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Amazing LED Dance Floor

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

It has been anticipated for a while now but inflatable photobooth’s dancefloor finally got it’s first time to shine last Saturday at Amazon’s EUK5 post peak party. This was an ideal event for the floor as it was a large event with a lot to celebrate. Alongside the dancefloor was the gold camera photobooth, our largest indoor photobooth and a great addition for big group shots.

The dancefloor is packed into several flight cases containing the detachable squares that make up the floor together with boxes for the connectors and power supply. While it appears large, it’s a breeze for our pragmatic staff and its loaded into our van in no time!

Once at the venue, the location is scouted to identify power outlets and the best way to set up the floor. There are 60 squares in total and therefore multiple combinations but the best dancefloor size is a 6 wide by 10 long dimension. This means it’s slightly shorter and doesn’t interfere with a room that has tables, while still being long enough widthways to hold plenty of people.

Once the shape was agreed on, the building took place. The squares are connected together magnetically and once lined up, the kerbs are added. These are plastic ramps that connect to the perimeter of the dancefloor to protect the squares and make access easier.

Next up, is connecting the power to the floor. Each line requires power and data. Data is sent to a DMX controller. The DMX controls the settings for the floor and provides a range of options for your event. This is the fun bit where you get to decide which of 60 different modes, a personal favourite is number 34, you want for your event. These can be changed throughout the night and include various setting such as plain lights, designs and even interactive setting that moves to the music!

Once set up, the dancefloor is ready for the whole night. It was well received with many guests enjoying its bright colours and many transitions and especially enjoyed by the extra entertainment on that night.

After the first set up in an event context, we are very happy with the dancefloor and how it was received. It makes an excellent addition to large parties and events and creates a buzz that you and your guests will love. Book your dancefloor here.

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