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Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Inflatable Photobooth and Hamsterzorb have run a successful business since 2012, and is looking for passionate and enthusiastic business people to join a fun, creative and innovative franchise. We want to share the benefits of franchising with you to give you the opportunity to work for yourself and not by yourself!


Inflatable Photobooth has worked hard over the years to provide clients with outstanding services such as wedding photo booth hire in Kensington and the surrounding areas. Our brand has grown significantly over the years, and we want to share some of this success with you. However, we know that the idea of franchising can be a little confusing, and you often don’t quite know what you’re getting yourself into.

To give you a helping hand, we have come with a detailed list of everything that you need to know about franchising. And don’t worry, we have simplified our explanations so that you know the ins and outs of what benefits you gain when joining our sought-after franchise. Just so you roughly know what you’re getting yourself into, here are pieces to the franchise puzzle that you should know about:

  • What Is A Franchise?

  • The Benefits Of Franchising

  • Hamsterzorb & Inflatable Photobooth Franchise

What Is A Franchise?

Put simply, a franchise is when a business legally uses another businesses expertise, ideas and processes. This means that the business has the right to use a franchises branding and established name. For example, McDonald’s is a worldwide franchise that allows people to set up their own McDonald’s restaurant using the business systems that other McDonald’s around the globe use.

The concept of franchising is particularly beneficial to those wanting to build their business but do not particularly have the knowledge to do so; this could be through the use of selling or distributing a product or service. For a smaller business that needs help with their business model, they can reduce the hassle and risks that they face when working alone, by joining a franchise.

The franchise system allows a business to share their success, knowledge and proven systems with others, to give them the chance to run their own business through a simplified system. However, to become a franchisor, you will have to complete several documents. These documents allow the business to share their wisdom with others in extensive detail; some of these documents include:

  • Franchise Legal Agreements – this will be the document that allows people to pay a fee for the franchise name, branding and business model.

  • Intellectual Property – stating that the business will protect the trade name and any form of branding.

  • Franchise Operations Manual – documents and forms that are part of the legal process and agreement between the franchisor and the business.

  • Franchise Business Modelling – this will be the sharing of the franchise’s business model to aid the business through cash flow forecasts and other requirements.

  • Staff And Support – an infrastructure that allows the business to employ staff while supporting their businesses growth.

The franchisor has the right to decline requests to use their business model and branding, as this also an investment for them. Franchisors want to ensure that the right parties are representing their brand, as this will also aid them in their franchise growth. For the business investing in a franchise, they can expect the support required to make a successful business as well as a plethora of other benefits.

Benefits Of Franchising

The benefits of joining a franchise or becoming the franchisor are endless, with one of the biggest benefits being the ability to work for yourself despite being in partnership with another business. The benefits of becoming a franchisor include:

  • Regular payments

  • Growing the business name

  • Expansion with fewer financial risks

  • Easy management as the franchisees run their own business

  • Franchisees are more invested in the business than a manager may be

  • Franchisees bring ideas for the future success of your franchise

  • You have support from other business

In the UK, franchising contributes over £17billion to the economy, as franchisors from around the world are giving entrepreneurs in the UK the opportunity to grow and develop their franchise. Much like there are a number of benefits to being a franchisor, there are also several benefits to becoming a franchise and starting up your very own shop, restaurant or service provider. Here are just a few of the many things that you would be able to benefit from:


One of the hardest things that a business can face is producing a sufficient capital. By joining a franchise, you can eliminate the fear of equity costs and the risk of falling into debt. A franchise will generally help you to run and improve your business as the franchisor will be the one signing the lease and other contracts, leaving you with a hassle-free experience and ability to focus on the business itself.

By eliminating costs and risks that come to start up businesses, there is no surprise the entrepreneurs and early edging towards joining a franchise. It gives you capital benefits while also allowing you to work for yourself, under your own management. You can find out more about the risks and debt that can mount up when starting up a business alone on Small Business, all of which is removed when you join a franchise.

You Don’t Need Experience

Some people have the dream of starting up their own business but aren’t particularly sure where to start. When you need a little hand, joining a franchise is the perfect option, as you need little to no experience in business to be successful. A franchise means that you are given everything that you need to run a successful business, from spending advice to pricing and employment. This, therefore, means that all you need is the motivation and passion for running the business, as the rest is given to you.

Due to the fact that you rely on the franchise to help you grow your business, it is important to make sure that you are guaranteed the right support through researching the business, their profits and even how they may treat and support their franchisees. You can find out more about what to do before joining a franchise on the British Franchise Association.

Larger Turn Over

Every now and then, depending on the time of year or other factors, you may find that your business suffers from a smaller profit than it did last year. This could cause problems in developing your business as you are unable to buy equipment, products and anything else that will help to improve. Unfortunately, this is one of the many reasons that businesses fail, as they don’t have anyone to help support or pick them pack up if things don’t quite go as planned.

However, franchises often have a larger turnover through other businesses that may be doing a little better. The profit that has been made from these franchisees can be shared across other businesses, meaning that you are still able to improve, allowing you to ensure that the same mistakes are not made again.

Hamsterzorb & Inflatable Photobooth Franchise

In 2012, Hamsterzorb Entretainment and Inflatable Photobooth were set up by a family aiming to bring innovative, fun and a fitness-related activity to parties, events and special occasions. The brand has grown over the years into a national success and now provide various services such as inflatable photo booth hire in Chelsea, party photo booth hire in Barking and many more fun packages in various different locations. The demand for the fun entertainment used at corporate events, weddings and other special events, has grown significantly since our start-up in 2012, and the customer demand has led us to expand our business further through franchising.

You can now become part of the Inflatable Photobooth business by setting up your own franchise anywhere in the UK to deliver outstanding services and exceptional customer care and experience. We are a highly profitable business with an average gross profit of 70%, and we guarantee to help you grow your own aspirations and achieve goals through our successful business model.

Franchising is made easy by giving you the option to utilise the flexibility of working hours, mobile business models and easy to store products. You can run the business with a friendly and reliable team while you work from the comfort of your own home, giving you the chance to expand on your experience and knowledge while creating a healthy work-life balance. You can also be working on special events, such as providing entertainment services to football teams, TV shows and large corporate events with big brands.

Come And Join Us

If you are a passionate business person and love the idea of working at home, meeting new people and working on exciting events, then why not join the Hamsterzorb and Inflatable Photobooth franchise? With years of experience in providing quality corporate photo booth hire in Windsor, you can be sure that we take care of you and your business while you provide our fun, creative and well sort after services. So, contact the team today about starting your new adventure and putting smiles on clients faces!

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