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Regardless of your industry or the scale of your organisation, it is always important to give employees the chance to let their hair down and socialise with one another. Arranging an annual or quarterly activity day is the best way to boost morale and reward teams for their ongoing hard work. To add an extra special touch, many businesses now opt for inviting the families of team members to enjoy a day filled with fun. If you’re intrigued by the idea of planning a family fun day, then we have put together a host of great corporate activity day ideas – we can guarantee that there will be someone for everyone!

7 Corporate Activity Day Ideas

Arranging a corporate activity day where teams can bring along their loved ones is most definitely a worthwhile investment, for more ways than one. Team activities are the perfect opportunity to increase bonding and break down barriers between large or small groups of employees. People feel more relaxed when they are outside of the working environment and even more so when their family are involved for support. In the long run, your business can benefit from improved communication, boosted morale and increased productivity. So, how can you bring everyone together for a day filled with activities? Take a look at our top seven days for inspiration.

Summer Fete

Throwing a corporate Summer fete will always be a keen favourite. As one of the most traditional activity day ideas, fetes are not only filled with fun for all ages but can also be incredibly cost-effective. If you are lucky enough to have a business premise equipped with a large field or garden area, then even better! You can transform your space into an activity-filled zone for all member of the family to relax, socialise and enjoy the rare British sunshine. For those with limited space, on the other hand, we can almost guarantee that your local hall or community centre would be more than happy to give you a helping hand for a small rental fee.

When planning a Summer fete, you most definitely will not be short for inspiration on how to keep your guests entertained. A fantastic idea would be to get into contact with small local businesses such as face painters, vintage clothing stores or food carts, who can set up a stall for the day. Not only will this make sure that your fete is brimming with life, but it also means that you’ll be supporting small business owners to raise brand awareness and make a few extra pounds. If any team members or their family members have their own company, why not invite them along too?

Of course, you cannot throw a Summer fete without entertainment for the younger guests to make some memories. Bouncy castles are always a must, along with inflatable slides and gladiator jousts. You can find an excellent range of traditional fun day entertainment equipment for hire on Sunshine Events.

For an added touch to give guests memorable keepsakes to take home with them, corporate photo booth hire would be perfect. Having years of experience providing corporate photo booth hire in Kensington, we have an array of packages available to bring your vision to life. All backgrounds, green screens and printouts can be customised with your branding and business logo. For a family fun day, our green screen octagon booth would be ideal as there are tonnes of cool backgrounds to suit the personality of every guest. For an extra touch and to add to the Summer fete theme, why not accompany your booth with our secret garden flower wall?

Family at Summer fete

A Trip To A Theme Park

Living in the UK means that we are lucky enough to have some of the best theme parks, just a short drive away, some of the most popular being Thorpe Park and Alton Towers. As a family activity day, it is vital to choose a theme park that many different areas to ensure that there is something to suit every age group. Drayton Manor is ideal for those who hope to book a theme park that is filled with larger rides for the adults and smaller activities for the little ones. The park is not only filled with adrenaline-filled rides for the thrill-seekers, but also a zoo and Thomas The Tank Engine themed section for the younger guests.

The only downside that will have to be considered when discussing a trip to a theme park is that it can be a somewhat costly day out. With this in mind, it would be better suited as an annual outing as opposed to quarterly. It is recommended to book your tickets as early as possible to ensure that you get the best deal as almost all theme parks will provide discounted entry for large, corporate groups. Transport is another factor that will have to be meticulously planned, particularly if you will be required to travel a long distance to reach the destination.

Mother and daughter on dodgems

Watersports Experience

If you plan to schedule your corporate activity day for the warmer months, then booking a watersports experience would be ideal for giving teams and their family the opportunity to try something new. Many different watersport activities, such as windsurfing and kayaking, can be done from as young as four years old, so there will be minimal age limitations. Always opt for a venue which is mainly aimed at beginners and those looking to try out new activities for fun, rather than a professional company aimed at experienced watersport fanatics.

