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Finally approaching the year of your most loved one’s bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah is an incredibly exciting time, not to mention a huge milestone! With tonnes of ‘coming of age’ celebrations taking place every year, it can often be somewhat tricky to know how to stand out from the crowd and ensure that your celebration goes down in history.

One of the most exciting factors of every celebration is the opportunity to get creative and think outside of the box. There are many different unique, weird and wonderful ideas that will contribute towards throwing a customised party perfect for celebrating this important new life chapter. With this in mind, we have devised a comprehensive guide on how to personalise a bar/bat mitzvah, from extravagant venue decorations to keepsake party favours!

13 Fun Ideas On How To Personalise a Bar/Bat Mitzvah!

Whether the theme of your celebration is to reflect a favourite sport, film or even colour, you will never be short for fantastic ways to add a touch of personalisation to the evening. Before drawing up the different customisation options for your bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah, it is imperative to first decide on a budget, along with how you plan to allocate money to each expense. Consider whether you hope to treat guests to their very own custom party favours, stick to tailored venue decorations, or alternatively, balance a combination of both.

Venue Decorations:

Venue decorations are a huge contributing factor towards any celebration and are perfect for bringing the ‘wow factor’ to your event. It is your choice whether you opt for a simple theme or something a little more out of the ordinary; either way, it is the first insight that guests will get into what is to come, so make it good!

To begin your quest in finding the best-personalised venue decorations, we’ve devised just some of our favourites, so keep reading!


Not only are guestbooks great for creating a memorable keepsake, but also for giving guests the opportunity to show their love and leave a message for the child celebrating their special day. Many different online retailers such as Purple Trail offer a wide variety of different guest book colours, themes and designs in hard book, laminate or synthetic cover form. You can even add photos to the cover for an added finishing touch.

We love the idea of a personalised guest book, so much so that we provide a gorgeous book to every client who opts for bar/bat mitzvah photo booth hire! After each photo booth visit, guests can add their printout to the book and write a message to keep forever!

Old Favourites Pick ‘n’ Mix

No one can say no to pick ‘n’ mix, so why not put a smile on the face of all of those guests with a sweet tooth through creating your very own sweet stand?

As bar/bat mitzvahs are always a large family affair, you are always guaranteed to have children of all ages attending, so we can guarantee that there will be no sweets going to waste! The theme of the pick ‘n’ mix selection should be based on the old favourites of the party host and include all of their favourite sweet treats. For a traditional theme, we suggest using several large jars to store the sweets with colourful sweet scoops and striped paper bags. All supplies required to make your very own pick ‘n’ mix stall can be found on Party Pieces!

sweet jars


Balloons are an absolute must have at all celebrations, and due to the ongoing popularity, you will always find places that allow you to design and purchase customised balloons!

If the theme of your bar or bat mitzvah is glitz and glamour, to maintain the luxurious theme, we suggest opting for bubble balloons. Bubble balloons are large, chic transparent balloons, shaped just like a bubble and printed with the message of your choice. They can be filled with anything from confetti to feathers and created to compliment your colour theme. We adore the collection available on Bubblegum Balloons.


As one of the most cost-effective personalised venue decoration options, printed partyware can be picked up in bulk at a reasonably low price. All ranges of partyware from plastic cups and table covers to napkins and paper plates can be tailored to add the party host’s name, along with the date of the celebration. If you have a themed bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah, partyware is ideal for helping to effortlessly convey your theme.

bar mitzvah partyware

VIP Pass Badges

For those partygoers who have a passion for all things Hollywood, then why not bring a touch of glamour to your celebration through issuing all guests with their own VIP pass badge. VIP pass badges and a matching lanyard can be sent to guests along with their invitation with the strict instructions to bring along their badge to the event. The badge can be printed with a photo of the party host along with their name and the date of the bar/bat mitzvah. A VIP pass is perfect for giving the celebration a real celebrity feel!

Memory Slideshow

The real meaning behind every bar or bat mitzvah is to welcome the party host into their adult years and to celebrate the special moment with all of their nearest and dearest. Putting together a slideshow of photos throughout the years is guaranteed to bring a wealth of emotions and touch the heart of every guest.

