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If your big day is fast approaching and you’re in need of some classic wedding decoration ideas, look no further! We’ve worked our fair share of weddings and have seen it all, from smaller finishing touches to oversized decorations and we’re ready to share the best of the best with you.

Wedding decor and trends continue to be more innovative and unique, allowing you to really show your personality on your big day, particularly through decorations. Take a look at our top 7 ideas, and you’ll be saying ‘I Do’ surrounded by the most memorable and eye-catching decorations the wedding industry has to offer.

Classic Wedding Decoration Ideas To Enhance Your Day

Get your wedding planning journal ready (and maybe a glass of prosecco), as we take you through some of our favourite wedding decoration ideas. Any one of these will set your wedding apart from the rest and provide the perfect backdrop for your special day.

  1. 1. Illustrated Signage
  2. 2. Family Photos
  3. 3. Candles
  4. 4. Buntings & Garlands
  5. 5. Flowers
  6. 6. Photobooths
  7. 7. Oversized Letters

wedding signs

1. Illustrated Signage

Everyone loves a sign at a wedding! Pointing them to their seat, telling them where the toilets are, which side of the church to sit on and where to find the gin bar – there’s a sign for just about everything at a modern-day ceremony, and we are so here for it. Illustrated signage tops our list, as it can add a really unique and personal touch to your day and incorporate the wedding theme while being extremely informative all at the same time. What’s not to love?

If you’re particularly crafty, this is a great way to get your creative juices flowing and design something yourself. There are so many amazing ways to create signage for weddings – just type ‘Wedding sign ideas’ into Pinterest and you’ll be hit with a massive amount of inspiration. Some of our favourite ideas for unique wedding signs include the following:

  • Mirrors – This is super easy to do, but looks amazing when finished. If you want to create a really eye-catching focal point, go for a mirror sign. Have a look through your local charity shops to keep the price down, or go for something a little newer if you want something specific. All you need to do is invest in some chalk pens to get the white text effect and get writing! Take a look at these fab examples from Brides for some amazing inspo. A calligraphy style font looks amazing if you want to achieve this kind of look. If your calligraphy skills aren’t up to scratch, why not take your bridal party along to a workshop led by Imogen Owen? Not only will you and your bridesmaids, (or groomsmen come to that) get to do an exciting pre-wedding activity, you’ll have lots of help with the imminent sign making. Alternatively, if you want someone to do the hard work for you, (and why not, wedding planning is no easy feat), The Perfect Wedding Shop have a great range of mirrored products to choose from.
  • Arrows – This style of wedding signs get our vote for nuptials that require guests to be outside a fair bit of the time. We’ve seen these best used at teepee, marquee and garden party weddings, for example, as they look fab rested against buildings, hung on trees or planted in the ground. There are so many styles you could opt for with these as well; from a funny road style sign, like these from England Signs, to these more rustic wooden wedding signs from Bramblesky. The last time we delivered a photobooth in woburn for an outdoor wedding, there was a specific wooden ‘photobooth’ sign, which looked great and complemented it perfectly.
  • Chalkboard – The chalkboard trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and we can totally see why. Whether signs are done using a real chalkboard and chalk or merely printed, they look fab. Chalkboard Company have a range of blank signs to work on yourself if you’re ready to get the chalk out, and they also sell chalkboards with artwork should you want it done for you.
  • Framed – For a slightly more elegant and refined finish, a framed sign will add a more classic touch. Our team often see these at the entrance to ceremony rooms and churches, propped up with stylish easels. White decorative frames look amazing, framing any sign imaginable at weddings, perfectly tying in with a multitude of themes. Or for something a little different, we love the contrast of this gold frame against black, from Beacon Lane.

2. Family Photos

These have become more and more popular in recent years, especially to remember guests and family members that have passed away or those unable to attend. They can also be displayed to show baby pictures of the bride and groom as well as happy memories with each other and their guests. Martha Stewart have listed 22 creative ways to display photos at your wedding and we are loving all of them! Our personal favourites have got to be on reception tables, on chairs and in bouquets.

