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Party & Event Hire Essentials

Let's get this party started...

It's not all about the inflatables! Whether its a birthday. graduation or just a get together, our party essentials will make you the envy of your guests.

Throw some shapes on an LED dancefloor or bring the glamour with a glitter wall, our wide range of decorations means there's something for everyone. See our beautiful full range below.

Best of all, the friendly inflatable photobooth staff will deliver, set up and pack down your items. So you can get busy with the important stuff. Speak to our helpful team who can find the right decorations to suit your requirements.


Pricing dependent on location and duration of event, please contact us for a quote. 

Party & Event

  • Delivery to your location 

  • Complimentary set up and pack down 

  • Pairs with any photo booth package

LED Dancefloor 

Available for indoor use only

Light up the room with a stylish LED dancefloor, great for bringing everyone together at weddings, parties and celebrations! This stylish Dancefloor is made from tough acrylic panels, which then lock into the next one for a completely custom size.

Our LED Video Dancefloor can be programmed to reproduce various pictures, and patterns .  Ideal if you want to display a particular message or brand identity. There is also a dancing feature, whereby the panels sense people moving on the dance floor and react by altering the pattern around them and even program a 'ticker tape' text message message to scroll along one side of the floor.

Looking for a classy and visually stunning effect for your Wedding, Anniversary, corporate event or birthday party? Our LED Video Dancefloor is the perfect feature!

Pairs well with:  Big Letters

Glitter Wall

Available for indoor use only

Add some sophistication to your party with our glitter walls! These provide a perfect backdrop for feature walls or group photos. Available in Gold, Rose Gold and Black walls.

The walls can be used for theming with a photobooth package and can really bring the glitz and glamour to your party!

Pairs well with: Inflatable Wall photobooth

Grass Wall

Available for indoor/outdoor use

Bring the outside in with our grass wall, perfect for bringing the summer vibes to your party. This wall pairs perfectly with a neon sign for great group photos!

A great addition to a sporty party or for creating that afternoon tea aesthetic, the grass wall adds great volume to photobooth pictures.

Pairs well with: Inflatable Wall photobooth

lets party sign dark.jpg

Book our party hire packages for your event today!

Neon Signs

Available for indoor/outdoor use 

From parties and  birthdays to weddings and anniversaries, mark the occasion with our range of neon signs! With programmable colours and patterns,  our range has a high quality sign for everyone.


Not only do these look fantastic by themselves, but they also make decorative walls and photos come alive. A simple yet effective party staple that is bound to impress. 


Pairs well with: Glitter Wall, Grass Wall, Event Backdrop, Secret Garden Photobooth , Inflatable Wall Photobooth

Big Letters

Available for indoor/outdoor use, Standard and Light-up versions available

Big letters always provide an opportunity for a good photo and our range lets you celebrate in style. Available in both standard and light up versions you can wow guests both indoors and outdoors and create lasting memories. 

Pairs well with: LED Dancefloor, Event Backdrop

Event Backdrops

Available for indoor use only

Make your space pop with a gorgeous event backdrop. Choose from acrylic, metal or mesh and build a stunning decorative space for your event.  

Please note this is only the backdrop and  does not include the extra decorations, such as balloons, that appear in the images. 

Pairs well with: Neon Sign, Big Letters, Cylinder Plinth

Cylinder Plinth

Available for indoor/outdoor use 

A subtle yet effective use of space, a cylinder plinth can transform a decorative area into an eye-catching photo opportunity. 


Add an extra layer of glamour to your event with mirror gold styling and optional LED functionality.  


Pairs well with: Glitter Wall, Grass Wall, Event Backdrop

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