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Every workforce will understand when we say that there are always periods that prove to be more stressful than enjoyable. Each member of the team begins to feel the strain of a heavy workload and tight deadlines, meaning you’ll start to notice some droopy shoulders and sad faces. Not only does the overall atmosphere grow increasingly negative, but you’ll also notice a sudden drop in productivity and motivation to smash through tasks.

If you’re currently nodding your head in agreement at the statement above, then we are here to bring the life back to your corporate team, boost morale and get everyone socialising. Whether you’re hoping to plan some in-house activities or are planning to venture out for an afternoon outside of the office, we’ve devised a great list of fun team building ideas for work you’ll love!

10 Fun Team Building Ideas For Work

Aside from the exciting thought of a few hours away from your computer screen, you’d be surprised at the number of excellent benefits that come alongside taking part in team building activities. Unless you’ve had the same team for years, it’s likely that you’ll have new members who are finding it slightly trickier to break the ice and get involved.

While at first, you may be shaking your head at the thought of letting your employees run free during working hours, team building activities are a proven way to boost business profit. Allowing staff to communicate in a more relaxed environment is ideal for building trust, networking and unleashing their inner creativity, therefore, forming a stronger working relationship when you’re back in the office. Team building activities are also perfect for uncovering hidden talents and determining what strengths, along with weaknesses, each member possesses.

So, if you’re sold on the idea of planning an afternoon of team building, then take a browse through our top ten activity ideas – we can guarantee that they’ll be something for everyone!

1. Scavenger Hunt

As a scavenger hunt remains one of the leading team building activities, you’ll never be short for inspiration when planning your very own. It’s your choice whether you opt for staying on-site or venturing a little further afield to a pre-planned scavenger hunt around your closest city or town.

If you’re hoping to plan your scavenger hunt, then we suggest taking advantage of the Strayboots app, which constructs a customised treasure hunt through a few taps on your mobile phone. Based on your location, Strayboots will test your knowledge and provide you with various tricky clues that will lead to some of the most famous landmarks and historical sites in your area. It is a fast-paced game which utilises problem-solving, innovation and leadership skills to win.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to sit back and relax while the experts plan the perfect scavenger hunt on your behalf, you will love The Team Building Company. With many different themed hunts available on both land and water, The Team Building Company provide customers with a unique experience like no other.

scavenger hunt in woods

2. The Muddled Puzzle

Puzzles are somewhat tedious when tackling them alone so you would expect them to be made easier when attempting as part of a group…wrong. The muddled puzzle game can take up to hours and really does test the patience of those taking part.

As you will require four or more small, equal-sized teams, the muddled puzzle game is best suited to those working in a large organisation. Each team will be provided with a completely different jigsaw puzzle to solve; however, some of the key pieces of the puzzle have been mixed in with other team’s pieces. This means that as they reach the end of the puzzle, each team will have to search for the group that has their missing jigsaw piece and try to negotiate a swap to get it back. The way in which they choose to retrieve their missing pieces is entirely their choice, but all decisions must be made as a team.

If you’re looking for cheap jigsaw puzzles to set up the activity, then we suggest taking a look at

3. Escape Room

Nothing is better at forcing a team to break the ice than putting them in a locked room together with a set of clues to escape. With just one hour on the timer to solve the mystery and break out before you are trapped forever!

As the idea of an escape room continues to skyrocket in popularity over recent years, there are now tonnes of companies providing themed activities explicitly designed to test corporate teams. Escape Reality, in particular, have a fantastic variety of themed escape rooms from locking your colleagues behind the bars of Alcatraz or setting them up as a team of Vampire hunters. With many different packages to choose from, you’re able to build your own escape room experience tailored around the rooms that most appeal to your team.

team solving puzzle

4. The Egg Drop

If you were ever forced to do PSHE lessons in school, then it is more than likely that you would have played or at least heard of the egg drop challenge. As an easy to plan team building activity, it is ideal for playing from the comfort of your workplace.

The aim of the egg drop challenge is to successfully build a set of supportive structures around an uncooked egg so that if the egg were to be dropped, it wouldn’t smash. Each team is given a set of different materials such as newspaper, sponges, string and rubber bands, then set the challenge of building their structure. To make the task just that little more complex, consider giving teams no materials and instructing them only to use things that they find lying around the office. Most opt for allowing up to half an hour for teams to create their masterpiece before trialling their triumphs (or perhaps disasters)!

