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No matter what time of year, a wedding is always an extra special day…but a white Christmas wedding is simply magical. If you are planning a wedding during the winter months, we’ve compiled a list of super useful and innovative ideas you can use on your big day.

The ultimate white Christmas wedding

Planning a wedding takes a lot of creativity, time, hard work and sometimes even tears, but we can all agree it is worth it in the end! To make the preparation process for your winter wedding a little bit easier, we have a variety of decor ideas, entertainment suggestions and quirky finishing touches we hope will inspire you to create the ultimate white Christmas wedding.

There a lot of factors you need to take into consideration when planning for such a special occasion, so we recommend creating a checklist or finding one online to ensure you don’t forget anything. It is also a good idea to make a mood board full of white Christmas wedding images so you can collate all your creative ideas together and get a better understanding of what you want your wedding to look like on the day.

For us, the number one must-have feature of any wedding or celebration is a photo booth. With photo booth hire in London you will be provided with a personal booth attendant, a personal guestbook to keep, and unlimited print outs for you and your guests to take home as a memorable keepsake. For more ideas on the white Christmas wedding must-haves you need for your big day, keep reading!

winter bride

Festive invitations

Once your guest list is finalised, it’s time to think about invites. Your invitations will give your guests the first impression of your wedding, so using them to highlight your theme is a great idea. Traditionally, invites would be sent in the post to arrive at every guest’s doors, but an increasingly popular modern trend is to go paperless. You can do this by using websites like Evite or Greetings Island. These online invitation makers allow you to create completely personalised invites, making it easy to match your theme, and then send them online for free! Not only will this save you money on postage, but it’s also great for the planet as it is not wasting any paper.

Colours and lighting

One of the most important features of a themed wedding is the colours you use. For a white Christmas wedding, you will obviously want to use white as the main colour in your scheme. However, although all-white is timeless and looks amazing, there are many other colours you can use that will work brilliantly with your theme and will not take the attention away from the all-important white wedding dress. For example, other seasonal colours include blue, silver, red and green.

When it comes to lighting, we suggest using fairy lights as much as possible. The magical ambience created by fairy lights is ideal for a white Christmas wedding and they are very cheap, minimising the chances of going over budget. Fairy lights come in an array of colours but we recommend using cool white lights as they look crisp and sparking – perfect for creating a winter wonderland scene.

Food and drink

The food and drink served at weddings have a huge impact on how much you and your guests enjoy the day, so taking the time to plan a delicious buffet or sit down meal is key. In terms of drink, the perfect addition for a white Christmas wedding would be a hot beverage bar. This will perfectly complement your theme as well as keeping your guests warm and cozy when the weather outside is frightful.

For food, a unique touch would be to include a fire pit where guests can roast marshmallows. The great thing about having a fire pit at your wedding is that it appeals to all age groups, meaning everyone can get a taste of freshly roasted marshmallows or socialise around it in the evening without being affected by the chilly winter weather. If you plan on having a buffet, take a look at these crowd-pleasing comfort foods that are ideal to serve at your winter wedding.

A classic Christmas treat is gingerbread men, so why not incorporate this into your Christmas wedding by having a gingerbread wedding cake? Not only will it taste exquisite, but it is a quirky alternative from the traditional fruitcake or sponge.

wintry flowers


The best way to showcase your theme is through the decor in your venue. For your table centrepieces, you should steer clear of classic floral arrangements and instead opt for something a little more seasonal, like this winter tree. The frosted branches and ghostly silhouette effortlessly create a wintry scene that all your guests can marvel over while they eat their food. If you want to add more romance to the day, why not have guests dine by candlelight with this frosted candelabra. These candelabras feature realistic LED candles which flicker and offer a mesmerising silhouette while also giving the impression that they have been sculpted from solid ice. Alternatively, you could use real ice to decorate your venue with ice sculptures from Exquisite Ice. Whether you want simple hearts, classic swans, or something completely unique and personal to you and your partner, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating ice sculptures – making them ideal for your themed wedding.

If you want to decorate your venue by completely transforming it to resemble the north pole, you should use our green screen photobooths. These booths allow you to project a picture of your choice as a backdrop for pictures throughout the night. For a white Christmas wedding, we recommend choosing a snowy scene or ice cave.


After the romantic ceremony, it’s time for celebrations to really begin and have some fun with all your closest friends and family. With white Christmas being the inspiration for all aspects of your wedding, the entertainment should be no different. To give your wedding that wow factor and make it an extra memorable day for everyone, you could hire acrobats in a winter globe. The acrobatic duo is guaranteed to transform your venue into a winter wonderland and amaze your guests as they perform a beautiful balancing routine inside a giant snow globe. Alternatively, you could hire winged ballet dancers to create a mesmerising dance, perfectly choreographed to give you and your guests a magical dance show.

As previously mentioned, a photo booth is an excellent feature for any special event as it appeals to all ages and provides hours of entertainment. With wedding photo booth hire in Kensington and wedding photo booth hire in Addlestone you can select from a number of bespoke packages. Our optional fire and ice booth would work great for a white Christmas wedding as it resembles an arctic igloo and features flame machines, so it is guaranteed to wow your guests.

christmas table

Finishing touches

The finishing touches are what is going to complete your wedding and solidify your theme. Although they may be subtle, you will be surprised at what a difference they can make. For example, instead of using a standard guest book, you could get creative and use baubles instead. Instead of getting guests to sign a book, get them to write a message on a bauble which they can then hang on a tree which you have displayed for the evening. What makes this idea even more sentimental is that you can use these baubles to decorate your Christmas tree every year, reminding you and your partner of your special day every festive season.

The bride’s bouquet is another way which you can make your theme more prominent. We suggest picking flowers that match the season’s icy colour scheme. Why not pair classic white roses with red winter berries and frosted pine cones for an elegant wintry bouquet? Or you could go the extra mile and use the traditional poinsettia Christmas plant (not officially a flower we know, but it does a pretty good of imitating them!) in white to create a snow-inspired masterpiece in the palm of your hands.

Getting wed in a winter wonderland

A white Christmas wedding is definitely something dreams are made of, and we hope our ideas help you make your dreams a reality. Don’t forget to capture every moment throughout the special day using our wedding photo booth hire.

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