To make the slideshow as memorable as possible, keep the entertainment a secret from the party host. Ahead of the celebration, request all guests to send in their favourite photos of memories spent together, old and new, then put together a continuous loop of funny and emotional photos to enjoy throughout the party!

Portrait Cookies

Opting to make a batch of portrait cookies is most definitely the most unique and personal touch you can add to any bar or bat mitzvah. As one of the most uncommon ideas, we can almost promise you that none of your guests would have thought of the idea of creating their very own cookies replicating the host’s favourite photo.

It is incredibly tricky to find a baker or company who are able to bake the portrait cookies for you, so you will need to enlist the help of your most creative loved ones to help out. Custom selfie cookie cutters can be purchased from Etsy, who allow you to send in a photo and they will make your very own personalised cookie cutter.

Celebratory Cake

A showstopper cake is always the centre of attention at any celebration, and due to the growing cake maker talent taking over the UK, they can be perfectly bespoke to you. Whether you want to stick with a simple, elegant cake draped with delicate edible flowers or you’d prefer something a little more unique with a scene from your favourite memory and sugarcraft figures, there will be many different wonderful cake makers able to meet your requirements.

If you’re hoping to spend your budget on other factors aside from the cake, then, luckily, you do not need an extravagant cake to add a touch of personalisation. A custom cake topper is a fantastic, low-cost alternative and can be purchased from Not On The High Street.

bar mitzvah cake

Party Favours:

Even the smallest of party favours go a long way and always appreciated by your guests. It is a fantastic way of giving a small thank you to guests for taking the time to celebrate this once in a lifetime celebration with you. There are many different keepsake party favours, at both ends of the budget scale, that can be perfectly personalised.

Reusable Favour Bag

Opting to create custom favour bags are an excellent idea if you hope to give just small gifts such as sweet treats to those who have attended your celebration. It means that you will not have to worry about personalising any other gifts and your guests can also make use out of them in the future. Many small drawstring bags are available made with woven materials, satin or even paper, and can be printed or embroidered with a message of your choice. You could even consider, if you loved our previous idea of the pick ‘n’ mix, opting for customised paper sweet bags!

bar mitzvah party favours


Keyrings remain a keen favourite for those bringing holiday gifts back to their loved ones, so why not use this handy idea to your advantage? There are many different online retailers that will be able to create keyrings filled with photos, text or even patterning intertwinings the Star of David. These can either be sent out to guests with their invitation or perhaps placed on their placemat as part of the seating arrangement.

Chocolate Bars

As one of the most popular bar and bat mitzvah party favours, you will never be short for choices when ordering personalised chocolate bars. Whether you love Hershey’s Kisses, Oreos or keep it simple with a bar of milk chocolate, all of which can have a sleeve or sticker added with a thank you message to guests. You could even consider a chocolate bar in a gift box as it means that the gift box can be kept as a memory!

If you’re looking to purchase bulk chocolate bars for your celebration, head over to WH Candy.

bar mitzvah chocolate bars

Sweet Jars

If the idea of a pick ‘n’ mix stall sparked your interest, but is a little over your budget, not to worry! Sweet jars are a cost-effective alternative that creates wonderful table decorations to incorporate into your celebratory meal. You can make the jars yourself by purchasing both the jars and sweets from wholesalers such as Hancocks. The filled jars can them be decorated with ribbons to match your colour theme, along with personalised bar or bat mitzvah stickers from Vistaprint!


Do you love to go to your favourite artist’s concerts and have a passion for music? Then why not throw a music-themed bar or bat mitzvah with the additional of festival wristbands for guests?

Woven wristbands are great as they can go through a lot of wear and tear before they begin to show any damage, which means that your guests can continue wearing them for months after and will always remember your celebration! You are able to create and purchase your very own fabric and cloth wristbands from ID&C Band.

Perfectly Personalise Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah!

The most exciting part of any celebration is finally getting all of the tedious factors such as venue hunting out of the way, and having the opportunity to focus on all of the fun finishing touches. Every part of your bar or bat mitzvah can be perfectly personalised to reflect your passion, hobbies and interests, or simply to say thank you to all of your guests for coming along to share the special moment with you.

We hope that you loved our customisation ideas and are looking forward to your celebration!

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