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A guide to… Inflatable Walls

What do Trump, Berlin and a BBC game show from the late noughties have in common? It’s not your average pub quiz question, but if you guessed walls then 10 points to you clever one. Another link in our bizarre chain is inflatable photobooth, of course, and our selection of inflatable wall options for your party needs.

What is a wall?

Without being facetious, it’s a photobooth with only one side that acts like a wall. It is not enclosed like our other photobooth packages but does curve slightly around the edges for a sense of space.

Why should I choose a wall?

The wall is an excellent option for venues with limited space or alternative circumstances. For example, we have run wall photobooths outside under a gazebo for outdoor celebrations. We can also rework our Santa Grotto package to use a wall for smaller spaces. The blank canvas nature of the wall allows us to accommodate your needs and provide the best solution for you.

On the subject of a blank canvas, the wall is perhaps our most customisable photobooth package available. Featuring a wide range of accessories to really make your own mark on your event.

Firstly, we have wall backdrops, draped on the façade for maximum effect. Our backdrops include a beach and flower wall, the latter commonly used in our secret garden package but available with any wall option. Our glitter walls available in black, gold and rose gold for a glamorous touch and our grass wall for a chic garden party feel.

In addition to a backdrop, we have a golden ring and neon sign accessories. A delicate golden ring helps frame your photo, for anyone of your party interested in photography, and a neon sign can be draped down for an extra element of fun. Choose from Happy Birthday, Mr & Mrs, Hello Gorgeous and Let’s Party.

And lastly, we have the green screen option which allows your guests to choose from a range of example or custom backgrounds to place themselves in. Have your team pose by your logo or dance the night away on the streets of Rio de Janeiro its up to them, and how well they can salsa.

All in all, the wall is not a package to overlook. It has many customisable options and its wide open façade allows larger groups to enjoy one big photo together. SO if your struggling for a package, why not BRING ON THE WALL!

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