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After years of studying, constant hard work and incredibly stressful exams, your prom is the number one event to look forward to. Not only do you have the opportunity to get all dressed up, but also to enjoy one last celebration with your closest friends before you part ways and begin the next chapter.

Every year, there are tonnes of new weird and wacky trends guaranteed to make an impact and help you to stand out from the crowd; from extravagant outfits to unique transport. While you’ve got to be super brave to opt for something a little out of the ordinary for your outfit, transport is something you can be more creative with and think outside of the box. So, to give you some inspiration, we’ve devised a list of our top ten best prom transport ideas.

Best Prom Transport Ideas

As one of our areas of speciality is party photo booth hire, each year we are lucky enough to get the chance to attend lots of different proms across the country; all of them have their own quirks that make them memorable. We love having the opportunity to celebrate with well-deserved school leavers, and we are never failed to be amazed by the creativity at each prom. Over time, we have most definitely seen our fair share of fantastic prom transport and have put together a list of just some of our favourites.

1. Vintage Car

If you’ve opted for an elegant, sophisticated outfit for your prom, then you may want to consider a vintage car for your transport to maintain a traditional theme. From an old-fashioned Rolls-Royce to an Armstrong Siddeley, you will never be short for choice when it comes to vintage vehicles.

When hiring a vintage car, the biggest benefit is that it is more than likely that you will be given the choice of being accompanied by a chauffeur, who will also dress for the occasion to add a finishing touch to the VIP experience. The most popular colour for classic cats continues to be white, which will sparkle in the Summer sun.

white rolls royce

2. Novelty Character Vehicle

Do you see yourself as the class joker and looking for fun transport guaranteed to go down in history to leave school on a high note? If so, hiring a novelty character vehicle will be the perfect choice for you!

Novelty character cars are often not considered as many assume that bringing your favourite film to life is an unrealistic vision, however, luckily, there are now lots of different companies that specialise in movie replicas ranging between every genre. Traditional British icons such as the Only Fools & Horses Trotter Van, James Bond Supercars and even the Austin Powers Union Jack Jaguar are available for hire at an affordable price. Alternatively, you can bring the Hollywood atmosphere to your prom with the Batmobile, Ghostbusters Ecto-1 or even Lightening McQueen himself!

3. Supercar

Hiring a supercar to take you to prom is most definitely going to turn heads, not to mention the fact that your friends will be able to hear the roar of the engine before you even pull up! A supercar is best suited to those who only require transport for two, possibly you and your date, and are happy to allow a larger budget to cover the cost.

Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren all continue to be the most popular choices in supercar prom transport. To make the most out of your transport hire, we suggest taking a route where you have a long stretch of road which will allow the driver to build up the speed and give you the ultimate supercar experience.

yellow ferrari

4. Stretch Limo

As one of the most common, popular prom transport options, you will be overwhelmed with the number of choices for stretch limos. For those arriving at their prom in a large group, a limo would be ideal for accommodating plenty of space for everyone. The majority of limos can fit up to 20 people inside comfortably, and it also means that the cost will be spread across more people, making it one of the cheapest alternatives.

The interior of limos are always modern and luxurious, filled with coloured lights, leather seating, music players and even room for food and drinks during your journey.

5. Horse Drawn Carriage

Step into a fairytale and steal the show with a horse-drawn carriage. It is your choice whether you opt for a carriage with a more traditional appearance or transport that has stepped straight out of a Disney film.

All horse-drawn carriages will be lead by a professional chauffeur, who will ensure you arrive safely at your prom and all horses stay on their best behaviour. You can even decorate your carriage with flowers, ribbon and bows to match your colour theme and perfectly compliment your outfit.

horse drawn carriage

6. VW Campervan

For a super cool and relaxed method of transport to prom, we suggest researching into hiring a VW Campervan. Both traditional and retro campervans are available in a huge variety of different styles, colours and patterns available.

VW Campervans bring a personal touch to your special event because almost every hire company you find will have named their vehicles and give a customised description of their features, helping you to pick the best campervan for you. If you’re unsure where to start on your hunt for the perfect campervan, take a look at the Comfy Campers website.

7. London Bus

If you’re thinking big when it comes to your prom transport, you cannot get bigger than hiring a whole London bus! Double-decker buses are a staple British trademark and can fit up to a huge 70 people onboard.

The London Bus Company allows you to hire both red and green buses for the duration of your choice, along with open top double-decker buses for just a £50 deposit – split between multiple people makes this an extravagant, yet a super cheap method of getting to prom.

london bus

8. Party Bus

Party buses remain one of the most sought-after methods of transport for almost every type of event as it is the ultimate way of getting you into the celebratory mood! Every party bus is always filled with a tonne of different entertainment and gadgets, including up to date sound systems to play the songs of your choice. You even have the option to connect your phone or streaming device for a personalised experience. Many people opt for hiring the party bus for a little longer, so they can be picked up in advance and have time to enjoy the ride before they arrive!

9. Fire Engine

Do you like the idea of a limousine, however, want something a little more out of the ordinary? Why not consider hiring a fire engine limo?

Your driver can pick you up from the location of your choice in the Fire Engine a little earlier than the time you aim to set off, so you have plenty of time to take photos. On average, Fire Engines can hold around 8 passengers, which allows you to sit comfortably with plenty of room for even the biggest of princess prom dresses. As Fire Engines are a little harder to get hold of and often come alongside a larger cost, the minimum booking duration is likely to be longer, which isn’t necessarily a negative as it means you can sit back, relax and have a good chat before you arrive at your prom.

fire engine

10. New York Taxi

We thought that we would leave the most unique, uncommon transport idea until last for those who hope to hire a vehicle completely outside the box. Ideal for smaller groups of friends, hiring a classic New York Taxi, is often not considered as many assume that they are not available in the UK. However, you’re in luck, Star Car Hire have lots of different variations in replica New York Taxis available to be chauffeur-driven to the event of your choice. You can have your pick between the traditional yellow cabs with black and white checkerboard patterning, or for something a little more discrete, a larger black cab.

Book Unique Prom Transport Today!

We hope that our top ten best prom transport ideas have given you some fantastic inspiration into just some of the many options out there to choose from. Although there is a fair share of months before prom season commences, we highly recommend starting your research as soon as possible to ensure your perfect vehicle is available on the date and time of the special occasion. Many companies do allow you to reserve your specific date and time for an allocated number of days until you make your final decision and put your deposit down, so use this to your advantage while you continue to research.

Always be extra picky when it comes to choosing the friends you share transport with. We would like to say that every friend is reliable and trustworthy; however, you can never be entirely certain. Ensure that everyone has paid their share of the deposit to avoid passengers dropping out last minute and leaving you with a huge chunk of cash to make up.

Last, but not least, sit back, relax and enjoy your well-deserved prom night!

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