creative side, you will not have to come up with all ideas alone, planning will be considerably more structured. Almost every couple who enlist the help of a wedding planner will have a vision in mind, however, require expert help to bring their vision to life. They may have brainstormed a variety of ideas they would like to incorporate into their dream wedding; it is then your responsibility to track down vendors and put a tailored plan of action into place.

The demand for wedding planners often changes throughout the year, with the Summer months proving to be the busiest period – ideal if you are looking to ease yourself into the role or even simply prefer seasonal work. However, if you are eager to work all year round, do not let this put you off; instead, you may want to consider accommodating both local and overseas weddings. Overseas weddings give organisers a fantastic opportunity to travel the world, experience new cultures and when the wedding date has passed, you may even be able to reward your hard work with a few days of holiday relaxation!

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2. Corporate Events

Individuals who are business minded with a methodological thought process are likely to succeed in corporate event planning. There are many different employment options when it comes to working alongside businesses, and it is your choice whether you work as an in-house organiser, work for a contracting event planning company or go freelance.

Many corporate event planners opt for the path of working in-house as it allows them to get a real feel for the business, understand the organisation’s strengths and weaknesses, then plan accordingly. Each event is classed as a new learning curve, where you can dissect the positives and negatives, then use these to improve your next event. If you do choose the route of working as an in-house organiser, it is vital to ensure that the business is in an industry that you have an interest in; otherwise, it will quickly become boring. You are likely to be given the responsibility of product and service launches, networking events and even staff Christmas parties, so always opt for an industry that you will be enthusiastic about.

The biggest obstacle you will need to overcome as a corporate event planner is understanding how to ensure that your business stands out from the crowd and beats competitors, particularly when it comes to product or service launches. In the past, we have worked with many different global brands who utilise our corporate photo booth hire to create the ultimate brand experience. Using custom printouts, in-booth competitions and interactive technology, businesses are able to leave their mark on clients and customers.

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3. Entertainment

The entertainment industry is incredibly competitive, not only for those hoping to be given their break in the celebrity world, but also if you have an interest in planning star-studded events. Everyone hopes to be given the opportunity to plan an event filled with glitz and glamour from music awards to film premieres, however, it may not be as easy as that. To win a role as an entertainment event planner, you’ve got to stand out from the crowd; only those with the highest level of experience and training are likely to be considered.

Nevertheless, where there is a will, there is a way, and there are plenty of tips that will help you towards winning your dream role. The best piece of advice is to get as much experience as possible, even if it does involve volunteer work or internship. Every local theatre will require additional help over busier periods such as Christmas; this is ideal for getting smaller scale experience before moving on to larger events. It is highly recommended to keep an eye out on websites such as Arts Jobs, UK Theatre and The Stage for new vacancies.

4. Sporting Events

Sports always have been and always will be increasingly popular across the globe, meaning that you will never be short of work if you choose the path of planning sporting events. Although it is often considered, a skilled event planner is an absolute necessity for any form of sporting event, no matter the size. With a large crowd of excited fans comes a considerable amount of pre-planning to ensure that every event runs smoothly and supporters continue to return.

Planning a sporting event will require seamless schedule management with various different alternative plans in the event of an emergency or change of plan – essentially, you need a ‘Plan B’ for just about every component of the event. There are countless different situations that can easily lead to delays such as weather, injuries and even penalties, so you must ensure that it does not throw you off schedule and cause a panic.

Alongside planning a sporting event also comes the fun of tracking down professional bodies and sponsors that may be interested in getting involved with either the event or venue as a whole. Ideal if you have a keen interest in sports and would love to meet some famous faces.

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5. Parties and Celebrations

For those event planners hoping to open their own business and become their own boss, pursuing the path of parties and celebrations would prove beneficial.

The role of a party planner is required all year round and means that you will always be faced with new challenges. Not only will you be able to enjoy planning children’s parties and milestone birthdays, but also Christmas parties and awards evenings. Opting to become a party planner will help you to succeed and progress in your career considerably quicker than other industries. It takes less time to plan a party than a product launch, a film festival or sporting event meaning that you can fit more jobs into less time, resulting in more experience.

Another key advantage of becoming a party planner is that minimal educational background is needed to succeed, your training or qualifications do not define you as a professional. Individuals who are throwing a party want someone they can trust, can communicate well and have expert organisational skills, all of which are personal qualities rather than professional.

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6. Charity Work

Charity work is incredibly rewarding no matter your involvement, but even more so if you have built the foundation and created the core of a successful fundraising event.

As many charity event planners work as volunteers or for little personal profit, it is an ideal field if you are either looking for experience or simply want to give back to the community. Many individuals opt for working alongside non-profit organisations during their placement year at university, when they are easing themselves back into work or even when reaching retirement.

The fantastic aspect of fundraising events is that they can be as weird and wonderful as you please, the more individuality and creativity you can bring, the more likely people will be attracted to supporting the charity.

Becoming An Event Planner

Event planning is one of the most exciting, innovative and ever-changing careers that will give you once in a lifetime opportunities you are unlikely to have in other career paths. Every day you will be meeting and building relationships with new people, travelling across the country and transforming your ideas into a reality. The sense of self-achievement is immense, and you will be consistently learning new tips and tricks throughout your career. For some handy advice on how to become an event planner, we suggest heading over to the GEVME website.

We hope that our article has helped to give some inspiration into the different industries to consider as an event planner!

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