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After the big ceremony has finished and the tears from your wedding speeches have been wiped away, its time to bring in the entertainment. Weddings are a time where family and friends get together to celebrate the union of someone they love. So, make sure that they can get together and create memories with these fun and creative after-dinner wedding entertainment ideas.

The Perfect After Dinner Wedding Entertainment Ideas

It can be hard to come up with some ideas on how to entertain guests of all ages, so planning your after-dinner entertainment to cater to everyone, can make for a fun and memorable night. Make sure that you can enjoy your special day as much as everyone else by hiring companies to serve and entertain your guests. From bouncy castles to cocktail lessons, no matter whether you have a big or small budget, there is something for everyone. We have come up with six fun and creative ways to entertain all your guests on your big day.

1. Fire Performers and Fireworks

End your perfect day with a bang and light up the sky with some fireworks to give your wedding a unique finish. Bring family and friends together with a romantic firework show or fire performance; carried out by a professional and not a tipsy guest. Fireworks and fire performances are perfect for those of all ages and can make for a fun and memorable night. Whether your wedding has a warm sunset or a cold white setting, fireworks are a great way to keep warm and get everyone outside. Incorporate a bonfire in the centre to create a focal point and an area for your guests to warm-up and socialise.

Fireworks can make for an unforgettable and magical night, make sure you pair it with the perfect snack and appliances. Use warm blankets to keep your guests cosy and comfortable as the sun goes down. Add a little sparkle by giving all your guests a sparkler to have fun with before the big firework show. Let them tuck into traditional bonfire food such as s’mores and spiced cakes, and hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows.

When planning a firework show, make sure that you are aware of the laws and regulations to ensure that you have a safe and fun evening. If you are unsure on what these regulations are, you can find firework regulations on the government website.

Fire Performers

2.Bouncy Castle

Whether it’s big or small, it can be so much fun, and we’re not talking about the bouncy castle. The great thing about having a bouncy castle at your wedding is that it can be enjoyed by the kids as well as the adults. It can be a laugh for adults to mess about on and show the kids how it’s done. A bouncy castle is also a great way of making the kids and adults socialising at your wedding and have a good laugh in the process. Not only is it a great way to entertain your guests, but it also makes for some amazing photos. Bounce on the castle in your beautiful big white dress and snap some photos of you and your guests enjoying yourself.

A bouncy castle does not have to be a tacky inflatable placed in the corner so no one can see it. Match your castle with your decor or have a white bouncy castle situated in the centre of your reception to make for a stylish form of entertainment. To make your castle look extra sophisticated and delicate, add some flowers and fairy lights around the columns and arches on the castle.

White Bouncy Castle

Photo Credit – Manor By The Lake


Capture the moment with a fun photo booth that is decorated to look perfect with your wedding and aesthetic. The perfect wedding photobooth hire can make your day fun and exciting by allowing yourself and guests to mess about making funny faces for the camera. Photo booth hire in London for weddings has become increasingly popular due to it adding a fun touch. Being silly with props and pulling faces can make for some hilarious photos that you can enjoy looking back on. Inflatable photo booths allow you to include a classy and fun form of entertainment that can be easily set up and put away in an instant. Make sure that you have a photo book outside your photo booth where guests can put their funny pictures and write a wedding message for you to keep.

If you are planning on having a photo booth as part of your wedding, then Inflatable Photo Booth has a range of fun wedding packages for photo booth hire in Basingstoke and surrounding areas.

Photobooth Wedding Entertainment

4. Cocktails and Prosecco

To celebrate your big day, enjoy a delicious cocktail or pop open a bottle of prosecco. Make it a form of entertainment by hiring out a prosecco or cocktail van- or even a Pimms van in the summer – where guests can socialise and possibly make their own creations. Hire a company to serve your guests while you enjoy your evening by renting a mobile bar company which decorates its vehicle to look classy and rustic.

Have a cocktail van or bar to entertain your guests with a show of flavours and let them have a go at making their own creations. If you want to keep things clean and avoid someone making a mess behind the bar, create a signature cocktail for all of your guests to enjoy. You could even go the extra mile and have cocktail glasses personalised with your name for guests to take home as memorabilia.

Cocktail Bar

5. Kids Entertainment

To make sure that every guest is catered for and adults can enjoy themselves, have a children entertainment area. Let the kids have just as much fun at your wedding as the adults, simple things such as a crafts station can keep kids entertained for hours. Some ideas may include the following:

  • Toy box – Have a box of toys and board games for all ages so that the children can play together.
  • Games room – For older children, set up a games room with films and games consoles to keep them happy while the adults socialise in a seperate room.
  • Craft room – make sure that there are lots of fun activities for children to use their imagination and get creative.
  • Face painting – hire a face painting company to entertain the children and transform them into anything they dream of. Let the kids show off their artistic and colourful faces in the photobooth!
  • Entertainers – professional entertainers are a great way to keep the children entertained with performances throughout the evening.

Entertainment for children is an important part of making sure that all your guest can enjoy themselves. To keep kids happy, include the perfect snacks and treats that suit all dietary requirements. Make the children feel special with their own sweet stall and goodie bag.

Childs Face Painted

6. Music

It’s not quite a wedding until someone embarrasses you on the dance floor with their somewhat unique dance moves. Make sure you can have a little boogie with your guests and hire someone to perform for you. No matter what your music taste is, there is always a band, solo musicians or DJ that can accommodate you.

One of the most popular and classic forms of wedding entertainment is to use a DJ, their use of the 80s, 90s and 2000s playlist including the ‘Cha Cha Slide’ and ‘Come on Eileen’ will get everyone up on the dance floor. Guests can often request songs, and you can give your DJ a playlist with all of your favourite tunes. Before committing to a DJ, make sure that you do your research so that you get a friendly and engaging performer that will make sure your wedding has a vibrant and fun atmosphere. The DJ themselves and their personality are just as important as the playlist.

Live bands and solo musicians can give a completely different vibe to your wedding. A live performance can be tailored to suit your own music taste, meaning that you can hire a musician that focuses on jazz, R’n’B, opera or a bit of rock and roll. They can add class and entertain your guests with an energetic, concert-style performance. The only negative about using a live performer is that they often have their own playlist that they stick to, making it harder to request songs. Again, make sure that you do your research before hiring a wedding performer; no one wants to listen to an off-key singer while trying to enjoy their sparkly cocktail.

Wedding Musician

The Perfect Entertainment For Your Special Day

Everyone wants to make sure that their wedding day is perfect, not only so that you can go home happy, but also so that your guests can remember your special day. Small details such as food, drinks and photographers can have a big impact when done right. Entertainment is a fun way to draw your guest together and socialise, creating big smiles and stacks of memories.

The key to a perfect day with little to no hassle is to hire someone to do everything for you, so you can relax and enjoy yourself. There are currently a vast amount of companies that have come up with new and creative ways to make your wedding that little bit more special. Hire catering companies, bartenders, performers, careers for the kids and the best thing of them all, a photo booth!

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