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The moment you can finally begin wedding planning is an incredibly exciting milestone. With so many ideas, inspiration and tasks you must complete, it’s hard to know where to start.

While the first few weeks of planning your big day may be nothing but joy, smiles and excitement, it isn’t uncommon for it to quickly begin super stressful. With the worry of forgetting a crucial aspect always at the back of your mind, the sudden realisation of “wow, we need to plan a whole wedding” starts to sink in.

Although there is nothing wrong with a little pre-wedding nerves, this shouldn’t be due to a stress-filled planning process. Through using handy tips and tricks to your advantage, it will become easy to keep stress at a minimum and instead, enjoy planning your special day!

Wedding Planning Made Easy

The lead up to your wedding day really does come alongside a rollercoaster of emotions. Although trust us when we say, that you’re not the first, and most definitely won’t be the last to get a little stressed. It often feels as if there is a never-ending list of ‘to-dos’ that must be completed to ensure that you’re able to enjoy the wedding of your dreams. Enlisting the help of a professional wedding planner, of course, is one of the most effective ways to take the weight off your shoulders. However, there will still be decisions to be made and plans to be put in place.

With this in mind, after years of working with special couples providing wedding photo booth hire, we have devised a list of our top tips for stress-free wedding planning. So, if you’re beginning to feel a little flustered with the planning process, sit down, relax and take a read through our handy advice!

Always Make A Budget… And Stick To It!

Never start any planning until you have made a joint decision on the most realistic budget to meet your requirement. Creating a budget is imperative as it forms a solid foundation to begin planning around. When setting a budget, it is important to add ideally an extra 5% on as a contingency fund. The contingency fund is a small percentage of the budget that is set aside to cover the cost of any emergencies or unforeseen circumstances.

It can be tricky to set a realistic budget, so to begin the process, make a list of every possible expense. Categorise these into wedding ‘musts’ compared to wedding ‘wants’. Factors such as the venue, catering, wedding dress and suites will always fall under the ‘musts’ category, as opposed to luxury flowers, upgraded chairs and additional decor that would simply be ‘wants’. Begin allocating your budget to all of the ‘musts’, and then if there is any left, it can be split between the desirable factors you’d quite like to include in your big day.

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Remember That You Don’t Have To Stick To Tradition

It is your wedding, which means that if you don’t want to stick to the traditions, then there is nothing stopping you from bringing your weird and wonderful visions to life. Many couples presume that just because every member of their family has stuck to opting for a traditional wedding, they also have to follow the theme; however, this isn’t necessarily the case.

Trying to incorporate traditional aspects that are not important to you or you’re unlikely to enjoy, will do nothing but add extra stress. Your heart will not be in it, which means that it will have a negative impact on your wedding planning experience. Sticking to just traditions that you truly care about will make your wedding even more meaningful. It will help your special day to be perfectly personalised to the personalities of both you and your partner.

Start With Booking Your Venue

Once your budget has been implemented, the search for the ideal location to fit your requirements can begin. Always begin with tracking down your wedding venue as all other aspects will fall into place once this has been booked. With no venue, it will become increasingly tricky to begin the process of planning catering, decorations and even wedding car hire.

Consider whether you would like for both the service and your reception to be held at the same location, or alternatively, you’d prefer to travel from the church to an evening venue. Unless you have the perfect venue set in stone and your heart is set on that one location, the process isn’t going to happen overnight. The venue you opt for must be capable of holding the capacity of your guests, is in the right geographical location and fits with your theme.

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Stay Organised No Matter What

On even the busiest of days, don’t forget to stay organised and on top of your schedule. This way, you are able to make any notes on to-dos that you must remember, as well as ensure all paperwork is filed away and that you have noted down any expenses. It allows you to stay away from any nasty surprises later on down the line or falling short of your budget because you failed to note down an extra hidden fee.

