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Party Essentials For Berkshire

You don’t need to be a royal to throw great party in Berkshire! Our selection of party essentials are guaranteed to excite even the most dour party goers in the land. So feast your eyes yonder upon our marvellous wares and becometh the talk of thy town.


Our absolute bread and butter are the inflatable photobooth. Coming in range of sizes these high quality, DSLR camera booths can suit any situation. From company award nights to June’s 60th birthday, we’ve got it covered! Choose from a wide range of extras including the VIP treatment with a red carpet and silver bollards to multi coloured flames and if it’s a Christmas celebration, we’ve got special booths for that.

Alongside our physical décor, we also have customisable digital options, from a custom print out design to animated GIFs and all your photos uploaded to Facebook, for better or worse on that last one!

360 Photobooth

Is a standard photo a bit too antique for you? How about a slow motion 360 video? Feel like a model and pose on our latest piece of tech for some incredible memories. Our video are sent directly to you so you can immediately brag on social media and be the envy of all the Berkshire parties that don’t have 360 videos. See our guide to 360 booths here.

LED Dancefloor

The new kid on the block for inflatable photobooth, throw your best shapes on a light up dancefloor for a night you won’t forget (again, for better or worse). A programmable dancefloor that can create a multitude of colours and patterns to bring everyone together.

Bring your best moves and get your Berkshire party started with a great interactive fun the dancefloor provides. For more information see our guide to the LED Dancefloor.

Essential Decoration

Let’s face it, nobody wants to party in an empty hall, it just doesn’t feel right. So, spruce the place up with our collection of party decorations. From neon signs to big letters and backgrounds, we’ve got everything to get you in the party spirit. See our full range here.

Oh and did we mention they pair perfectly with our photobooths? Yes, all of our packages combine with another to provide the ultimate party experience.

Ready to shower the Berkshire countryside with fun and frolic? Give our friendly staff a call to nail your perfect Christmas celebration.

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