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Hosting any party requires a lot of planning and organisation, and thinking of creative ideas to make your party unique can be difficult. With these winter wonderland theme party ideas, you are guaranteed to find inspiration and have a party no one will ever forget.

Winter Wonderland theme party ideas you need to know

Our top 10 party ideas will provide you with the inspiration you need to transform your party venue into a magical winter wonderland. If your Wedding, Birthday or Corporate Christmas party is in November, December, January or February, the weather can have a huge impact on how you celebrate as you are generally restricted to being indoors. However, this is not a problem as you can easily create your own indoor winter wonderland without the freezing cold temperatures!

As well as being a great idea for birthdays, you can also use this theme for your wedding. Wedding photo booth hire Hatfield will ensure you capture all the memorable moments of the night and provide guests with a personal keepsake to remind them of the special day.

1. Entranceway

The entranceway is going to be the first thing your guests see when they arrive for the party, so it is the perfect opportunity to introduce your theme and make a statement. A winter carpet walkway will make your guests feel like a celebrity walking into your party and you could even hire a photographer to mimick paparazzi and take pictures of them as they enter. Another great way to capture moments throughout the night is to include a photobooth. Photobooth hire London provides a selection of fancy dress props all your guests can use while taking pictures and your personal booth attendant will be there at all times to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Another simple but effective party feature is a balloon archway. You can pick what colour balloons are used to match your theme, so white, grey and light blue balloons would suit a winter wonderland theme perfectly. Dreams ballon art offer a great selection of balloon decorations that would look great at any party, including garlands and organic demi arches.

fire and ice booth collage

2. Food

For the ultimate party experience, you should steer clear of generic party food and instead serve tasty treats that compliment your theme, such as:

  • Snowman cupcakes
  • Toasted marshmallow brownies
  • White chocolate pepepermint blondies
  • Polar bear oreos
  • White choclated covered popcorn with blue sprinkes
  • Snowflake cookies

The birthday cake is just another opportunity to get creative and emphasise your winter wonderland theme. A white velvet snowball cake is a great choice as it not only tastes incredible but the white chocolate truffles and coconut flakes used for decoration resemble snow.

party table

3. Drink

There’s nothing better than having a nice warm drink on a cold winter day, so your guests will definitely appreciate a hot beverage. Hot chocolates are very popular, so serving these at your party will be a success. In fact, you can take it one step further and add a polar bear marshmallow. For a step by step guide on how you do this, read this useful article from The Daily Meal.

If there are going to be adults at the party, you could even make your own winter-themed cocktails. A blue lagoon cocktail, sometimes referred to as the Jack Frost cocktail for its striking blue colouring, is a great drink to serve at a winter wonderland themed party because of its ‘icy’ appearance.

4. Lighting

Creating a winter-like atmosphere can be achieved easily with the correct lighting. For a winter wonderland theme, you can’t go wrong with fairy lights as they create a magical ambience without being too in your face. Warm white fairy lights emit a romantic, candlelit glow whereas cool white fairy lights look more crisp and sparkly. For this reason, cool white lights are the better option for a winter wonderland theme. The way you display your lights is entirely up to you, you could either hang your lights from the walls and ceilings or be extra creative and place several fairy light filled bell jars around your venue.

Fairy lights are a subtle touch to the overall theme, so if you really want to use lighting to your advantage, you should use a snowflake projector light. This light can be used indoors or outdoors and projects a number of snowflakes onto a large surface, creating a magical and festive scene.

5. Dress code

An excellent way to maximise your winter wonderland theme is to give guests a dress code. All-white is a classic choice of attire and won’t require guests to go and buy a whole new outfit. For something a little more unique, you could ask guests to arrive as their favourite ‘wintry’ film or TV character, such as a character from Frozen. This will give your guests a chance to really get involved with your party theme and have fun dressing up.

winter party

6. Centrepieces

It is likely there will be tables placed around your party venue for guests to sit down and enjoy some food, or to take a break from dancing and socialise. If this is the case, you should think about using a winter themed centrepiece to decorate your tables with. This Ice Melt centerpiece is very luxurious and an eye-catching feature all your guests are guaranteed to enjoy. The ice sphere on top of the glass pedestal slowly melts throughout the evening, leaving a pool of water at the bottom of the glass vase.

Alternatively, you could opt for this crystal tree. With a silver base and stand, crystal ball features and frosted appearance, it is perfectly suited to match a winter wonderland theme.

7. Decorations and props

Like any party, decorations are essential, and the best part is, you can make winter-themed decorations yourself! Paper snowflakes are a great starting point and can be created following these six simple steps:

  • With a square peice of paper, fold it in half and make it into a triangle. If you don’t have any square paper, simply make one from an A4 peice of paper by cutting off the excess
  • Fold the triangle in half from the top corner to the bottom corner, making an even smaller triangle
  • Fold the triangle into three, making sure each section is as even as possible
  • Cut across the paper to create a straight-edged triangle
  • There are no set rules for this step other than to be creative and give your snowflake a unique pattern. You can cut straight or curvy lines and even use craft punches to incorporate some unique shapes
  • Gently unfold your paper to reveal your magical snowflake
  • Additional step: If you are feeling extra adventurous, you could then decorate your snowflake with paint or glitter

As well as snowflakes, you could also make paper icicles, winter lanterns and iced winter branches.

You may also want to hire winter wonderland props for the occasion to make your party more extravagent.

8. Colour scheme

Picking the colour scheme for your party is a huge decision as it could determine what decorations, props and dress code you use. Aside from the standard all-white theme, there are many other options you should consider. Colour schemes you may want to consider are:

  • White, navy blue and silver
  • Tartan, burgundy and olive green
  • Plum, fig, dark green and black
  • Soft pink, lavender and grey

9. Entertainers

If you’re hosting your party in a big venue and want to make it that little bit more memorable, why not hire some entertainers for the evening and wow your guests. This acrtic wonderland acrobatics show offers an exciting variety of stilt walking, comedy circus and aerial acrobatics performed by some of the most talented Christmas entertainers in the UK!

indoor winter decor

10. Party favours

If children are attending your winter wonderland experience, party favours are an absolute must. There is no point spending a lot of money on party favours as you want to use your budget to create a magical winter wonderland. A fitting party favour would be a snow globe which you can add an image to detailing the date of your party and the reason for celebration, e.g. “14.12.19 – Lucy’s 16th Birthday Winter Wonderland party.” Or, you could leave it blank for your guests to personalise themselves.

As previously mentioned, photo booths are a much-loved party feature by so many people, so if you used photobooth hire Thame or photobooth hire Woburn for your celebration, an excellent party favour would be photo booth picture frames. These frames will ensure your guests will have a memorable keepaske of your party and prevent their photos from being damaged.

Walking in a winter wonderland…

Creating your own winter wonderland can seem like a daunting task at first, but if you use the ideas mentioned above, you can easily create a cozy wintry scene for all your guests to enjoy. The DIY food, drink and decoration suggestions will make your party more personal and unique, so it is guaranteed to be a party to remember.

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