5. Blind Drawing

For those looking for a super quick team building activity that can be completed in less than half an hour with no extra planning, then this one is for you!

The blind drawing challenge must be carried out in pairs and luckily, will only require a picture, pen and paper. Each team of two need to sit back-to-back with one member in charge of the picture, and the other holding the pen and paper. The individual responsible for the photo must now begin to describe the scene without actually saying what the image is off, while the other draws based on the description given.

On average, 10-15 minutes is given for the drawing to be completed and the team with the closest resemblance to the original photo wins!

Woman drawing

6. Truth and Lies

The game of truth or lies, although it does seem somewhat personal, is excellent for breaking the ice, particularly in newly formed teams. It allows the more reserved members of the team an opportunity to not only share facts about themselves but also get to know others.

Similarly to the blind drawing game, truth and lies can easily be set up in the workplace and only requires some free space to sit in a circle. When forming the circle, everyone must face each other and note down three ‘facts’ about themselves; two must be true, and the last must be a lie. Try to make the lie blend seamlessly into the true facts to give the others a little more of a challenge. Each team member will then take it in turns to read the three facts, and the others must try to figure out which is the lie.

7. Go-Karting

Adrenaline seekers, this one is for you! For those who love a little competition between team members and are looking for a thrill-seeking team building activity, then why not book team go-karting?

Opting to book go-karting is ideal if you have extra budget allocated to activities outside of working hours as it will cost a little more, but is most definitely worth it! It allows team members to unleash some friendly competition, get out all of their stress and race against each other.

When searching for go-karting in your local area, we suggest looking into TeamSport. TeamSport specialises in indoor karting, ideal for activities all year round, and have tracks located in 32 different locations across the country. They also provide customers with regular special offers, so it’s worth keeping an eye out!

Go karting

8. Bake Off

Although the last series of The Great British Bake Off has been and gone, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop baking your wonderful creations. Everyone loves indulging in their favourite cake or biscuit with a cup of tea in the afternoon, so why not turn it into a little bit of friendly competition and create your very own bake-off?

Those who are keen bakers will be included in the competition, and those who are less enthusiastic can have the honour of being the judges. It’s important to ensure that you make a collective decision on the sweet treat you will all create to make sure that everyone can enjoy the delicious bakes!

If you’re stuck for recipe inspiration then luckily, The Great British Bake Off put all of the tasty food featured in the show on their website!

9. Laser Tag

During laser tag, it’s every man for himself and the ultimate test of endurance; its all about staying cool, calm and collected. It is ideal for building trust between coworkers and encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone to communicate with others. There will always be one person who will take responsibility and step into the role of leader, so this is great for highlighting the strengths of others that you can use to your advantage back in the workplace.

Laser Quest is one of the leading providers of laser tag in the UK and has tonnes of different locations across the nation. Equipped with their very own laser pack and gun, team members are allowed 30 seconds to hide in the laser quest before the battle begins. They will then have to hit their opponents in the hope of collecting the most points.

Laser tag

10. Quiz Night

Nothing beats a traditional pub quiz; it is the ultimate test of not only knowledge but also the ability to work as a team. Whether you opt for staying in the office late and making your own themed quiz night or venture out to find a local pub, you’re sure to thoroughly enjoy this team building activity!

Participating in a quiz night is a quirky idea to allow corporate teams to let their hair down and use their interests to their advantage; you would be surprised at the amount of weird and wonderful questions you’re able to answer correctly as a team.

If you’re hoping to plan your own quiz night as opposed to visiting a local pub, then we suggest taking a look at the Ready-Made Pub Quiz website which is filled with ideas!

Book Your Team Building Activity Today!

Team building has never been as easy to plan and more importantly, fun to take part in! Through researching and talking with each member of the team, you’ll be able to come to a collective decision on which activity would be best suited to each’s preferences. Through years of experience working alongside a plethora of different leading brands providing photo booth hire in London, we’ve had the opportunity to attend our fair share of excellent team building events. Although these are our favourites, we can guarantee that these are just some of the many different activity ideas out there to choose from!

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