If you like the idea of including photos of your guests, why not create table place cards containing their own personal picture? Take a look at these fab polaroid place cards from Instajunction as a clever way to do it. Hanging photos on the backs or sides of chairs is a lovely way of dispersing photographs throughout a venue in a really creative way. Just look at this image captured by Bridal Guide to give you an idea of how lovely it can look. Having miniature photos of loved ones hanging in bridal bouquets is such a lovely idea and also looks amazing. Check out these mini frames from The Wedding Of My Dreams as a way to do this; super affordable and super sweet!

wedding lantern candles

3. Candles

Candles are a great way to create a lovely ambience and inject any space with a soft glow. As well as being pretty on-the-day accessories, candles also hold a lot of symbolism when it comes to weddings. Use them to decorate your venue, in the form of tea lights around centrepieces, larger lanterns lining the wedding aisle, or perhaps as favours or bridal party gifts.

We love all of the ideas listed in this article from Hitched if you like the idea of incorporating candles in your big day. It’s a good idea to contact your venue before you plan on buying lots of candles, as each individual place will have their own policy regarding the use of candles, particularly churches.

4. Bunting & Garlands

Bunting is a firm favourite among wedding planners and bridal parties, as they provide instant results in a range of colours and styles; allowing you to tie in many colour schemes and themes. As well as the traditional triangular pennants, many couples opt to include their initials or phrases important to them within decorative garlands. As bunting and garlands have become more and more popular in the wedding industry, vendors have become more inventive with designs. From tassled bunting to ribboned garlands, there are so many different ideas to choose from, which is great news for anyone looking to add a unique touch to their big day. Ginger Ray have a great selection to choose from, including all of the above in a range of materials.

wedding bouquet

5. Flowers

Whoever heard of a wedding with no flowers? Not us, that’s for sure. Having provided wedding photobooth hire in London and around the country, we have seen flowers used in a huge amount of ways throughout wedding venues. There truly are some amazingly unique ways in which flowers are being used now, to help your big day stand out firmly in people’s minds. Through bouquets, centrepieces and venue adornments, innovative flower design continues to provide the most beautiful of wedding decorations.

Check out this article from The Knot, detailing a whole host of unique ways in which flowers have been used at weddings. Our personal favourites are the flower backdrop and staircase garlands; because, well, just look at them!

6. Photobooths

This list wouldn’t possibly be complete without a photobooth! You may think we’re a little biased, and yes this may be true, but believe us when we say that photobooths (particularly the inflatable variety) really are the ultimate wedding accessory, as well as being hugely decorative within any venue. Not only do they help you capture the day in funny and unique ways, the photos also provide amazing keepsakes for yourself and your guests.

We recently provided photobooth hire in Thame for a couple who opted for our black and white glamour booth; which, needless to say, looked amazing and decorated their venue perfectly. With a choice of hilarious props, bespoke backdrop themes, GIF imagery as well as video, slo-mo and photo prints, the choice is endless and can be seamlessly matched to your requirements.

oversized wedding letters

7. Oversized Letters

Oversized lettering has made an increased appearance in weddings we have worked on over recent years, and we can confirm that they look absolutely amazing. Light-bulb lettering provides a beautiful backdrop during your first dance or a great way to decorate a ceremony room. Opt for your initials, full names, the date you got engaged or perhaps simply the word ‘love’; whatever you choose to have, the end result is guaranteed to look amazing. Take a look at the range from The Word is Love for some great inspiration as to how you can incorporate oversized letters within your big day.

Happy Wedding Planning!

This part of wedding planning has got to be one of the most fun, as your colour scheme and theme can all be tied together perfectly through the use of decoration. We hope our ideas have given you some great inspiration and that your wedding journal is bursting with amazing decorating plans. Whether you choose to use every idea, or just a few, you’re guaranteed to add some truly unique and beautiful touches to your nuptials.

If you love the idea of a photobooth as much as we do, get in touch with our team and find out how we can help take your venue to another level. Through a range of amazing packages that can be personalised to you, an inflatable photobooth is guaranteed to add a wow-factor on your big day. We can’t wait to meet you and see all of your beautiful decorations. In the meantime, happy planning!

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