Many couples planning to tie the knot keep all information in a spreadsheet, however, if you prefer to note everything down by hand, we suggest purchasing a wedding planning organiser. Hitched have put together a fantastic guide to the best wedding planner books with some gorgeous personalised options included.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

When you begin to feel stressed, it can be easy to fall into the trap of believing that you are doing it alone. However, we can promise you that this is never the case. Never be afraid to accept or ask for help from your partner, nearest and dearest or even a professional wedding planner. Family members and friends will all be delighted to be given the opportunity to give their helping hand in planning the biggest day of your life, so use them to your advantage! Even if it is small jobs such as running errands to pick up flowers or take invitations to the post office, it is one less task to worry about and another thing ticked off your list!

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Spend Quality Time Together

Particularly if you are working full time alongside wedding planning, it can feel as if there is no time to relax. Your wedding day is all about making the promise to share your life with your most loved one, so always ensure that you spend quality time together, even when you do feel as if you are running around like a headless chicken!

Taking time out to relax and spend time together can be anything from going for a nice lunch after venue hunting to booking a weekend away. Many couples opt for booking a weekend in another city with the rule that there can be no talk of wedding planning. A weekend away is perfect for clearing your head, recuperating and chilling, helping you to de-stress and feel motivated to smash your next set of wedding planning tasks!

Send Out Invitations ASAP

The earlier you send out wedding invitations, the quicker that you will receive RSVP’s and can begin confirming numbers.

When it comes to invitations, the great benefit is that if you’re hoping to gain an understanding of the number of guests attending, but haven’t entirely decided on your venue yet, you can opt for ‘Save The Dates’. Save The Dates have continued to grow in popularity over recent years and allow couples to share their wedding date with all guests ahead of the invitation reveal. Many different online retailers such as Papier and Confetti Shop enable you to create customised Save The Dates for an affordable price. You can opt for a simple card, or alternatively, a quirky idea such as a fridge magnet. These can be sent out to guests as early as a year in advance, with the request that they let you know if they are able to attend to give you an idea on the headcount as early as possible.

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Be Flexible

Although it may be daunting at first, try to stay as flexible and open-minded as you can throughout the planning process. Understand that not everything may go seamlessly and fall into place immediately. Some tasks may take a little more work than you had first anticipated, but this is not something to worry about. If you decide from the very beginning that you will not let any small hiccups get to you too much and you are willing to slightly alter your plans now and again, it is almost guaranteed that stress will be kept at a minimum.

Stick To Only What You Want

Just like the idea of not necessarily having to stick to traditions, again, remember that this is your wedding, so do not be afraid to say no to ideas. Only stick to what you would like and do not allow others to influence your decisions. Staying strong-minded and sticking to your plan will stop last-minute tasks from creeping up and the stress of extra guests to a minimum. Family members, in particular, are known for trying to persuade extra names to be added onto the guest list, however, stick to your original plan and do not fall into the trap of inviting people you do not feel are a loved one you would like to share your special day with.

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Enjoy The Wedding Planning Process!

Planning your big day should be one of the most exciting times in your life and should be filled with fun, laughter and enjoyment. Although we cannot guarantee that the whole process will be a breeze and you will never feel a little strain, there are many different ways that can help towards keeping stress at a minimum. Always remember to take time out to relax and spend quality time with your partner. There is nothing wrong with saying goodbye to wedding planning for a weekend to explore and enjoy a trip away. Not only will it help to make you even more eager to say your vows, but it will clear your head and make you ready to take on any wedding planning task that you will be faced with.

If you’re in the process of wedding planning and looking for unique, memorable entertainment, then feel free to contact us in regards to our customised wedding photo booth hire in Bracknell. Our range of VIP booths are perfect for fitting any theme, and all bookings will come alongside personalised printouts and a guest book.

We hope that our article has helped to lift the weight of wedding planning stress off your shoulders. Stay cool, calm and collected and enjoy the most special day of your life!

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