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A guide to… Winter Wonderland Booth

Santa, Reindeer, Stars, Snow. Christmas is all about spectacle, and what better way to bring the magic of Christmas than our Winter Wonderland booth?

Featuring our Christmas exclusive 2 door igloo, which has plenty of space for your guests to dress up and pose for photos. Its 2 doors also allow for easy entry and exit making the process smooth allowing for more chaos in front to f the camera!

But inflatable photobooths are our bread and butter, what’s so special about this one? Well as with all our packages its all about the accessories. Since its Christmas, we go hard on the accessories. Firstly, there’s the exclusive Christmas props featuring hats, masks and signs to add that Christmas flair to even the most reluctant guest. Even Grandad cannot resist the charm of a reindeer ears (for one photo at least).

Next, we have the 2 6ft gorgeously painted nutcrackers standing guard at the booth. Not only are these great for adding a bit of sophistication to your party, but they’re also always great for a shot outside the photobooth. Just watch out for the mouse king!

*Mouse king sadly not available

In addition to the nutcrackers standing guard, we also bring along Christmas trees for a more gentle and natural approach to the booth. It also provides a beautiful vista that really brings the Christmas sparkle to your event.

Altogether, the winter wonderland booth provides a beautiful, rustic aesthetic that is guaranteed to wow your guests and bring the Christmas cheer all night long. This is a large, tall setup which requires more space than other packages, if you are charmed by the winter wonderland booth’s beautiful aesthetic but are worried about the spatial requirements, give our team a call.

Upgrade your Christmas party with the excellent winter wonderland photobooth!

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