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Entertainment Ideas For Your Next Christmas Party

For many it’s way too early, but Mariah Carey has already reared her sparkly head onto Radio 1; and it is therefore time to turn our attention to all things Santa, snow and celebration. For many it’s a time of excitement, but for event managers it’s a time of dread as they answer the ever-difficult question:

How do we top last year's Christmas party?

It doesn’t need to be said again, but the last two years have been tough, and the most recent Christmas party may have had a subdued feeling. This is perfect time to dig down and really nail that celebrations to raise morale and honour your company’s achievements in difficult times. Make sure it’s a party to remember with these ideas.

1) Interactivity

Getting involved in activity is always a good way to create conversation and invite guests to join in with one another. Use it early on as an icebreaker or later in the night for unforgettable moments when the party’s in full swing.

Good examples of Interactivity are photobooths. Enabling a wide range of customisation you can put your brand’s stamp on the night with themed decorations and print out in your colours. Also, the number of images and print out for each guest. An effective way for getting your team to bond in a fun and unique way. Never underestimate the appeal of a photobooth, it’s a hit with even the most stoic of members cannot resist the purple wig and feather wreath.

A photobooth can also come in various sizes and styles to fit your event. From Walls that can occupy a small area to more extravagant set ups such as camera booths that look like giant SLRs and winter wonderland packages. Also, keep up with the latest trends with the 360 booth which makes short video of GIFs perfect for sharing!

2) Energy

High energy come naturally to any good party, but in corporate setting the energy needs to be focused somewhere to avoid tarnishing the brand with certain antics. One such channel is a dancefloor. A large expansive area for your colleagues to throw shapes and blow steam from the busy year.

Not only is this a great area for bringing your colleagues together, but also provides a range of customisable options too. Our LED dancefloor can be programmed to display certain colours and replay messages in a tickertape scroll effect across the side.

Dancefloors are an accessible and fantastic way to generate buzz at your party which can be paired with various additional features for the ultimate setup. Hire a live band for an authentic night of music or a DJ to party way into the small hours or why not both? We also have various event decorations perfect for setting the scene on your dancefloor and colours to fit your theme.

Overall, the twenties and dealt us a rough hand and it’s time to celebrate Christmas with style. Mastering these two factors will make sure it’s a party that will live long in the memory.

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