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A picture is worth a thousand words. Photos capture the most treasured moments, unexplainable emotions and complete happiness which makes photography one of the most important components of a wedding. With the rollercoaster of excitement intertwined with nerves that comes alongside a wedding day, the day goes past quicker than could ever imagine. There is nothing quite like looking back at the tonnes of fantastic photos of your special day to keep the memory alive.

When it comes to your wedding day, there is no such thing as too many photos. Every couple hopes to capture each special moment of their big day, even those smaller memories that could easily be missed. Luckily, there are an array of different wedding photography techniques to guarantee the above.

5 Great Wedding Photography Techniques

Photographs are capable of telling a story; they portray emotions in a way that cannot be achieved through words. Looking back at photos from your big day allows you to get an insight into the reactions of each of your guests and see every moment from their perspective. From the overwhelming pride of the closest loved ones when the bride walks down the aisle to the laughter during the reception, you will never be short for memories to look back on. The vast selection of photos will be passed on to the next generations of your family including children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren who will look back and feel every emotion from your special day. Photos are a keepsake that will never grow old.

With this in mind, it can often prove tricky to find ways in which you can guarantee that you will capture every moment of your wedding. There can sometimes be a sudden worry on the day that you haven’t planned enough methods of photography. During our many years of providing photo booth hire in London and across the nation, attending the most extravagant of weddings, we have come across a host of excellent ways to incorporate photography to your wedding day – here is our top five!

1. Professional Photographer

Opting to hire a professional photographer is always a ‘go-to’ way to ensure that you capture every moment of your special day. It means you can guarantee that you will have a set of high-quality photos that can be framed and showcased. It is vital to keep in mind that, while it is most definitely worth the investment, finding the perfect photographer will take a considerable amount of research and is likely to cost a larger percentage of your budget. Each photographer has their own style, which means it is imperative to find a professional capable of fulfiling all of your requirements.

Photographers will base their schedule for the day on specific photographs that you have requested. For example, many request the groom’s reaction as the bride enters the venue or the throwing of confetti as the happy couple leave the ceremony. Spend time researching into the type of photos you would like and put together some examples to show potential photographers during initial meetings. If you would like a photo session allocated at some point throughout the day for professional snaps of the bride, groom and bridal party, it is essential to highlight this to your photographer so they can begin planning the session. Many photographers will opt for visiting your venue prior to the day of the wedding to make a list of locations with stunning backdrops and the right level of lighting.

Beginning the search for a photographer can be somewhat daunting. With so many professional businesses to choose from, where do you start? Luckily, there are a number of different wedding supplier websites that allow you to search for experts in your local area. Wedding Wire has a vast database of wedding photographers, and each entry includes information such as their experience, areas of expertise and estimated price. Once you have shortlisted a few potential photographers, aim to dig a little deeper into their work. Always ask for a portfolio of previous wedding photography, references and if they have them, check their online reviews.

Professional wedding photographer

2. Photobooth Hire

As mentioned previously, we have been the number one supplier of wedding photo booth hire in London, Buckinghamshire and several other locations across the UK for many years now and can safely say that a booth will always go down a storm! While you may think that our love for all things photobooths is somewhat biased, we promise that we’ll be able to win you over!

With a variety of different booth styles available from a sleek black and white glamour booth to a colourful green screen alternative, each aspect of your photobooth can be perfectly tailored to complement the theme of your wedding. Guests can enjoy unlimited visits throughout your reception, and each group will receive their very own instant printout to take home as a memorable keepsake. Printouts can be customised with “Mr & Mrs” along with the date of your big day for an additional personal touch. Many of our clients opt for placing a guestbook outside of their booth where guests can write a short message to the special couple and attach their fun snap!

Wedding inflatable photobooth

3. Guest Candids

Some of the best wedding photos those that are non-stage, unposed and candid. Taking pictures at the most unexpected moments are perfect for capturing genuine, pure emotion. As the special couple tieing the knot, all eyes will be on you all day, and there will be an infinite amount of photos taken by your excited guests, so encourage this!

Ahead of your wedding day, perhaps even in your invitation, ask guests to take as many candid photos as possible. There are several fantastic mobile phone apps available which allow you to create a private platform to share photos. You can request for guests to download the app on the morning of your wedding and join your digital community. All candid photos taken can be uploaded to the app, and all members can have access to every picture taken of the day. As the platforms are solely for the private sharing of photos, only guests that have been invited will be able to log on and browse through. It gives you, as the happy couple, an additional way to capture memorable moments and save your favourite candids. Gizmodo has put together a useful guide to the best apps to share photos privately including popular platforms such as Cluster.

Guest taking photo on phone

4. Disposable Camera

As an inexpensive but super fun photography technique, placing a disposable camera on each table at your wedding reception is guaranteed to bring laughter and a whole host of funny photos to your day. While it is likely that there will be a fair share of slip-ups, you will have tonnes of silly selfies to look back on. Disposable cameras are an excellent addition to a wedding as, unlike a mobile phone or digital camera, there is no way to look back at the photos until after they have been developed, giving you a little something extra to look forward to.

Placing a disposable camera on tables during the reception also works as an excellent conversation starter. Not all of your guests will be familiar with each other, and there may be a mix of personalities sitting together. Making use of the cameras is a great way to break the ice and get all guests socialising.

If you’re worried that the chunky, unappealing appearance of the cameras may dampen your decor, not to worry – due to the popularity of disposable cameras at weddings, many suppliers such as Confetti Shop now stock stylish options printed with delicate patterns to complement your theme.

Disposable camera at wedding

5. Polaroids

Similarly to hiring a photo booth, purchasing a few polaroid cameras for your wedding day is a fabulous way to receive instant printouts that can be kept forever. Unlike a professional photographer or when using a mobile phone camera, you cannot pick and choose what polaroid photos to develop meaning that you will have a whole host of unstaged snaps that perfectly reflect the excitement and fun of your big day.

As polaroids are a little more costly than disposable cameras, we suggest sticking to investing in two or three cameras that can be either passed around guests or placed on a table at the front of the reception. Ensure that you have purchased enough instant film packs, so all guests are able to have their turn. According to the Polaroid Originals website, purchasing 36 packs of the instant film will allow you to take around 288 photos, which would enable you to plenty of leeway.

Opting to use instant Polaroid photos as a form of wedding photography also means you can be super creative when it comes to displaying the printouts. You could encourage guests to fill a large guestbook with their photos or alternatively, create a feature wall at your reception to hang printouts. To create a feature wall, simply attach a few pieces of long string to an empty wall and place a table nearby including the camera and a bowl of small wooden pegs. Guests can then be encouraged to hang their printouts from the string to showcase all of their fun photos.

Bride holding polaroid photos

Photo credit to Polaroid Originals.

Capture Every Special Moment!

Photos play a vital role in any wedding day. Regardless of the photography technique you opt for; you are guaranteed to have a host of fantastic pictures able to capture a whirlwind of emotions. For the special couple, their wedding day goes past in the blink of an eye, so the vast collection of stunning photos will allow them to see their day from their guests perspective!

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