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The Best Time to Run Your Photobooth

So you’ve got your venue, the RSVPs are back and the photobooth package is nailed down. But the most important question remains, when will the photobooth run from? If you’re struggling to place it perfectly in your flawless event, then read on!

Timing is a conundrum specific to each and every event we attend as they are all unique in terms of features and styles, however, there are certain similarities that we can gather some tips from.

The Sweet Spot

Our most common photobooth runtimes are 2 or 3 hours, when these hours happen is dependent on your event. For evening bookings at events, such as weddings and corporate parties, the best time is after any food is eaten. Wedding guests in particular are partial to tucker and will make a beeline for the cocktail sausages rather than photobooth. Consider having the photobooth start a little after a meal.

On the flipside, if your event is an afternoon or outdoor affair, it might be good to have the photobooth running through a meal. This will relive queues at the food stations and allow a steady stream at both the photobooth and food vendors.

One common worry from organisers is the early enthusiasm for a photobooth can be slow. This happens at a lot of our events and its just natural human behaviour. Once the adults have enough drinks and the kids have enough sweets, the queue starts forming.

The Importance of Being Idle

Alongside active hours, we also provide idle hours. This means the photobooth will be set up and gleaming beautifully in its location but not actually be in use. This provides your event with the perfect aesthetic and sparks guest curiosity early on. It’s also incredibly handy if you’re capturing media at the event as the photobooth can shine in all its glory for a video or Instagram post. Naturally, Idle hours do not cost as much as working hours and can be discussed with our sales team.

When the Clock Strikes Midnight

A moment of pure euphoria, the DJ has just mixed The Cha Cha Slide into Sweet Caroline and the party is going wild on the dancefloor. Then the best idea comes into the heads of your guests:

To the photobooth!

Then 20 people try their best to cram into the booth, gin and lemonade gets thrown everywhere and half the people aren’t even in the shot.


As a rule, we do not run a photobooth past 12 for this reason. Alcohol and electrics are never a good mix and its hard to reason with the father of the bride 10 ciders down. Consider this rule if you want your photobooth to run in the later hours.

So now you know when its best to have your photobooth, why don’t you peruse our range of photobooth packages.

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