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After months of planning the perfect outfit, booking prom prep appointments and discussing the all-important evening with your friends, it would be a shame not to capture the event with a collection of memorable snaps. Luckily, there are now a whole host of super cool prom photo ideas, from inflatable photobooths to flower walls, meaning you can steer clear from the traditional, ‘school photo’ like prom pictures.

Strike A Pose With These Prom Photo Ideas!

Prom night is always the most eagerly-awaited event on the school calendar, but just like any other celebration, it goes by in what feels as if a blink of the eye. To keep the excitement alive and give you plenty of keepsakes to look back on in years to come, it’s essential to take as many photos as possible. To give you some inspiration, we’ve devised a guide to our favourite prom photo ideas, along with some expert tips on how to guarantee the perfect snap!


So, we may be a little biased, but party photo booth hire is absolutely guaranteed to go down a storm at any prom! Whether you position your booth at the entrance for snaps on arrival or allow it to take centre stage for entertainment throughout the evening, we promise that students will be queuing for their turn. Having specialised in providing photo booths in London for many years, we’ve been lucky enough to attend some of the most luxurious proms. We’ve picked up a whole host of handy tips on how to make the most out of your booth hire, so we’re going to let you in on our favourites.

One of the best features of your booth is that every aspect can be perfectly customised to complement the theme of your prom. Whether you want to add a super cool background using a green screen or add quirky filters, you’re free to add a touch of personality to every component. Most clients who opt for prom booth hire, personalise their instant printouts with the name of the school, college or university, along with the date. It means that all students have an extra special keepsake to take home with them as a memory of the evening.

Along with customisation, there are also an array of themed photo booths available from a Winter Wonderland grotto to a stylish Fire & Ice booth. Each comes alongside a collection of matching props, which students can use to take fun group snaps.

Friends in photobooth

Disposable Cameras

Students nowadays adore all-things technology, whether it may be scrolling through their Twitter feed or taking selfies on their Snapchat. While there is nothing wrong with smartphone snaps, for something a little more traditional, why not place disposable cameras around the prom venue? Disposable cameras are super cheap to order in bulk online, which means that a few can be popped on each table to take photos throughout the evening. You can even find patterned disposable cameras on sites such as Confetti Shop. While they are targeted at weddings, their heart patterned, or vintage-style cameras would be ideal for proms.

The most exciting part about incorporating disposable cameras is that no one will be able to see a preview of their snaps until a few weeks after the prom. Once all are developed, you could even save photos until results day and create a memory board for students to admire before they begin their next chapter. Students are then free to take away any images of themselves and their friends that they would like to keep.

Disposable camera


While Polaroids date back as early as the ’60s, they couldn’t be more on-trend. And we must admit, there is something truly special about the vintage-style Polaroid printouts we’ve all grown to know and love. If you have a little extra budget left over after prom planning, then investing in a few Polaroid cameras and plenty of films is a fantastic way to add an extra finishing touch to your celebration.

To make sure that everyone can enjoy taking Polaroid snaps, we suggest creating a photo table either at the entrance of your venue or nearby to the dancefloor. A poseur-style table can be used as a foundation, thanks to its taller and sophisticated design, which can then be decorated to match your theme. Place the Polaroid cameras, accompanied by extra films, on the table and invite students to come and take photos. You could even enlist the most creative member of the prom planning committee to create a welcome sign!

Flower Wall

As one of the most popular venue decoration idea of the year, a flower wall is perfect for creating an elegant backdrop for photos. The delicate petals and neutral colours are ideal for complementing the sophistication of prom dresses and suits. When it comes to flower walls, it is entirely your choice as to whether you choose to hire from a venue decor company or create your own through DIY methods. If you opt for the DIY route, then you will be able to find a full guide, along with a handy tutorial, on how to make a flower wall in seven easy steps on ProFlowers.

Flower wall booth

Red Carpet

Nothing says luxury like a red carpet – if it works as the perfect photo opportunity for Hollywood celebs, then it will most definitely go down a storm with students! Roll out the red carpet at the entrance of your prom venue so that students can take pictures on arrival with their date and friendship group. It also means that parents and family members eagerly awaiting the grand entrance of their loved one and can take some photos against an attractive background. Unless you plan to use a red carpet for several upcoming events, then we suggest taking a look at Sunshine Events for red carpet and stanchion hire.

If you’re going to use the entrance to your venue as the main photo opportunity for students, then it is imperative that you choose a venue with an aesthetically pleasing exterior. There would be nothing worse than hiring a red carpet for a Hollywood-themed entrance, for photos to be dampened by a dull and unattractive venue appearance. If you’re stuck for inspiration on where to hold your all-important, then we suggest taking a browse through Tag Venue. The site allows you to search by event type, the number of guests and location to find hundreds of venue possibilities – you’ll never be short for ideas!

Tips For The Perfect Snap!

Now that you are overflowing with ideas on the best prom photo ideas, then it’s only fair that we give you some top tips on how to make sure that you capture the perfect snap!

Lighting Is Key

Lighting can make or break a photo, which means its essential to understand how to track down the perfect lighting, even if you’re faced with dull, dark weather. And even better, you do not necessarily have to splash out on professional lighting equipment. Taking high-quality photos is all about practice!

When it comes to location, taking your photoshoot outdoors so you can be surrounded by natural lighting will always work towards your advantage. However, it can be somewhat tricky to find the perfect balance between bright sunlight and shade. You want to have enough light so that your snaps are clear, yet not so much that all those in front of the camera are squinting! To solve the issue, we recommend opting for an area with soft light, away from direct sunlight and use your camera flash. Soft light can be characterised by locations which have almost no shadows, and when photos are taken, they feature softer edges.

Friends taking selfie at prom

Take Your Time

There is nothing worse than rushing photos; it’ll only cause you to become flustered, and you’re unlikely to capture the snap that you’ve been hoping for. Instead, give yourself plenty of time to take photos, especially before you set off to your venue.

As any teenager who has had their prom will know, the whole family crowd around to get a picture of you all dressed up, so be sure to leave yourself at least half an hour. Get ready a little earlier so you can enjoy the lead-up to your prom and avoid waiting until your transport has arrived to begin your mini photoshoot!

Group Photos Are A Must

Your prom is the ultimate celebration of your school years, giving you just one last time to get together before setting off to begin your next chapter. With this in mind, as much as it’s important to take photos in the outfit that you have been planning for months, its even more important to take snaps with your closest friends and loved ones. Don’t forget to take as many group photos as possible, giving you a whole host of pictures to keep the memory of your teenage years alive.

Candid of friends at prom

Be Comfortable

Let’s be honest, you’re never going to like any photos that are filled with forced, fake smiles. A genuine, happiness filled shot filled with laughter will always beat a posed photo where everyone looks super uncomfortable. When taking pictures, try not to take everything too seriously, have fun with your prom photos and take some relaxed photos in between your more serious snaps.

Candids often turn out to be the best photos as they are perfect for capturing every emotion and expression for the day. Encourage parents or family members who are coming along to see you before your prom to take off-guard photos of you and your friends. You never know, these might become some of your most cherished photos in the years to come!

Prom Photos You’ll Adore!

We hope that we have given you all of the inspiration that you need to not only create the perfect photo opportunities but also ensure that you take snaps you’ll adore for years to come. If you love all of the ideas mentioned above, there’s absolutely no reason why you cannot incorporate all of them to plan a prom guaranteed to go down in history. Don’t take the evening too seriously, take tonnes of photos and most importantly, have fun!

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