Bat Mitzvah Celebration

Every parent eagerly-awaits the exciting ‘coming of age’ celebration for their son or daughter. Whether you are an experienced bar/bat mitzvah planner or you’re taking on the all-important responsibility for the first time, it can be tricky to decipher which task to tackle first. With the abundance of fantastic ideas on how to make the event just that little more special, it can be easy to fall into a ‘snowball effect’ of additional expenses. You find yourself spending a considerable chunk of cash on a celebration that lasts just a few hours.

While everyone wants to throw the ultimate ‘celebration of the century’ for their child, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend a fortune. There are a plethora of bat/bar mitzvah ideas on a budget which are guaranteed to wow your guests while saving money!

Top 7 Bat/Bar Mitzvah Ideas On A Budget

As the saying goes – ‘failing to plan is planning to fail.’ With this in mind, throwing a successful event while sticking to a budget will take meticulous planning. The more organised you can be, ensuring that you have a structured plan of action, the easier it will be to stay on track of each task.

With years of experience providing clients with bar/bat mitzvah photo booth hire in London, we have been lucky enough to attend our fair share of extravagant celebrations. We’ve picked up a whole host of handy ways to save money while throwing the event of the century, so have compiled them into seven creative ideas!

1. Create A Realistic Budget

First things first, party preparation cannot commence without a well-thought-out, realistic budget. Setting a budget is ideal for ensuring that you have a structure for your bar/bat mitzvah planning. It means that you will not find yourself running low on cash in the final weeks, causing last-minute stress.

When setting a budget, begin by creating a list of all possible expenses, placing each in order of priority. Those at the top, such as venue, catering and entertainment, will require the highest percentage of the budget. Any ideas that you quite like the idea of, but are not a necessity, will be placed at the bottom; these can be purchased if you have any leftover budget at the end. Always make sure that you have left a small chunk of contingency budget, which will be used in the event of an emergency. In doing this, you will always be prepared for any problem that may arise. A full guide on how to create a tailored event budget can be found on Endless Events.

Setting a budget

2. Team-Up For Celebrations

While this idea may not be for everyone, it is a sure way to save you a considerable amount of money on celebrations. Teaming up on a bar/ bat mitzvah with a sibling, family member or friend means that all expenses will be halved between parents. More often than not, you will all have a shared community, which means that children will be inviting the same group of guests.

A shared celebration may take a little additional planning, along with negotiation to ensure that everyone’s needs are met. Perhaps consider agreeing on a theme as instead of trying to fulfil multiple different visions, every aspect of the party will be based on a set theme. If you’re stuck for theme ideas, take a look at Party Slate.

3. Go For Off-Season Dates

Similarly to any other industry, event planning comes alongside peak months – always keep this in mind when picking a date for a bar/bat mitzvah.

Times of the years, such as the festive period and during the Summer holidays are notoriously busy as they are the most common months for families to have time off at the same time. While this may seem convenient to ensure that all guests can attend, it will mean that prices will be higher. Venues and vendors will have limited availability over peak periods meaning that the dates that are available will be super expensive. Unfortunately, companies can be sneaky and up their fees to meet the high demand. With this in mind, we suggest opting for off-season dates during the Spring or Autumn months. In doing this, not only will you have plenty of choice in terms of available slots, but you’ll also avoid spending more than you need to.

If you have no choice but to book your bar/bat mitzvah for a busier period, then we suggest aiming to make all booking as early as possible. The more advance you enquire, the more likely you will be to catch companies before they up their prices.

Circling date on calendar

4. Invite Close Loved Ones Only

Deciding on a guest list is one of the hardest tasks when planning any event. It can be easy to get carried away, inviting hundreds of guests to make sure that you do not disappoint. However, along with more guests, comes more money to pay out to cover extra catering, a bigger venue and more party favours. To save money and make the planning process as straightforward as possible, stick to just your closest loved ones. Whether this may be immediate family, close family friends and your child’s classmates, you will be limiting your guest list to only those who genuinely mean something to your son or daughter!

5. Send E-Invites

Opting to send e-invites instead of postal invitations is a super-easy way to save both time and cash. Not only will you save time writing out each individual invite, but also the hassle of visiting your local Post Office to send each to their designated address.

Many different websites such as Paperless Posts have a generous selection of digital invite templates which can be customised to suit your event. Templates range from simple designs to those that can be personalised with a photo of your son or daughter. Once complete, they can be emailed to all of your guests. And even better, going paperless will allow you to do your bit in saving the planet!

Happy woman on laptop

6. Create DIY Decorations

Creating your own DIY decorations is a great way to not only unleash your creativity but also add some personality to your bar/bat mitzvah. It will save money on hiring expensive decorations and give you the chance to spend some quality time with your child before their celebration. On the day, when everything has come together, you can sit back and admire all of your hard work. Below we have put together some of the most popular decorations that can be made through DIY methods.

    • Balloon Arch – As one of the most ‘on-trend’ decoration ideas, balloon arches create the perfect backdrop for your event. All you’ll need is several packs of balloons in colours that match your theme, along with a needle, glue gun, finishing line and hooks. Pro Flowers has a handy tutorial on how to create a balloon arch in 9 easy steps!
    • Flower Paper Lanterns – If you’re going for a girly, sophisticated bat mitzvah theme, then flower paper lanterns would be a fantastic DIY decor idea. You can purchase packs of plain white paper lanterns for a low price from Amazon, along with paper flowers from Baker Ross. Once you’ve collected your supplies, take a look at this guide on Make Life Lovely.
    • Pick ‘n’ Mix Stall – A pick ‘n’ mix stall is always guaranteed to go down a treat at any celebration (quite literally!) and even better; they couldn’t be easier to make! Before beginning your creation, spend time chatting to your son or daughter to get an idea on their all-time favourite sweets. Your chosen sweets can then be ordered in bulk from Hancocks, along with traditional striped bags from Party Pieces and jars from UK Sweets.
    • Glitter Banners – Notice that the walls of your venue are looking a little bare? Why not decorate them with personalised DIY glitter banners? Creating a glitter banner can be a bit tedious, but the results are most definitely worth the concentration. All of the supplies you will need can be picked up from your local craft shops such as Hobbycraft or The Range. You can then find a tutorial on how to create your banner on The Spruce Crafts.

7. Bake Your Own Cake

Another fun way to utilise your creative side, while saving money is to ditch the expensive cake maker and bake your own!

Although it may seem a lovely idea to splash out of a professionally-made, personalised celebration cake, they are considerably more expensive than you would expect. The average cake is likely to cost you over £100, which is money that could be saved through making your own.

The Waitrose website is filled with tonnes of different delicious cake recipes ranging for those specifically designed for a celebration, along with fruity, chocolate and cheesecake alternatives. Each includes easy-to-follow instructions with information on how to decorate. If you’re looking for more customised decorations, then you can find lots of inspiration on Pinterest. Or alternatively, you can stick to a simple cake but add a personalised cake topper.

Decorating cake

Throw The Perfect Bar/Bat Mitzvah!

We hope our guide has given you an insight into just some of the plethora of fantastic ways that you can throw the perfect bar/bat mitzvah, while saving money! Always ensure that you refer back to your budget regularly throughout the planning process as this will reassure whether you’re still on track. Taking notes is also a great way to remain organised, so it may be worth purchasing a planner, which can be kept with you at all times.

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