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360 Degree Photo Booth Hire

Celebrate in style with our brand new 360 booths and capture every angle!

360 Video Booth - An Amazing Photo Booth Hire Experience

Why Select a 360 Video Booth?

The latest game changer in photo booth experiences is here! Strike a pose with full 360 degree coverage for a truly unique surprise for your guests. 

How a 360 Video Booth Works?

How it works: A high definition camera orbits around event goers and films a 360 degree slow motion video. The footage is then streamed to an email and social media sharing station where users can instantly access their videos. A ‘director’ helps to stage users to ensure the best video is captured while an on-site host assists users in sharing the completed product. 

What's Included in the 360 Video Booth Hire Experience?

We love giving you extra! And with the 360 Video Booth Hire, we certainly don't disappoint. The 360 Video Booth comes with :

- LED Wall to create a fantastic background

- Plus a Glitter Wall or LED Flames in front of the LED Wall

- Plus an LED Neon Sign

- VIP Entry with Silver Bollards and red carpet 

- Personalised overlay on the video

- QR Code to directly share from the share station or the camera itself to social media, Whatsapp or download the video to your device

- Share station for guests to view, download and share their video

- Unlimited turns on the 360 Booth, because, let's be honest, once is never enough - it is just so much fun.

- Huge selection of props for extra fun!

- Booth butler who will setup, run and set down the booth and will even suggest a few poses.

Match a 360 Photobooth
Package With a:

  • Glitter / Grass Walls

  • Flower / Beach Walls

  • Spiral Photobooth


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