If you are not a fan of extreme watersports, why not instead take a look at a raft building activity, which allows you to work as a team and test out your creation afterwards. The activity can either be arranged independently or through enlisting the help of a professional event planning team. The Team Building Company are experts in planning tailored corporate activities. They will provide you with all of the materials required to build rafts, along with additional safety equipment. If you are yet to find a venue, they will also work with you to find somewhere local and convenient for your team.

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Day At The Zoo

You can never go wrong with a family trip to the zoo, it is the perfect day out for all age groups, from toddlers to elderly members. And even better, aside from the new odd days, the majority of zoos are open all year round, meaning that your booking can coincide with whatever date is most convenient for your team. Ideally, your chosen date will be a dry day with sunshine; however, there is nothing wrong with wrapping up with a few extra layers to wander around to spot your favourite animals.

If you wanted to go the extra mile, many well-known zoos such as ZSL Whipsnade Zoo specialise in experience days for the younger participants. They can have the chance to be a zookeeper for the day or get involved with the junior zoo academy. This is ideal if you have a smaller team with just a few children as it does require a slightly higher budget, but it will most definitely be worth it!

Young Boy Feeding Giraffes

An Evening At The Circus

Booking tickets to the circus is a low-cost yet fun-filled way to spend time with your team and their families. Again, there are no age restrictions meaning that everyone can come along for an evening of weird and wonderful creations. A huge benefit to spending an evening at the circus is just that; it’s in the evening, meaning that it is unlikely that any of your guests will have to book time off work or disrupt their schedule to attend. It is also outside of school or college hours, so you do not have to wait until the weekend for your corporate activity, allowing you to avoid busier periods. If you are intrigued by the idea of visiting the circus, then we must highlight that this option is best suited to teams who are familiar with one another and have spent time together outside of work in the past. Everyone will be so enticed by the crazy stunts that there will be little time to chat. Booking the circus will be less about team building but more for enjoyment purposes and rewarding employees for their hard work. However, if you did want the chance to socialise during your outing, then we suggest booking a table at a restaurant to enjoy a meal after the circus. All of the excitement and anticipation would have most definitely built up an appetite!

Tightrope walkers at the circus

Cookery School

Whether your team see themselves as star baker on The Great British Bake Off or would love to try their hand at Masterchef-style creations, a day or evening at cookery school is guaranteed to go down a storm! There are a vast range of different cooking team building activities available, ranging from those for novices to experts. Chocolate making, cupcake decorating and sushi-making are just some of the many options to choose from. To ensure that you select a cookery class that everyone will enjoy, we suggest sending an email to all team members asking them to choose between ideas. Be sure to keep in mind any vegetarian or vegan team members, along with those with specific dietary requirements to ensure that there are no options that do not fit with their needs.

To add a touch of competitiveness, why not split your employees and their families into teams to put their new knowledge to the test. Carefully select a handful of judges who will sample each creation to determine the winner. You could even order a personalised cooking trophy for the winners from

Couple in cookery class

Treasure Hunt

Encourage your employees to get out of the office and venture into the outdoors with a corporate treasure hunt. Whether you opt for designing and planning your own scavenger hunt or enlist the help of professional planners, we promise that everyone will adore the idea. Thanks to the evergrowing popularity of treasure hunts, there are now thousands of different ideas on how you can add a personal touch or integrate a theme. You could even ask all team members to dress up in their best fancy dress to fit with your theme and take lots of fun photos!

If you’re hoping to leave treasure hunt planning to the experts, then we recommend taking a look at ClueGo. ClueGo specialises in designing bespoke treasure hunts for large groups and will custom-write your clues based on your location. They even give you the chance to add a modern twist to your day out by adding quirky transport options such as Canoes and Segways!

A Fun-Filled Day To Remember!

Planning a day filled with fun for all of the family is always guaranteed to go down a storm. While planning a corporate activity day can be a little tedious, with lots of planning and preparation, you sit back and admire all of your hard work. Particularly if you work within a large-scale organisation, we would recommend rounding up all of your most organised team members who can lend a helping hand. They can take time during the early stages to chat with departments to get an idea on the type of activities that they would like to take part in. The more inspiration you can get from those who will be attending, the more likely you are to arrange a day everyone will genuinely enjoy!

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